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Poo Eaters
  • We caught our 6 month old eating her own poop today. Yeah, I know some dogs do this, but it was surprising given her past attitude towards poop. I guess the most disturbing part was that she seemed to taunt me as she did it.

    After she did her business she took a glance back to admire her work and then she looked me directly in the eye then looked back and took a mouthful I have never seeing her do it before but she knew she was doing something I wouldn’t like because she took off running and licking her chops. Given the recent topics on the forums I know things could be worse. I am just hoping this is only puppy curiosity and will pass soon.
  • SayaSaya
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    Wow hope this passes soon.

    Working on leave it command might help.

    Saya used to try and eat bird poop a lot.. She doesn't anymore and sometimes I can see she's interesting so I tell her to leave it or get her attention and give her a treat for coming or paying attention..

    I guess try to pick up her poop before she can do this to limit the behavior?

    There's some stuff you can put in her food which makes her poop taste yucky. Some say feeding pineapple helps stop it, but not sure..
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • bobc33bobc33
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    Both of mine infrequently do this, I can't figure out why but thankfully it is infrequent.
  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    We've noticed with our Kai Ken pups that they like to "experiment" at around 6 months - 12 months of age, but then they seem to mature out of that phase.

    Also, when it turns cold out and freezes, or after the big thaw, we notice dogs that usually would never eat poo having a sample here and there.

    I think its the novelty of it and then they grow out of it and/or the novelty wears off.

    Uber gross tho.

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  • What DOES work to stop it, if it is chronic? My best friend's GSD does it ALL the time. She's pretty good about cleaning up after him right away because of it, but if she misses....he eats it.

    Anyone found anything to feed that really does stop it?
  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    Kahuna (Akita Inu) was a chronic poo eater as a pup, we had good success adding meat tenderizer or MSG to all the dogs food. It apparently makes the poo taste bad (as if it tastes good - gross).
  • Apparently pineapple juice in the food makes the poop taste horrid (you'd think it would do that without the pineapple!!!!)
  • Sakura has been doing this almost since we got her, thankfully not every time she poo's. Right now we are trying a crophophagia (sp?) prevention treat... don't know if its working or not yet, but I'll let you know!Stefanie & Sakura Twin Cities - MN
  • Thanks for all the replies.

    I don't know if we are out of the water yet but our pup has not done it since. I tested her by leaving poo outside while I watched her from the window. If I catch potty mouth going at it again, I'll try the Pineapple juice.
  • notoriousscratnotoriousscrat
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    Does this sudden poo eating behavior have anything to do with neutering? Zim had never eaten poop before but he did at the vet right after his neuter (pooping in his cage and then eating right away) and then today we had to have him drop some poop on his walk today too. This seems to be connected to his neuter (because it first started right afterward) but I've not seen anything similar anywhere else. This thread is actually the closest thing I've seen. Anyone else had anything like this happen?
  • SayaSaya
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    No not with saya or Bella or past dogs.. Pearly, Junior, dink, and Bella love cat, rabbit, and deer poop.. Bella thinks coyote poop is for rolling on..

    I read pineapple supposed to stop the dog from eating it's own poop also there's stuff at the pet store. I dunno what kind would be good to get.

    How is his leave it?

