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How big is your Shiba?
  • WendyNCWendyNC
    Posts: 257
    Keiko was just two days shy of 7 months when she was spayed last week and she clocked in at an even 16.0 pounds.
  • motmot
    Posts: 13
    Chip, 1.5 year old B&T shiba inu, is almost 14Kg(30lb).He's biggie!
  • tatonkatatonka
    Posts: 1210
    @moonxlight, sounds like Tatonka. He's a year too, 15 lbs, wiry, and fast..
  • @wufan - check with your breeder. If they know their lines well they should be able to tell you what to expect based on the lines they used.

    Your shiba could end up being bigger than average, or not. At 4.5 months Vi hit 14.75 at the withers and 13 lbs. She's an adult of nearly 4 years now and she's 15.25 at the withers, and 17 lbs.
  • RikkaRikka
    Posts: 1501
    Sagan is 8 months and ~21lbs.
    Lauren, living with a 4 y/o Shiba named after a scientist. ☆
  • MufasaMufasa
    Posts: 32
    Simba is 3 months and weighs 11lbs
  • wufanwufan
    Posts: 78
    @violet_in_seville right, he is 5 and half months now and weigh 18.3 lbs. He may eventually be over 23lbs (my guess would be 25 lbs). He is a little chunky dude. Thanks for your data. I am interested in seeing what will turn out to be.
  • Sasuke is 6months and 22lbs... he likes to eat :-) but he doesnt look fat
  • Kay23Kay23
    Posts: 11
    I didn't realize Shiba's could get so big!

    I've only ever seen the Shiba I have, she's 11 months and only 14 pounds. Her AKC registration paperwork said her mom was only 16 and her dad 18. So She'll be small.
  • KichiPupKichiPup
    Posts: 74
    I'm soooo glad others have small shibas to. Mine is going on 6 months and only 14.6lbs! She has always been a wicked slow and picky eater even with raw she hardly eats any of her dinner. I'm hoping she at least gets to 16 lbs by the time she is an adult :( her mother died giving birth so she was hand raised. That probably has something do do with her size being so tiny. We try to feed her really well. Tons of treats. Fattening things for a Growing puppy and we try every which way with her food but she still doesn't gain much weight.

  • ShibaLoveShibaLove
    Posts: 554
    I got Ember at 6 months and she weighed 14.6 lbs. I think she will be petite but by no means a tiny shiba. I have been weighing her every week and at 7.5 months she now weighs 17.6 lbs. I don't know if that is fast but at least it is possible for @KichiPup to make it to 16 lbs if not more by her adulthood.

    Nikko is 6.5 years and 28 lbs. He is not overweight just kind of a big guy.
  • SlomissySlomissy
    Posts: 28
    25 and 26 pounds for Kaia and Lupo at 10 mos....
  • RAM25RAM25
    Posts: 317
    Shinobi is 6 months old and about 15Ibs. We met another Shiba owner whose 7 month old girl was about 20 Ibs though. I think our pup is quite tiny
  • InuzooInuzoo
    Posts: 215
    @RAM25. From where I stand I'd say your pup is just right. I have a 9.5 month old who weighs in at 11 pounds. She got to 13 after her spay but back down she goes to 11. She's a we bit of a thing. Fits on the lap quite well. :)
  • Hiiro is turning 8 months tomorrow and he was weighted last week at 17 pounds, when we go to the Shiba Meet-Ups he is the smallest one around.
  • redcattooredcattoo
    Posts: 1960
    My Bear is on the large size if the spectrum and usually one of the taller ones at meetups. He weighs in around 32lbs and stands a good 17-18 inches at the withers.
  • acmccart8acmccart8
    Posts: 109
    @hiirotheshiba, we feel the exact same way with Onyx. He is 8.5 months old now, and just weighed in at 18.5 lbs today. He definitely isn't tiny, but he always seems to be the smallest shibas at the meetups. We are hoping he is just a late bloomer!
  • WerwolfWerwolf
    Posts: 40
    Fox is 8 months old. He weights around 31 lbs and stands around 16 inches.
  • amtiamti
    Posts: 1066
    I finally got around to weighing both dogs. Turns out my taller boy Kaji (who is 16.5 at the withers) is 21.6 lbs and my shorter boy Taisho (didn't measure his height but he's a good .5-1inch shorter at the shoulders) is 24.4 lbs. Taisho being heavier than Kaji took us all a bit by surprise, but Taisho was a skinny boy when he came to us with ribs showing. He's much healthier looking now and super compact- all muscle! Kaji's rib cage is not as big, but I guess he's thinner than we though and just has more fur than Taisho, who looks so sleak. Taisho is 35 months, and Kaji is 10 months.
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  • BarrowBarrow
    Posts: 69
    Deshka weighed 6.5# at 9 weeks for her first driving lesson.

