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Does your dog potty more when you're home?
  • RomiRomi
    Posts: 2722
    I just left the front door open for like 3 hours and I walked out there and I saw 7 pee spots on the concrete.  Portia only pee's on the concrete, Ninja goes on the grass, so I know it's all her.  When we're gone we leave a pee pad for them to go on inside the house.  But usually when we come home from work, about 8 hours, they usually hold it until we let them out.  I notice Ninja only goes 3 times day, once in the morning, and 2 times at night.  Portia goes once in the morning and 4,5,6,7,.... times during the night between 6pm-11pm.  Just wondering if any of you guys have experienced this....its kind of weird to me.  Maybe because she's more active at night and when we're home?  Or because she has the freedom of walking outside and going whenever she pleases?
  • MommyofNikoMommyofNiko
    Posts: 2728
    Im very spoiled with well held bladder pups.  Sasha took us about 7 months to house train but they seem to hold it very well and all through the night.
  • BradA1878BradA1878
    Posts: 2242

    YES! Kona, for example, has to go to the bathroom like every hour when we are home, but when we are gone he will hold it for 8+ hours if needed. I think they just get worked up and need to go more - from play. Even if we left them out they would sleep when we are gone.

  • HarlowHarlow
    Posts: 579
    Our two have a doggie door so they can go out whenever they want during the day. But I swear they seem to hold it until we get home and then run out to the yard and pee and pee and pee.
  • RomiRomi
    Posts: 2722
    HAHA, good to know im not the only one! 

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