    I wonder if it's due to pain meds or something?
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • JosieAndMarouJosieAndMarou
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    They will sometimes do it because something ”tramatic” happened to them. Marou ate his poop because I would get onto him and put him in his crate. So, he would get scared and eat it to hide the evidence. I bought some treats that had cayenne pepper in them for him to quit doing it.
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  • glitchglitch
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    That's weird.. I caught Kazu eating another dogs poo today. He wouldn't drop it no matter what and he's usually really good with drop it commands. I had to actually pry his mouth open to get it out. yuck! Hope it's something he will grow out of. When someone else was dog sitting him they caught him eating poo once too. :(
  • JosieAndMarouJosieAndMarou
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    Shiba's eat poop for several reasons. Boredom, anxiety, fear, it smells good, not getting enough nutrients...
  • Yep, Umi did this as soon as we got her and she stubbornly continued to do it for quite a long time despite me going crazy about it. She got cunning about discreetly sneeking off to do it well out of where we could see or hear her. There really is nothing worse than seeing your dog drop a log and then turn around to tuck into it. And as well as that, it made her stink to high heaven as well. So we did try the Pineapple and it definitely worked. I would cut up half a canned pineapple ring, or a full one and blend it right in with her food. She didn't really like the taste of it because if it were too coarsely chopped she would eat around the lumps and leave them at the bottom of the bowl, but it certainly stopped her from eating it again when it resurfaced out the back end. I was so relieved, as I particularly hated her doing it. In the end we stopped the pineapple and the habit was broken and she hasn't gone back for more. But I completely sympathise with you. The sweetest little dog in the world had a very dark, and very smelly little secret that horrified us.
  • KitsuKitsu
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    Smells good? XD ya right
  • BootzBootz
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    @ Kitsu, sometimes dogs don't digest the food well so it comes out smelling good (especially those dogs who ate human food) to other dogs who never get to eat human foods :)
  • KitsuKitsu
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    I'll give them all the human food they want as long as they don't eat poo in front of me!
  • micomico
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    I wonder if I can get the kitten to eat pineapple cos Suki is still eating his poo. We got rid of the litter tray in the hope that that would stop her but as soon as Pepper goes out of the catflap she starts whining to go out and we have to distract her but as soon as we let her out she runs round all the bushes until she finds the newest deposit.
  • Reviving this delightful thread! So, my new puppy Kaya is obsessed with eating her own poop. We try to clean it all up from the backyard after she goes, but she'll still make a beeline for the spot and try to lick up any remaining pieces. It is gross. So now, instead of letting her run free in the backyard, I'm putting on her harness and the flexi-lead, so that she can still wander and look for a spot to poop, but so that I can keep her from going to the handful of spots I know she's going to try to lick at. However, she gets so depressed when she can't get to those spots that she'll just sit down and whine. She's not having any accidents in the house, so I figure she'll have to poop while wearing the harness eventually, right?

    I guess this is a combination poop-eating/harness-hating issue. I've tried associating the harness with something positive, but she refuses to eat any treats or play with any toys with it on. She was the same way with her collar at first, and got used to it after 2 days, so I'm hoping it's the same way with the harness. I'm keeping the harness on her in the house (whenever she's not in her crate), so I'm hoping that helps speed up her getting used to it.

    I know I'm rambling I just hate seeing my baby look so sad!
  • Have you tried a different collar (martingale) and not harness for elimination times and also redirecting her after pooing... use a toy etc so she comes back to you away from the deposits. If she is frustrated by the harness it makes the struggle worse so I wouldn't not use it for potty times until you get the other worked out.


  • DaghainDaghain
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    I live in an apartment so we have to walk around downtown, so of course I head for the neighborhoods with grass so Keiko can at least sniff and do her thing.

    Thank God she is on a leash, because she surprised me the third day I had her by pooping and then turning around and trying to eat it. I about gagged. Needless to say that now, the minute she poops I shorten her leash until I pick it up. I also have to watch her sniffing, because if she finds another dog's poo she may try to eat that too. Also, people drop food outside all the time, and I don't want her getting that either. Who knew walking was so much work? :D
  • Mine did it when I switched to Canidae. When I tried a different kibble, he stopped. I guess the Canidae tastes good going in and coming out.
  • DabishDabish
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    I just witnessed Chuji do this for the first time today. I managed to yell LEAVE IT! before she ate the rest of it. She's on wellness puppy, I noticed there was a piece of undigested kibble in the poo, could that be why she did this? So gross ugh
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @Dabish - Often, when dogs eat their own poop (and it is not out of trying to be clean), it is often because the food is not getting digested properly and still smells/tastes like food. You might want to keep a good eye on her bowel movements and make sure to pick up the poop immediately to prevent creating a bad habit.
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  • We've been struggling with this for several months now. Both of our shibas seem to enjoy eating either their own or each other's poo... disgusting. The pineapple didn't seem to help too much. I hate to switch their food since it took us so long to find one that we were all happy with. I did some researching on different products and found something called Prozyme. It's advertised to help reduce this behavior since it helps them digest their food better and it also has pinapple in it. I started using it a few days ago and I'm hoping that it well help put a stop to it.
  • So Haku doesn't ever try to eat his own poo. He just drops it and walks, sometimes hops, away.

