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New Apartment!
  • ncieloncielo
    Posts: 267
    Hey guys, I'm moving into a new apartment soon and I would love some shiba ideas/advice on touches I can make inside the home, as well as outside. I know for a fact he needs in in-closed yard and we currently have that but what are some other things I could watch out for. Also if you guys could post pictures with your shiba's 'spot' in the house that would be incredibly helpful to me. He already has a nice little space in my room for him and his crate, when me more out however I am open to try new things and new routines. Thanks guys
  • Hmm just watch out for wires and electrical cords. Even if your pup isn't a chewer still have to Shiba proof your apartment. his first few days there he might not be too comfortable. He might start sniffing around and getting use to the new smells. WHen I changed apartments my pup was pretty restless for a week.
  • ncieloncielo
    Posts: 267
    Yea Niko slaughtered most of my charges so from experience now I need to keep this apartment how it is now, lol nothing I dont want to lose laying around. I think to avoid that though i'll move his things in the living room
  • phipsphips
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    any other tips to share in order to shiba-proof an apartment, aside from the aforementioned dealing with wires and electrical cords?

    Speaking of which, what is a good way to go about doing that? I've put masking tape or painter's tape over cords that run on the ground in order to prevent people tripping etc., does this sound like it could help/work? I feel like a shiba might just gnaw on it though...

    thanks guys
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  • JosieAndMarouJosieAndMarou
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    Anything you don't want chewed on put behind baby gates, or buy one of those dog pens that you can disassemble and use the sections as gates.
  • In her earlier years, Sukoshi chewed cords and other electrical wires. Areas of the house are blocked off w/ baby gates/exercise pens. I've hidden cords in used areas behind furniture or leave some items unplugged w/ the cords not in Shiba sight when not in use. I've even considered running cords through pieces of PVC pipe, if necessary. (So far, not needed.) One option might be those rubber strips that are used to cover cords.

    If there are certain smells that Niko likes, use them to calm him during the new apartment transition.
  • When we moved into a new apartment Rinji was terrified! I mean he did not want to be in the new apartment at all so my husband and I took some of his toys and blankets and tried to rub them all over Rinji first to get his "scent" then we took them to the new apartment and rub it all over the carpet and walls. I know it sounds weird but after we did that Rinji had no problem at all with walking into the new apartment.

    I would also suggest buying some bitter apple or some sort of yucky flavor spray for the base boards and just wipe them down in it, be sure to hit the corners! Our dog is what I like to call a casual base board chewer and he LOVES the corners! Needless to say our apartment has spots of "character" lol

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