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Another coat issue
  • ncieloncielo
    Posts: 267
    My shiba inu has blown his coat already. During that time his fur was everywhere and our sheets and covers are still covered. He some how is still shedding, I've experienced him shedding already and its nothing like how it is now, it shouldnt be normal. I've only bathed him once and brushing him is kind of rare. I combed him however recently and I was wondering if that might be the cause for his shedding still, am I making it worst? I'm done moving out this week but once I comb Niko, I got to class and my mom combs him right after me. I dont know how much she does but I told her repeatedly that she cant treat him like a normal dog, we see fur and we brush it away. Are we making his fur worst? I've read that the more you bath and groom the more prone he is to hair-loss please let me know.
  • First off, some shibas shed a bit year round. There are somethings that are said about the breed that just aren't true; like they only shed 2x a year, and that they are silent.

    You may be over grooming him. I only brush my double coated dogs during coat blow. Like you don't launder your winter coat every time you wear it. You don't mess with his winter coat daily. Shibas coats are built tough. There is totally such thing as too much of a good thing with grooming.
  • Where are you living....if it is a mild climate you may have dog that sheds some year round and then fully blows out a coat once a season. As a dog matures they may hold on to their coat a little longer, however there will always be some hair floating around. When our dogs are in heavy shed we get tumble weeds of hair that roll across the floor so we have to floor vac daily. To groom we use a rounded pin brush and go over the dogs every other day or so. In heavy shed you will brush and still see chunks coming out after. Many people have good luck with a furminator but I would not recommend that for puppies or using it too often as it can be irritating.

    If you are seeing too much dandruff and dry skin then maybe a change in diet or addition of some salmon oil supplement might help.

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  • ncieloncielo
    Posts: 267
    Here in the bahamas weve been experiencing weird weather but that's all year round. I guess i shouldve thoight of that. Just recently winter started to come around the corner and boom, today completely hot and humid and this afternoon, a mini storm. I shouldve thought about our strange weather patterns. But i guess thats the anwser to his coat problem huh. Also yea, i need to remember hes still a pup.
    I still want to try salmon oil but never could find it here, gotta order online. Ive been mixing egg yokes in his food, is that just as good?
    Thank you
  • emmyemmy
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    My shiba blew coat in the spring, but now he's growing hair like a little fur factory. Can't wait until we blow coat again!!! :) But, he still sheds even when he's bulking up. When he was blowing I used the furminator on him just about every day and just was careful not to press hard. He likes it, so it must not feel bad. I also used my fingers to get clumps of hair off of him a couple times a day. I know when to do it because fur comes off a lot when I'm petting him. During the summer his coat was very thin, so I didn't furminate him at all. Now he's all fluffy again, and I would say I use the furminator twice a week.

    You do have to be careful not to damage their skin and fur. I have noticed that too much furminating damages his coat, so it can't be good for the skin. My dog is not silent and seems to shed year-round....just MUCH MORE in the spring than any other time. I'm okay with it if he only blows coat once a year...
  • ncieloncielo
    Posts: 267
    His shedding stopped after a while as the weather changed but now he's been scratching so bad and have been having some skin irritation and slowly I notices his losing small amounts of fur under and around his arms. Any advice anyone? I'm taking him to the vet this weekend for a chance to get a check up and some veterinarian advice but anything I can do to prevent things from getting worst? Anything I can change about his diet, his routine? He normally eats just kibble from Beneful and Purina and olive oil mixed with garlic. Sometimes I mix wet food as well
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  • Skin irritation is often from allergies, often allergies to food. Given that the kind of food you're giving him is particularly poor quality, it is likely that he's allergic to something in it. (I believe both have corn in them, a common allergen. Also, Shibas can be allergic to grain).

    I'd try him on a higher quality food, perhaps even a no grain food, and see if that helps. I bet it will.

    Also, fish oil would be a much better choice than olive oil. It has lots of EFAs in it that will help with the coat.

    eta: I forgot you were in the bahamas, and may have less choice regarding food. Check out this link for what constitutes a good quality food:

    If you're not able to find something better than purina in your location, you might be better off going raw (and not prepackaged raw, which would probably be even harder to get, but homemade raw, ie. raw chicken, fish, etc.)
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  • jujeejujee
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    Lisa gave you some good advice. Shibas usually do not do well with foods with grains in them. If you cannot find a higher quality kibble then raw is something you should think about. I know feeding raw may seem scary, but with some research it can be quite easy and inexpensive.
  • ncieloncielo
    Posts: 267
    I was really pushing towards raw, I've been thinking about it all week but then I saw the responses and it looks like the best idea. Thanks guys, I guess I need to start diet hunting. That was all very helpful thank you, I knew grains can cause serious allergies but I continue to forget that not all brands or simple kibble can be trusted with a shiba. Thanks again!
    P.S any ingredients best recommended for this new diet?
  • kuhligkuhlig
    Posts: 57
    I can e-mail you a sample raw feeding plan of what I feed Bella; just sent me a mail at We feed prey-model raw, which is 80% meat, 10% bone, 5% liver, 5% other secreting organ.

    Feeding raw does take some research.

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