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How big is your Shiba?
  • I have two six year old Shibas. Cujo a black and tan male probably close to 31lbs and Mitzi a red female who is actually taller and longer then Cujo and weighs about 29.5lbs...

    I wish I could post photos easier...
  • SayaSaya
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    Saya weighs 19lb or 20lb She is 15inches at the shoulder haven't measured anywhere else. Saya is a year and 7month old.
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  • atlasatlas
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    Mitsu only weighed 11 pounds when I took her to the vet last week (5 months old). I took her for an eye issue (some discharge) but asked about her weight too, because I was concerned. My vet said she looks great - proportional and not too skinny. I even feed her just over the recommended amount of primal raw (by a small bit) AND I feed her sweet potatoes with nearly every meal. This is my first shiba so I'm not sure what the standard weight is for a 5-month-old, but going by a little of what I've read around and by Penny's weight, it seems like Mitsu may be on the smaller side.

    Which I am perfectly fine long as she gets to be too big to fit under the bed! She's getting closer and closer (she has to crawl now), but it still seems like a far away dream, haha. She likes to bring stuff there to chew...right in the middle where she can barely be reached.
  • Kuro_KaiKuro_Kai
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    Kai is 15lbs right now at 4 1/2 months. Dunno how tall he stands because we haven't gotten to Stand / Stay training yet :-p
  • katsu is about 14 or 15 lbs. i think tanuki is over 20 by now.
  • jujeejujee
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  • Koji is 6 months almost to the day and is 18 pounds...Wonder if he will be on small side...met two adults the other day and he was almost same size, but their heads were bigger and more filled out..
  • Yoshi is 1 year and 4 months. We just took him to the vet for a nail trim where he hopped right on the scale and weighed in at -- omg! -- 30.2 lbs. We were shocked, but the vet said he's perfectly healthy, and trust me he gets PLENTY of exercise.
  • emmyemmy
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    My shiba is an adult and he's 16 pounds....a little guy!
  • pamelapamela
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  • My female Shiba is 5 1/2 months and she is already 19lbs.
  • how did you guys find such small pictures for your profile! even the smallest things I find are being cut off...sigh

    woah it worked! lol FINALLY
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  • My Bear is just over 20 lbs and 15 months old and Foxy who is 2 next month is 19 lbs.
  • HunterHunter
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    Hunter is about 9 lbs and will be 4 months old this weekend. He's definitely on the small side, but looks proportional and healthy. We even feed him slightly over the recommended amount of Primal raw and mix it with carrots, apples, and starting sweet potatoes tomorrow.

    Atlas - do you cook the sweet potatoes you feed Mitsu? We're not sure if we should cook them or not.
  • atlasatlas
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    I cook mine. I'm honestly not sure if raw sweet potatoes are okay, but I know cooking them is perfectly fine. I usually cook two sweet potatoes for the week and spoon out a little bit for each meal. She absolutely loves them and will watch me cook them because she knows when they are done, I'll give her a little taste. My dalmatian doesn't care for them as much (but he will eat anything mixed with his food).
  • Mine are both a little over a year old one is 26 lbs and the other a whopping 37! The vet called him "solid" he gets a ton of exercise and isn't fat he is just big and well...solid. And @ atlas good luck with him being to big to get under the bed, Tidus (the 37 lb one) still loves to scoot under there, although it is a struggle he manages to do it still.
  • Sakura is 10 weeks old and 4.5 lbsStefanie & Sakura Twin Cities - MN
  • @Hunter - we give Mori cooked potatoes sometimes. We checked with our vet before giving them to him and our vet said to make sure they are cooked cos otherwise it can upset their stomachs or something to that effect. Not sure about sweet potatoes, but I'd think it's a similar situation. Carrots we give to him raw, chopped up fine and mixed in with his food.
  • bobc33bobc33
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    Scout is female, just over 2 years old, and 19 lbs.

    Shadow is male, a few months short of 2 years old, and 25 lbs.
  • lockshi3lockshi3
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    Jake is 7months, 22.6 lbs
  • TortieTortie
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  • Yoshi is a year and 9 months and he weighs 25lbs and Emi is 4 months old and weighs 10.6 lbs
  • HunterHunter
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    Thanks Atlas and yemi. Hunter loves the sweet potatoes, I cooked them and mixed in with his Primal Raw Lamb formula.
  • SayaSaya
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    I think cooking the sweet potatoes is better them raw it's pretty hard.

