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Chunky puppy fur
  • JennyBJennyB
    Posts: 53
    So, Suzaku is 13 weeks, the age of the massive puppy shedding adventure, but he's shedding in (what is to me) a weird way, and I'd like to know if this is normal.

    Since we've had him, his undercoat/puppy fur has been nappy, like he's a stuffed animal that was run through the washer/dryer.

    Now he's started shedding, but only in specific spots, and in those spots the little clumps come out whole. Brushing him moves very little of the fur, but I can just pinch the chunks and gently pull them out. Underneath the grey fuzz is a red shiba, waiting to be discovered.

    He has adult fur growing in and his skin is looking great, just the patches of chunks are bizarre-o to me. Is this normal?

    Much thanks!
    Suzaku and Blitz

    The crazy chunky puppy shedding
  • TortieTortie
    Posts: 197
    I would say it's normal, yes. Emi had that same sort of coat (especially day one when I picked her up at the airport) and I love how you described his coat, like a stuffed animal that's been through the washer/dryer.

    The following picture isn't of the best quality (was taken with my iPhone), but you can see that Emi had similar "chunky" puppy fuzz.


    As for the shedding in clumps, that's the norm as well when it comes to Shiba shedding.
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    Just went through this with Penny my 13 week old shiba's change in coat. She scratched alot too. Brushing her helped ease her discomfort.
  • lockshi3lockshi3
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    Yeah you need to brush it out lol. Most likely with a gentle brush it will come right out in clumps.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Shiba puppies get nappy like this in part from all the mushing we do to them ;) The oils on peoples' hands clumps the fur noticably. It won't hurt them at all to get a bath every 3-4 weeks when they are this age, and weekly brushing. It is good practice for later, and they are much easier to bath and dry when they are small.
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  • I hear the Kong Zoom Groom works really well. Dogs feel like they are getting a massage.
  • SayaSaya
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    Saya never had a puppy coat like that it was just a soft coat I guess I didn't pet her tons well I'm a bit of a clean freak I wash my hands..

    Fish oil is good for dogs. I get the grizzly salmon oil brand some use human grade, but not sure how much and what you need to look for in it.
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • Yep, it's pretty normal. I love that puppy fur! And it looks like she's starting to blow some of the undercoat.

    She's so cute!
  • JennyBJennyB
    Posts: 53
    Thanks, everyone! Suzaku is now 5 months old, so he's past the puppy fur stage, but I appreciate all of the advice.

    Suzaku - 5 months
  • He's gorgeous! And I love how you described his fur. It definitely is like a stuffed animal in the wash. Kiyomi is 11weeks so I'll be looking forward to this in the next two weeks right? lol I need to go get a zoom groom now.

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