    photo 2394E17A-5FC6-401F-9BE5-FD28CD29B2BB-6169-000008DADFB4B93C_zps75a73ad6.jpg

    Here are her weights and age:

    8 weeks at 4.5#
    9 weeks at 6.5#
    10 weeks at 7.5#
    11 weeks at 8.5#
    12 weeks at 9.5#
    13 weeks at 10.5#
    14 weeks at 11.1#
    15 weeks at 11.5#
    16 weeks at 13.2#
    18 weeks at 14#
    19 weeks at 15.2#
    21 weeks at 17#
    28 weeks at 20#

    Deshka is now 40 weeks old and has fluctuated between 20-22# consistently; the biggest reason for her weight fluctuation being how much she is travelling and going to doggie day-camps during the week while travelling. She now looks like this.....

    photo 8342A1F0-06FD-42FB-AA27-C86C249181F3-3577-0000041CA1DCCC07_zpsd5a3fb84.jpg
  • @acmccart8 we didn't neuter him yet for that reason... Figured he could use all the help possible to grow up good.
  • Kiba0713Kiba0713
    Posts: 259
    Just took Kiba in for a weigh when we were walking by the vet today. He came in at 18.2 lbs, and turned 8 months old recently.
  • devonmlewisdevonmlewis
    Posts: 182
    Yuki is only three months old and already about 11 pounds! I know he's going to be solid (although his dad is 25 and his mom is 18), but I'm hoping he will not be over 30.
  • MoxyFruvousMoxyFruvous
    Posts: 385
    As of a week ago, Moxy (9 years) was 33.7lbs. The vet says he is about 3lbs overweight.
  • spammayspammay
    Posts: 31
    Aki is a little more than 2.5 years old and weighs in at about 18 pounds. I'm a little concerned about how small he is but he eats fine (free-fed kibble), so no major concerns for now. Just trying to fatten him up a little more right now lol
  • kiba888kiba888
    Posts: 144
    Kiba is about 1.5 years old now at 39 pounds. I think hes stabalized in weight right now, but I'm curious if they still grow after a year?

    Some people are saying he's getting chubby and overweight (even though he jumps onto tall stuff all time), what do you guys think? Maybe I need to feed him less?

  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495

    He looks fine. He might fill out a little bit later (i've seen that with a similar sized Shiba) and add a couple pounds.

    Will you two be going to the shiba picnic in Novato? :)
  • kiba888kiba888
    Posts: 144
    @bootz blah it's so far! We'll see, but if anyone cares to know I bring Kiba or sometimes my parents bring Kiba to the Foster City dog park pretty much every weekend.
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
    Posts: 2482
    Kira is 11 months old and she is up to 18.5 lbs!

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  • devonmlewisdevonmlewis
    Posts: 182
    I just looke at my last post-- in two months Yuki has gained 6 pounds! He is 17.1 pounds right now, at five months old.
  • kiba888kiba888
    Posts: 144
    This is what Kiba 39 pounds looks like. I'm 5'8 for comparison.
  • zandramezandrame
    Posts: 1106
    @kiba888, he's a big boy! And looks quite comfortable like that. :)

    How tall is he at the shoulders? The male standard is max 16.5 inches.

