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Furminator clearance sale 10/5/10
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    Spotted this deal @ Amazon.

    If you are looking for 1 its a good price even with shipping included.

    Large 5.45 and 4.99 shipping
    Medium 7.12 and 4.57 shipping
    Small 8.20 and 5.49 sshipping

  • That is an awesome deal! Too bad I already have one, or I would definately get one now!
  • I don't have one....I think I will get one!

    also, this cracked me up. I watched the video on another furminator page. Doesn't that look like a Shiba in the opening?
  • jujeejujee
    Posts: 882
    Got mine a while back. amazon always have awesome deals :) and I love their 2 day free shipping!
  • Thanks! What size do you guys have?
  • We have a furminator, but Yoshi hates it. Two weeks ago we bought Kong Zoom Groom. It's awesome! We like it better than the furminator.
  • jujeejujee
    Posts: 882
    I have the medium. I haven't used it yet as Mika is still a puppy and it would be bad for her lol :D
  • ahhh IC. I actually have the zoom groom too and it works surprisingly well
  • MyloMylo
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    Booooooooooo! Damn you Canada! I can't ship from to Canada =0(
  • Thanks!
    I had the small. Which was so not fun on my 85lb Akita Inu!
    We saved $55

  • mattzmattz
    Posts: 418
    What is a furminator? I watched the video, obviously an electronic brush type thingy...

    Do they REALLY work better compared to regular brushes? I'm considering getting one, as Etsuko's winter coat is about to come in and then eventually go back out. What would be the right size for a 30lb shiba??

    Posts: 1507
    The Furminator is a finely toothed grooming blade that has been joined to a handle and thins out the coat and reduces shedding. I use a medium for my 25lb. boy.
  • MX1MX1
    Posts: 78
    I ordered a Medium Furminator, as well as the Zoom groom....
    thx for the link

  • motomoto
    Posts: 11
    is a large too big for a shiba?..
  • Finally bought one found a med one for 3.99 on from a company called chillmixing, shipping is 4.49

    about half way down if the link works


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