    I find Saya likes sweet potatoes cooked better she doesn't like the sweet potato chews that are dehydrated.
  • He is a little under 4 months (18 weeks) and 12 pounds. His teeth are coming in - tiny little teeth and two long sharp fangs. I ask him if he wants braces or invisilines. ;)
  • Tonka is 2 years old and 35 to 36 pounds

  • Dexter is 5 months and 13 pounds. Our scale isn't exactly accurate, though, so he might be slightly more or less.
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  • After reading all their weights I know even more that Talin is very small. She's 3 years old and 14 lbs. Patrick is 10 months and he weighs about 21 lbs.
  • Haki is 7 months old and 15-16 lbs consistently. We have a neighbor with two shibas - a 4 year old female and ~2 year old male - both rescues - that are about the same size as Haki. I need to get a picture of the three of them when we meet on our walks, but there is a tendency to not sit still!
  • Hime is 7.5 months and weighs 16.5lbs. I think if she consistently ate all her food she'd be bigger but she is extremely finicky.
  • Kuro_KaiKuro_Kai
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    6 days ago, Kai was 15lbs. Today he's 16lbs. He doesn't hit 5 months till the 29th of this month. And I was worried he was small
  • IchigoIchigo
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    Ichigo is 15 weeks yesterday and 10.5 lbs. We just saw his brother (currently still with our breeder) on Sunday and he is so much chunkier and fluffier than our Ichigo. Our breeder told us it was because he stays in his kennel outside and wrestles with his sister all day, building muscle and a thick coat to protect against the cold. Versus our Ichigo, who gets to lounge around the warm house and gets to wrestle with other puppies on Thursdays and Sundays... :P
  • chibichibi
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  • KitaKita
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    Kita is a year and 3 months & weighs 10.68kg (quick sums... about 23.5lbs) She's a big, strong girl :-D
  • I have a big girl!

    Sakura is a few days shy of 8 Months old. She weighs in a 29lbs and she is 18" tall at her shoulders.
  • tuckertucker
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    I thought they were only supposed to get to 25lbs!

    Tuck is 9 months and 22 lbs. hope he grows bigger
  • PupChowPupChow
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    Mac is 5 year old and weigh in at 23 lbs.
  • Hoshi- little red guy, 13 yrs. old is 17 lbs. This is good, because when he came out of the shelter in March he was only 14.5 lbs. Originally bred by my brother.

    Sukoshi (not the "little bit" her name would imply). Black and tan girl, 40 lbs. And yes, we are trying a diet to deal with the winter "tubbo Shiba". Sukoshi is taller and longer than most Shibas. As some of you may recall, I had a DNA done on her for just this reason. It came back Shiba and Chow, but I think that the Chow is way back there, somewhere in the line. She comes from puppymill sources.
  • My two are the exact same weight give or take a few ounces. Bear is 15 months and 21.5 lbs and Foxy who is a bit taller is 2 years old and also 21.5 lbs. Of course since I feed them the exact same amount thats not surprising. Foxy came to us 3 months ago and has gained 2 lbs. She was a bit on the thinner size when we got her.
  • My Shiba is so small! He's 2 years old...and weights only 16 lbs. He's a rescue, and he's only been with me for about three months now, so maybe after a few good months of origin he will put on some weight!
  • Hachi is 6 months and he weighs 17 lbs.
  • Zaius is 19" and 44lbs...Leeloo is a puppy at 4 month. Not sure of her height but she weighed in at 12.5 earlier this week at the vet.
  • Dr. Zaius...the Shiba giant
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  • Woo! Another Eagles fan!

    Sparkle is 6 years and currently weights 16lbs, though right now we're trying to put some weight on her.
  • Penny is around 2 months old (total guess, we're still not sure) and weighs 5.7 lbs
  • Kishi was 7.2lbs at her vet appointment. She was 12 weeks. Her 1yr old female shiba friend is 17lbs.
  • SayaSaya
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    Saya is a year old soon 2 at April 20th she weighs 20.8lbs she got weighed recently.

    She is about 15 or 16inches at the withers.

    She's one tough pup she handles big dogs just fine when she wrestles with them. lol
  • Toki is about 8 months now and 18 pounds. We were wondering about what age your Shibas reached their adult sizes? We're a little worried that Toki's going to stay small.
  • Sakura is now almost 6 months (in 5 days) and is almost 13 lbsStefanie & Sakura Twin Cities - MN
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