    If you go to a meetup, get some pics next to other Shibas for comparison!

    Adding to this thread, when we took Kouda to the vet last Saturday for his bee sting (20 months old), he weighed 21 lbs. I was surprised! He was 24lbs in January. His ribs feel fine, but I can feel his pelvic bones pretty well. His lost winter coat can't weigh THAT much, so we are going to feed him a bit more.
  • kiba888kiba888
    Posts: 144
    He's about 18" more or less in height
  • kiba888kiba888
    Posts: 144

    Here is Kiba today next to Mochi (25 pounds) for comparison.
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  • Spartan251Spartan251
    Posts: 15
    Nobu is 12 weeks on saturday. He weighs 11.5 lbs
  • Spartan251Spartan251
    Posts: 15
    Just measured Nobu. He is 13.5 inches at the shoulders and 11.5 lbs.
  • melissafonmelissafon
    Posts: 117
    My boys Cheeto and Onyx are 1 year 3 months; 31lbs and 1 year and 2 months;16lbs respectively
  • Wow!
    My Hayden is almost 8 months old, and BARELY even 12 pounds.
    She has always been smaller than my other shiba's, I have just been crossing my fingers for her to hit a growth spurt! lol
  • Spartan251Spartan251
    Posts: 15
    Nobu at 17 weeks. Weighing 14.6 lbs
    photo 2014063095071621.jpg
  • millerb7millerb7
    Posts: 132
    Chloe is 14 months and is about 18 lbs (female). Izzy is 11-12 weeks and is maybe 5 lbs. She's super tiny but eats like a garbage disposal.
  • Jada423Jada423
    Posts: 10
    Jada is 3 years old and weighs in at 30.5 lbs...Vet wants her at 29 lbs

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  • sakurasakisakurasaki
    Posts: 43
    I think Akuma is a bit bigger than average, he is only 6 months old and he is already 20lb. The Vet said he is at a good weight for his size. He is relatively tall too. I bet he will end up 30lbs.
  • miiikeenavmiiikeenav
    Posts: 43
    Mochi's turning two on friday and @ 30lbs
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Saya weighs 20 or 21lbs she was excited at the vet so hard to get her to stay still, but it hovered around that. She was 23lbs before winter.

    Now that she is almost done shedding she does look more nice and lean. It's amazing amount of fur she sheds.. Gotta keep her fit and trim for her joints. :)
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • lbuebellbuebel
    Posts: 98
    Haru weighs about 21 pounds and he's 6 months atm.

    Here's a picture of him during his 5th month.

    photo Haru2_zps3bc51581.jpg

    He's a big boy :P
  • kiba888kiba888
    Posts: 144
    Kiba hit 43 lbs 1.5 yr old now
  • Kiba0713Kiba0713
    Posts: 259
    Kiba's 19 lbs, just turned 1 year last week. I guess hes gonna stay a petite shiba! He may have been something like 19.8 during last weigh, but I dont recall.
  • iLoveMyShibziLoveMyShibz
    Posts: 232
    Yoshi Bear is one week from being 11 months, already!!! The time has flown by. @kiba888, superrrrrr cute!!!! :D Yoshi is 35 pounds. He looks odd next to other Shibas that are twice his age. He is sooo big compared to other Shiba pups. I would like to see him next to @kiba888!! :) :)

    photo 10553400_10202575312810348_6266980857980097752_n.jpg
    photo 6b74d441-46df-4852-af9a-1f765aea9bb0.jpg
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  • 13 wks 9.2lbs
  • Hrm~ Momo was:
    2 weeks: 1.630
    4 weeks: 3.3 lbs
    6 weeks: ?
    9 weeks: 7
    10 weeks: 8.19
    13 weeks: 9.6
    14 weeks: 10.35
    16.5 weeks: ~11.6

    Her littermates are 12 lbs, 14, an 14.6 at the moment though!

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