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Male vs Female
  • camodudecamodude
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    I will be getting a Shiba in a few months, we (my husband and I) will be going to see the breeder this weekend. We have been leaning towards getting a male, just because they are a bit larger than the females. Is there really any behavior differences between a male or female? Or does it all just come down to the personality of the individual dog? Thanks for any insight you can give!
  • velvetkatvelvetkat
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    I think it is just the personality of the dog. I have one of each the female being almost 2 and the male a year and a half.(totally different pedigree) The male is like a bull in a china shop and very outgoing loves everyone and all animals. The female thinks shes the princess and is very aloof like a lot of Shibas are. She is taller but weighs about the same as the male. She will warm up to stranger slowly and has a bark that will break glass! They both are great watch dogs. The male would bolt out the door(and has twice) but the female just is curious and will stand still near the door. She is a little sneak and steals paper out of trash cans where the male will take anything you put down. She holds her own around the male but he is more dominant. (He was here first) When we have my sons boxer over the female will try to protect the male from the boxer which he certainly doesn't need but it is cute. She loves to stay outside and lay in the grass. Shes a digger and has been trying to get back to Japan since we've had her(about 3 month).
    Different but alot the same.
    Maybe you should get one of each. :) Never can have just one!!! They are addicting! Good luck!
  • I'd say it varies dog to dog. That being said our girl Katsu is a princess/bitch. She's very aloof but very laid back. She was a super good puppy. So good we decided to get another dog. Tanuki is a maniac. He's all over the place, but he's very sweet. He loves to cudle and he's our little comedian.

    Don't go just on size. Speak to the breeder and they can help you figure out which dog will fit you the best. When we were looking to get both our dogs, the only preference we had was the sex. To me personality is more important than coloring, size, or overall appearance.
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • mattzmattz
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    I think it may also depend on the dog, but in my experience I have only interacted with one male shiba and one female shiba.

    The male shiba is my friend in Japan's dog, Kuritaro! He was extremely interested in strangers and only mildly aggressive, as he sniffed the heck out of me, barked slightly and was very interested in me upon first meeting... I was even told to raise my hands in the air so he could fully inspect me (haha!). After a few days of staying with them, he seemed to warm up to me: he let me pet him, feed him treats and he even obeyed commands given from me. I was very weary of him, as it was my first meeting with a shiba, but now I look back and see a lot of his behaviors as classic shiba temperament. I was even told by my friend's wife that, after a few days, when my friend and I would be out and about Kuri would wander around the door smelling, sniffing and being excited and waiting for our return... basically, he missed me! ^_^

    As for the female shiba, she is my Etsuko!! I've had her for about 4 months now and I can see some distinct difference between only SOME of her behaviors versus Kuri (the male). Examples: when new people come over she is extremely timid and shy, as she inspects them only at her will and she is not and has not been aggressive in the LEAST bit to my girlfriend or I. All around, she is extremely lovable, funny, quirky and a great pet!

    Hope this helps some!
  • SayaSaya
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    I've only had one shiba inu so far and she is female.

    She is really great she is independent, clean, aloof to certain people, but she is very affectionate once she gets to know them.

    She is quiet, but during play she is very vocal she sounds like a badger or Tasmanian devil.. lol She loves to yodel when excited to meet certain people and does this sad yodel when my brother's girlfriend leaves.. lol

    I guess it depends on the dog more I dunno really only owned two males in my lifetime they both were good dogs too.

    Saya's is the right height for the female standard she weighs 17lb or 20lb she is a bit smaller compared to some of the shiba I met from the Wisconsin meet up but she is no lap dog she loves wrestling with dogs of all sizes. And she loves to play with me too.
  • camodudecamodude
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    Thank you for the information, your dogs sound wonderful and goofy at the same time!
  • I have a male and a female...
    My female Khali is my little princess, total mommas girl, she's an attention whore as well, she hates when she's not getting attention from us, strangers anyone, she's a total diva.
    My male Kai is a doll, he has his little quirks, he hates when things are out of place(like something in the yard thats not usually there, a toy out of place etc haha), he's aloof with strangers, he's a little snugglebug, but if you're not his family he could care less about you.
  • our guys are like that too. If you move anything in the house Katsu is almost scared by it. Tanuki doesn't like stuff outside that's laying on the ground. He HATED the snowman someone built in our development last winter.
  • bobc33bobc33
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    Scout my 2 year old 18 lb female, is very catlike, aloof, a digger, in perfect health, incredibly athletic and fast, very hostile and protective when other dogs or people come around, crazy, kooky, absolutely nuts at times, does not like to cuddle or be petted (though she nows permits a little more) and I swear at times is insane, and she nevers wants to play fetch. She is a good eater though mostly eats at night. I have no worries though about her biting another dog, kids or people as her bite inhibition is great.

