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DVDs on reading dogs / dog behaviors?
  • Kuro_KaiKuro_Kai
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    We've been hitting the dog park more with Kai. And there's a potential problem lurking in the midst: my girlfriend can't read dogs well.

    I'm pretty good about seeing potential problems before / as they form. So I can usually get a hold of of Kai's collar and pull him out for a break to disrupt the building energy. Or if I'm a half step too late, start separating before things get really serious. My girlfriend, however, isn't up to speed on reading other dogs. She can read Kai just fine, stepping in when *he* starts to get worked up. But over the last 2 days at the dog park, she missed the signs the other dog(s) was showing. And during 2 minor incidents was nowhere near ready to do anything, despite myself and other owners already moving as the incidents began to form. Today it was another dog that was looking to dominate the other dogs. Play was never reciprocal, with "I chase you, you chase me" or "Ok now you pounce". Kai was the first target, being the smallest. Next was a Border Collie Kai had been playing with.

    Yuen is a visual learner. Books will bounce off her. She'll get it if she sees examples but not if she reads it. Or if someone tells her what to look for. So are there any good DVDs or Youtube videos on reading dogs and their mannerisms? Right now she knows she doesn't see what others see. And because of that she's afraid to take Kai to the dog park alone.
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  • SayaSaya
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    At the local wolfpark they got some dog books showing different behaviors with pictures not sure what it's called and a DVD too the DVD is expensive though..

    This has I think all of her seminar DVDS not sure which would be good for you to get though.. I want to get them all eventually..
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  • Alex575Alex575
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    Not sure if this will help but another member (I don't remember who) posted this site and I saved the link:

    It shows pictures and diagrams of dogs' body language and what it means. Not as good as a video, but it should help Yuen know what to be on the look out for.

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