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sand in fur?
  • I take Koji to the beach about 5 days a week. He does not go in the water, but loves running around on sand, digging and chasing leaves blowing down the beach.

    Koji is my second double coat dog (had Jindo before with same type fur) I've always thought they should not be bathed too often.

    Someone said that sand can "burrow" down under their undercoat and cause problems? I have friends with labs/retreivers who bathe/rinse their dogs everyday because they go in the water...

    Does anyone know if I should be doing that too? If he's not in water? I really don't want to. He seems to be fine, does scratch sometimes, but does not seem like he's having a skin problem or anything...any ideas?
  • SayaSaya
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    I haven't been to a beach in a long time not since I lived in Louisiana so not sure. I bathed my dogs because they ran in the water a lot.

    With a shiba not sure maybe a brushing would be good?

    There's a few shiba owners from Florida, Hawaii and other places with beach so maybe they could advice you on this.
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  • I also frequent the local dog beaches and from what I have heard the salt water is the main reason why you should rinse the pooch down. Since your dog's like mine and does not go in, I would not worry about bathing him.

    If you notice he's scraching as a direct result of the sand, perhaps he may have a reaction and you should seek advice from a trusted vet. We visit the beach and dog parks at least 3-5 times a week and we only give Anini her bath once every other month. Since some of her dog friends are big time droolers,after play she ends up looking like a glazed donut. To keep her fresh and clean we use the dry puppy wipes from petsmart. She loves these things and they leave her coat looking and smelling good .