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I found another use for a Furminator!
  • LosechLosech
    Posts: 2516
    I actually have a FurBuster but they are the exact same thing really.
    Anyways, I saw Conker had quite a bit of fur coming off him when I lightly pulled on his fur so I got out the Furbuster and brushed him for a shot bit last night. I haven't given him any type of good brushing since they day I brought him home over a month ago, and even then it wasn't a very good brushing. He's been shedding quite a bit and I figured since I hadn't seen him blow his coat, some of it may still have been stuck in there. Or it's residual puppy fluff or something. His fur is kinda weird.

    Now to the subject of the topic. The boyfriend had HORRID dandruff. Horrid. He has a type of psoriasis that is constantly causing his scalp to flake and he sheds GIANT flakes everywhere and it's not pleasant to roll over in the night and sneeze because ten of them flew up my nose.
    I took a look at the blade of the Furbuster with it's tiny teeth and had an idea. Since I didn't know where my flea comb was, and his head was infested with dandruff flakes, why not try out the FurBuster on him? I did, and it WORKED AWESOME! The FurBuster's blade isn't as sharp as the Furminator's (I've used them both, Furminator cut me) plus I didn't put any pressure on him whatsoever but I got almost all of the flakes out of his hair. It was nasty nasty nasty but much better than sleeping with a pillow full of skinflakes.
    I also found that it's good for getting impacted fur out of the carpet.

    But still, I'm a bit curious as to why Conker is shedding like he is. He's got almost no undercoat on his knees (I didn't brush those) and he only seems to have an overcoat on his neck, shoulders, tail, legs, belly, head and down the middle of his back. His sides are incredibly soft, like an under or puppycoat, and he only has a few stray topcoat-like hairs scattered in that. Is this because he's only 5 1/2 months old and his coat is still changing? It's been such a long time since I've had a puppy I have no idea what stage his coat is in right now.
  • CrimsonO2CrimsonO2
    Posts: 1165
    Your Conker is likely blowing his puppy coat. So it's not blowing of the undercoat persay but just getting rid of the baby-soft puppy coat.

  • tuckertucker
    Posts: 14
    aw. I remember the puppy fluff. it was so soft.

    =\ enjoy what's left

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