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Socialization 2+ shiba
  • So have had our shiba since she was a pup, and we always have kept her very well socialized, or so we thought. Due to some changes in my work schedule and my husband changing jobs we have not had near the time to get Harley to the dog park near as often. She always sees my sisters boxer, at least twice a week. We take her on daily walks, and our neighborhood is full of other dogs that we run into during this time.

    However, when I went to the dog park this afternoon I noticed she was much more aggressive than I remember. The hair on the back of her neck was up the entire time. She just didn't seem right, she didn't seem overly aggressive to just one dog, just on edge the whole time. She never ran or played like she had in the past trips there.

    Before all the changes at home we were taking Harley to the park at least three times a week. Now I am a bit nervous, however I think that I need to keep taking her to see how this plays out. I am just nervous, just looking for some of your thoughts on this subject. Any input would help ease my mind.

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  • Just realized didn't let you know that Harley is just over 2 years old. We also have an indoor cat here at home that she gets along great with!
  • She may have actually been scared instead of aggressive since she hasn't been there in a bit.
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