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patellar luxation / hip dysplasia?
  • Hi all.

    I have recently adopted a 2 year old Shiba that i love to death. He is a great dog, behaves well, loves to play, goes for walks, ect.

    However, I have noticed that he seems to have a really wide stance and it seems to look like his hind legs don't bend when he is walking. He seems to be in no pain at all. He also definitely can bend his legs because he darts around the house and jumps a lot when he is excited as well. Also, sometimes he runs kind of on an angle.

    He also seems to knock himself over when he does one of his "shiba shakes". My friends shiba doesn't knock herself over during a shake. I'm not sure if i'm over reacting or not. I hope this is nothing. I just don't want anything bad to happen to him.

    I have been told by other owners before that shibas don't bend their hind legs when they walk. I don't know if I beleive this, only because I did ALOT of research before getting a shiba and there was no mention of that.
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  • Do you by chance have a picture or video shot? It's hard to visualize but I am guessing what you see is a straightness in the stifle, which is a characteristic in some lines and in Chows and Shar Pei too. Even if the legs are straight it does not necessarily mean patella luxation or Hip Dysplasia. If you notice your Shiba is having problems balancing have you vet check the rotation of the knees etc and that will give you a better indication what may be wrong, if anything. Sounds like your dog is not in any pain which is a good sign.

    Congrats on your new addition!
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  • Thanks for Responding. Yea he is definately not in pain. I mean he enjoys the walks and runs like crazy around the house when playing.

    I will try and get a video of it so that I can show what exactly I am seeing.
  • If your Shiba has hip dysplasia, he will tend to "bunny hop" with the back legs when running. Sukoshi has hip dysplasia and the "bunny hopping" was the clue when she was 9 months old. Hoshi, my 13 year guy, is much more nimble and agile than Sukoshi. (He is also much smaller and lighter!) He has a funny, cute trot, kind of pigeon toed in the rear, but I attribute this to his age.

    Would like to see the video, when you do it. Shibas tend to have "typical gaits" for walking, trotting, and running. StaticNfuzz mentions straight stifles in some lines of Shibas and Chows and Shar-Peis. I suspect that the Shiba lines with the straighter stifles may have some Chow in their background. Sukoshi is a large female, so out of curiosity, I had a DNA test done for her. While not conclusive, it came back with Chow somewhere in the line. Since Shibas lines were reconstituted after WWII, this wouldn't be surprising.
  • Yea he doesn't bunny hop. I don't really think it is hip dysplasia. I think this only because he loves to run and play fetch, and he jumps around. I don't think he could do those things without pain if he had hip dysplasia.

    His gait when walking just appears wide in his hind legs. I have a video I will upload and post a link to ASAP.

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