    Shadow is a 1.5 year old 25 lb male, is a dog's dog, very affectionate, wants to be wherever I am, is kind of clumsy and slow compared to Scout (he has two badly formed kidneys), has thyroid issues which thankfully medication works great on, he quickly gets along with any person or dog we meet, is crazy and kooky also, doesn't dig much, loves to be petted and cuddled, always sleeps with me and is a good eater. I have to "manage" him closely as his thyroid condition affects his temperment (he has bitten me about 20 times and 3 other people.) he absolutely lives to play fetch and will do so anytime anyplace.
  • HAHA that's so funny... Kai woke me up one night because something was "just not right" in their toybox and he was doing this bark howl thing. They're funny little pups.
  • HunterHunter
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    When deciding which gender to get, we read a couple of books and several internet articles on Shibas. I remember reading in more than one place that the males are less susceptible to health issues. Prior to getting Hunter, we had no practical experience with Shibas so I'm not sure if thats even true...but we did factor that into our decision.
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  • camodudecamodude
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    @ shimaurashibalover92

    That is so funny about the snowman. When ever we have our dog and it snows I will make a snowman just to see what happens.

    @ Hunter
    I have read many internet articles as well, never know which ones are truthful. I have not heard about the health issue. The only thing I read was that in general males will be more of your buddy and females will be more cat like. But after hearing from others with Shibas I do not think that generalization can be made.

    Thanks for all the input!
  • SayaSaya
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    Saya does seem more cat like, but she does enjoy being petted and messaged by me or my mom a bit more with my dad he calls her over she comes over with a toy growling happily ears back she lets him pet for a bit then walks off with me she'll stay for a long time.

    Maybe because my dad's a bit rougher when he messages and pets while I do it more softer I dunno.. lol

    I'm not sure if males are healthier than females never researched on that my next dog might be a male so we'll see.

    I've made a big snowball and Saya loved it when I put her on top and she'd dig on it. Bella our boxer likes to knock the snowman over. lol
  • My Yoshi is very aloof around strangers and is very protective of his people, his little sisfur and his house. He will bark like a maniac if a stranger comes into the house or a stranger outside comes too close to me or talks to me. Emi on the other hand just loves everyone, doesnt matter who you are she loves you. Her tail will wag like crazy and she does a little dance when anyone is around.

    Also Yoshi is afraid of certain things and Emi is completely fearless, not scared of ANYTHING. For example, my bf is going to be a werewolf for Halloween, he put the mask on and Yoshi nearly lost his voice from howling and Emi just wanted to be the werewolf's best friend LOL.

    Yoshi is a total cuddlebug and Emi cant be bothered with cuddling, but then again Yoshi wasnt very snuggly as a puppy either.
  • SayaSaya
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    Emi sounds so cute wanting to be the werewolf's best friend. lol
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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  • LuvourSiLuvourSi
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    My male shiba is very friendly to all he meets. I think it more depends on the animal and how well you socialize them. Good luck!
  • XivicXivic
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    I agree that it depends on how they are raised. Mango is our first and only dog we've had. We socialized her early and often. Now she's extremely friendly to every and anyone. We keep her as an outside dog, and if someone were to try and steal her I don't think she's make it very difficult.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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  • BootzBootz
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    At 3 months... Your puppy won't even have all his/her shots yet. I didn't take my puppies to the dog park until they had all their shots, so basically after the rabies shot.

    In terms of socialization, I started when I got them as a puppy. I carry them around to socialize with people, then brought them to my friends house to socialize them with other dogs that I know are fully vaccinated and well behaved.

    Personality is based on the dog itself and you will have to talk to your breeder about it. Of course neuter/spay and upbringing might affect their personality.... but why do you want to keep your female intact? Most breeders will require you to spay and will state it on their contract.
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  • I have a female. Yet as I understand all dogs are different as well as people they do have the Shiba characteristics. I feel so lucky having our shiba and can't imagine our household without her. I say which ever you pick between the a male or female you will get a shiba with its basic characteristics. How they develop their personalities has to do with so many other variables.
  • My male is the exact opposite of the female that got me interested in Shiba's...

    She is standoffish and hates people she doesn't know. He loves everyone. She hated getting dirty, nothing gets my guy happier than dancing in puddles (unless they get too deep, then he pouts and looks at me like its my fault his paws are wet). My guy acts tough by NOT shiba screaming even though he wants to (he starts to, but then "shakes it off" and acts all proud). She would shiba scream if the TV volume got too loud.

  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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