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green eye discharge: update
  • For the last day or two, Dexter has been more lethargic than usual. At first, I attributed it to being sleepy from running in the dog park on Sunday, but he still seems pretty sluggish when we go for a walk. This morning, he had some crusty and gooey discharge coming from his left eye. It had a little black but mostly green. I know for humans green means bad, so I take it to mean he has an infection. My fiance and I will be bringing him to the vet, but I was just wondering if anyone's shiba has experienced this and how long it took them to get better. Thanks!
  • Talin had something similar happen to her. It turns out Patrick just ended up scratching her eye while they were playing. Make sure you get Dexter to the vet ASAP though. I read up on all the eye problems when it happened to Talin. I was convinced she had glaucoma or something completely horrible and her eye was going to have to be taken out.

    Hopefully it's just a scratch or something simple. The vet ended up giving her Atropine and Neomycin and it took a couple days to clear up. Most eye conditions can be treated as long as they are caught early on.

    Good luck! I'm sure it's something simple like what happened to Talin.
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  • Hime had the same thing. Took her to the vet and they tested for scratched cornea. Luckily that wasn't the case so she prescribed Tobramycin eye drops for 5 days morning and evening. Cleared up by the end of the week. Hime fought me every time but luckily it got done. Pills would have been so much simpler!
  • So we just got back from the vet, and luckily it wasn't a scratched cornea. We also got the eyedrops, and it's nearly impossible to get him to sit still!

    We went to a different vet, and Dan and I were quite pleased, given how impossible Dexter made the visit. First, the vet tech took his temperature, which obviously he wasn't too happy about (understandable). He did a bit of whimpering, and I gave him a treat when it was over. Normal temperature. Then he was weighed. 12 lbs, 15 oz.

    Then the vet came in, and we told him about the discharge. He needed to put iodine in Dexter's eyes to check for a scratched cornea. Dexter wanted none of that. SHIBA SCREAM. We needed to take a few breaks to calm him down, but eventually the vet was able to get the dye in his eyes. Then he peed on the floor. Throughout the ordeal, the vet was very understanding. He told us that there are about 4-5 shibas that come to the office, most of whom are difficult during the course of exams. He was able to finish the exam with Dexter standing and clinging to me.

    Although we like Dexter's primary vet, I think we'll be returning to this one since it's both easier to get to and cheaper.
  • Oh, the eyedrops! SO hard to get them in! My Akita pup had an eye problem that turned out to be microphthalmia, but before we knew what it was, we thought it was an injury and had to give him eyedrops. I usually had my husband feed Oskar peanut butter on a spoon and I straddled Oskar (who is huge, of course) so I could get the eye drops in from behind....But it was hard!

    I was lucky the eye doctor I saw later was really good with Oskar--they managed to get him in a corner and get the drops in, etc.

    but yeah, eye stuff is particularly hard!

    I'm so glad that Dexter didn't have a scratched cornea, and good luck with the eyedrops!
  • atlasatlas
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    Our vet gave us an ointment for Mitsu's eyes (for some discharge and eye irritation from who knows what), which in my opinion is *much* better than eye drops. Mitsu lets me handle her with wonderful ease if it's positive handling...the second it's something medical, she freaks out. The ointment, however, doesn't bother her, because it doesn't require me to hold her down and pry her eye open. I feed her and while she is eating I put the ointment on my finger and then go across her eye with it, gently but also enough so that it actually gets inside. Mitsu doesn't even flinch (she really loves her food, which helps).

    Maybe ask about that option next time?
  • Yep, in hindsight, we DEFINITELY should have gone with the ointment.
  • *Bump*
    See, it's little tidbits of information like this that really help out new dog owners. I know it's been about two years since this thread started, but it was really helpful to me.
    Maggie has been accumulating "eye boogers" in her right eye. It's definitely got a little greenish/yellowish tint to it, but it's also got a bit of black too. She has also been very lethargic since we went to the dog park and stayed for a couple hours last week. I thought she was just being cuddly, but now I'm thinking otherwise. She has a vet appointment tomorrow, but since David and I are getting married on Saturday and honeymooning all next week, I'm kind of nervous to have her potentially be taking eye drops while she's staying at "Grandma & Grandpa's" house. (Haha, I'm nervous in general about leaving her for a week... Overprotective Mom, I know.)
  • Funny for me to see this thread again, too. Oskar the Akita still needs eye drops fairly regularly for the micro as the smaller eye gets irritated more easily. And now he just stands there and lets us put the drops in with no fuss whatsoever.

    And there has been quite a bit of green eye goop around here--not with mine so much, though their eyes have been runny, but with my friends that have dogs further down into the valley. Turns out is a problem with some sort of pollen. Chamisa maybe?

    Congrats Sarah_Jay on the marriage and have fun on your honeymoon! Hope Maggie is just fine!
  • Been here with Marou a couple months back! Vet saw nothing wrong with Marou's eyes, she said that they could be goopy from a combo of things. So, it was trial & error figuring what was cause his eyes to leak and goop up. I think it was mainly due to the unusually high pollen levels we've had this year.

    I've been able to keep his eyes relatively clear, but if they do crust up I'll drip some eyedrops onto a cotton ball to wipe the gunk away. The vet did give me an ointment to spread on his eye, but I haven't had to use it at all since the visit. I also found out that giving a dog filtered or spring water in a stainless steal bowl helps with leaking & staining on the fur from the eyes. So, Marou drinks nothing but spring water, and I only use spring water in/on things that I give him to eat (also, the plumbing in our apartment isn't the greatest, we have gone through the whole 'rusty water' ordeal)

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