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Help with teething
  • Orion's back teeth are coming in and I need suggetsions on what to give him to chew on. He has several different rawhide chewies but he likes to chew on the corner of his crate more than anything. He isn't really hurting it...but I would rather he chew on something else...I gave him a nylabone that I had put in the freezer for a few hours as I thought the coldness would sooth his gums...he chewed on it for a few minutes but then went back to the crate.  

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  • sujewelsujewel
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    Mika had a terrible time with teething. She couldn't eat a thing, she was in such pain! To this day, she prefers Ice to any other treat! I guess it was super soothing for her. I also put some rope toys in the freezer, but nothing did the trick like ice.

  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    I second what sujewel says, we soak in water then freeze a washcloth or sock (one that you don't care about) and let them chew on that - they love it!
  • MommyofNikoMommyofNiko
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    I did the washcloth think also, especially when there was bleeding.
  • millerb7millerb7
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    Bump from an old post, but I seem to get all my new posts closed if there was anything on the forum relating to it from the past... so here goes...

    I have found that deer antlers have worked wonders while Chloe has been teething. She had one incident last night where a tooth got stuck and didn't want to fully come out... it was bleeding really badly too. She had blood all over her paws as she was trying to get it out. I ended up helping her out and it popped right out (which she was ecstatic about). I have found though during the bad days she's gotten really cuddly while she's been teething. Last night (she's exactly 5 months old) was the first night she slept all night in bed with us without moving an inch... think this teething has gotten her worn out.

    About how long does teething generally last in Shibas? Again, she just turned 5 months old today and it seems that she's starting to lose a tooth almost every couple days now.

  • jennjenn
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    @millerb7 All of Rigby's teeth were out by 6 months (the vet verified this during his neuter, which was right after his 6 mo birthday) He lost his first tooth at 4 months, so about 2 months for us.
    Jenn, Shiba Slave to Rigby /
  • JuniJuni
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    I think Juni's baby teeth all fell out quicker than that, maybe around one month?
    And I'm guessing puppies can be affected like babies with mild fevers. But it's only a guess.
  • The washcloth idea works...get it wet, then pull opposite corners to give it a long skinny shape, then put it in the freezer for a few hours. Kaze has his last upper canine left at 5 1/2 months old. I've been wanting to collect the canines for a potential jewelry idea but have only gotten two of them so far. Sadistically hilarious to see his canines poking out at 90 degrees from his jawline right before they came out. He doesn't seem to be in too much pain and he's been extra gingerly with his mouthing when we do our nightly sparring before bed. One of his upper canines popped out on the bed last night and I grabbed it before he could get a hold of it...I think he would have swallowed it otherwise.
  • LivSanLivSan
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    Hi guys,

    I have 2 questions :

    - Yesterday my shiba of 1.5 years old, spit out a tooth. It was a small molar.
    It looked hollow so does this mean that it was still a babytooth? Is that weird at his

    -His teeth are getting pretty yellow with decay everwhere. The vet said it is not that bad yet to remove it but it isn't great you know if I compare it with other dogs of the same age. He never liked to chew stuff. Dental sticks he never touched (unless I make tiny pieces) and brushing his teeth I abandoned since he tries to chew the toothbrush. (The only thing he likes to chew on apparently) X_X
    What is best against decay, chewing or tooth brushing? or both..
    Is it normal for Shibas to have such decay so fast?

    I feed him TOTW kibble and he gets cooked meat with it.

    Thanks for the help
  • poltergeistpoltergeist
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    chop up some raw chicken bones. The bones help to remove any tartar build up and can relax and massage the gums. I'd say having decay for any dog at 1.5 years is not normal. My Boston Terrier is that age (slightly older) and has pearly whites. My cat has better teeth as well since I switched from kibble to raw; he eats fish bones which help to clear any tartar built up (my cat is four years old).
  • LivSan, Banjo chews dear antlers, and I heard they clean teeth. Maybe double check if they do clean teeth and try that?

  • BootzBootz
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    If you're not feeding a raw diet, then you must brush.

    Option # 2 -pay to have your Shiba's teeth professionally clean.
    Option # 3 - take the time to train your Shiba to get use to you brushing his teeth.
  • LivSanLivSan
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    Since I'm not a native English speaker maybe I mixed up the term tooth tartar with tooth decay. I think it's tartar then that he has.
    But defenitly not pearly whites @-)

    I will try the different options, the antlers I bought but he won't chew it grrrr.
    He ONLY chews stuff when our puppy 'pre-chewed' a certain thing. That it is wet
    and a little softer. But then I have to take it away from our puppy and give him a new one and he doesn't always like that. Wich I can understand =;

    Well I think I'm going to increase the chewing sessions, maybe switching their stuff several times during the time... and try to develop a toothbrushing routine.

    Good tip for the chickenbones! Can a puppy chew on that too?

    Or bullysticks any good for tartar?

    Thanks for the help guys :-h
  • poltergeistpoltergeist
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    @LivSan Yes, puppies can chew through chicken bones. Just cut them up to small pieces. Remember; never give dogs cooked bones, just fresh, raw bones! It does wonders for my dogs; their teeth are very white!
    Try not to give a lot of bones either; the calcium can make the pooh very hard. One cut up chicken wing should be fine for a puppy.
  • BootzBootz
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    Just realize this thread is about teething and not cleaning teeth lol.

    Please read that thread then post your questions, if any. ;)

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