    He loves sniffing for other dogs' poop and eating it though. I usually spot it and say "leave it", which he does reluctantly. I now have to walk with my flashlight at night so I can play a game of "spot the poop" with him. It's aggravating that almost NO ONE in my apartment complex picks up after their dogs!!! His poop eating has lessened slightly, but I've had to pull poop out of his mouth a few times and a part of me dies on the inside when I have to. Do they grow out of this?
  • StaticNfuzzStaticNfuzz
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    Nope not usually....a lot of dogs simply love poop...any and multiple varieties. If it rained poo I think they would be in 7th heaven.

    Redirection is could allow the dog to search for poops....of course after he has done his business....and you reward for looking at you and leaving any others. I see it as a way not to step in doo. Doo escort if you will. So if he plays where's waldo at least you have some training leverage on your side to make a strange game out of it and have him focus back to you.

    Good luck

  • Haha thank you, @StaticNfuzz! That's definitely a great suggestion and will let you know how my little poo hunter does! :D
  • Kobe is 5 years old now, and ever since the first month I got him he has always been fascinated with his own poo. Oddly enough, it's just his own poo that he's fascinated with and not anyone elses. I have tried several options to try and deter this behaviour including adding pinapple to his food, but nothing has helped. I have even tried adding Prozyme to his food (which was recommended by the vet) but it still did not deter him from going after his own #2's. I have learned to simply pick up after he goes as quickly and diligently as possible so that he doesn't have the option to eat his poo.
  • SayaSaya
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    My cousin's pug is horrible poo eater eats her own and other dog's. so glad the dog isn't mine..

    On other hand Bella my parent's boxer she finds rabbit and deer poo yummy.. ugh she also rolls in deer and coyote poop both are double gross and smelly. She must loves baths.

    Saya only finds horse poop yummy. she did try deer once, but I saw her and told her to drop it. it was last time she tried it. haha

    Saya has gotten better with deer she no longer tries it after I told her to drop it horse people moved so no more horse poop by their fence.. she liked to watch the horses move around.

    Bella she's gotten better, but there is still moments when she makes attempts to go look for deer poop in the woods.. Today she thought it would be fun to paw at coyote poo it was furry from rain that washed the waste away so only deer or rabbit fur remained. I told her to leave it and she did coarse next time around she made attempt to play kick the can with it, but I said leave it next time I told her to come before she got near and that helped.

    Just gotta work on drop it, leave it command and keep working on it. I don't think a poo eater ever stops some maybe, but not all. Lilly the pug is still a poo eater even though she is getting to be a senior pug.. :\ She got bad in winter since it was bad she didn't want to go outside because she is a old pug and it was cold so she went inside and smeared her poo on flour while trying to eat it. omg I didn't see it luckily, but can only imagine the chaos it must be to clean. lol

    I cleaned some horrible messes before so I can imagine it actually. :\

    I know it sucks neighbors won't clean up after their dogs the park I go to is horrible poo on side walk, grass.. omg! The park even provides bags so no excuse though they could use one more bag dispenser by the parking lot that is by the pool area..
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • niki82niki82
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    My 5month old pup Sora has never eaten her poo nor has she eaten other dog's poo. On our walks she is happy to sniff other dogs poo but never attempts to eat it just walks away. She also has no interest in our cat's poo. There is a bush/park area I take Sora to which is her favorite "toilet stop." There are an assortment of wild animals in this area such as wallabies,Foxes, rabbits etc. When we come across a herbivore's poo(it's green tinged) Sora will sniff it and if she gets a chance she will snatch up a bit of the poo and nibble at it then she takes off in whatever direction she has chosen and begins sniffing the ground intently. So I wonder maybey if this is her hunting instincts and she is practicing? Do anyone else's pups do this when they come across herbivore's poo? I know she is only young but instincts are always there regardless of age and Sora discovered birds a while back and I have noticed that when she sees a pigeon or magpie on the ground her head drops into line with her body and she directs her body into stalk mode.
  • JuniJuni
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    I'm sure Sora is discovering the joy of tracking the animals behind the droppings.

    Juni will stay away from dog poo but loves cat poo unfortunately and rabbit droppings. But she never touches any deer droppings for some reason.

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