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Update -Bordetella Nasal Vaccine, Never Again For Us.
  • Last Saturday our 4 month old pup received the nasal Bordetella Vaccine. Our vet told us that the first 3 days our Pup could be sneezing and coughing and that this was normal due to the Vaccine taking effect.

    Unfortunately on Thursday I noticed the sneezing getting worse and our pup was clawing at her nose. I took her right back to the vet and they told me she had congestion in her nose probably due to the vaccine. Poor think kept sneezing and was blowing her nose often. They gave her an anti bacterial shot and sent us home with “Clavamox”. It’s been a few days and she’s a little better but is still sneezing .

    I wish I would have done more research before trusting the vet and had the injection or maybe not have done the Bordetella at all.
  • I'm sorry to hear that. My puppy had the exact same reaction to that vaccine and I honestly believe that is what started his allergies. It completely messed up his immune system. The only reason I got that in the first place was cause his training school required it and most boarding places requires it to prevent kennel cough
  • I feel about the bordatella vaccine the way I do about flu shots for humans. They serve a purpose for the weak and the elderly. But otherwise unless you are required to get the vaccine for your dog (for boarding or daycare). Having worked in shelters for many years, I have seen many dogs with bordatella. Hell, I have brought it home to my dogs. When my dogs had it, a teaspoon of honey three times a day cleared it up no problem.

    I am sorry your dog had to go through this. But consider it a lesson learned. And honey will help your pup too.Raw honey, not pasteurized.
  • Hey Frank, Sorry about your pupppy. How is he doing now with the allergies? Besides the poor pup being sick the shitty part about learning after its to late is that I never planed to put her in a daycare or boarding center.

    I feel terrible that my Ignorance has cost her.
  • He still has pretty bad allergies. Atopica worked for awhile for him but he starting to chew on his paws again. I left him at the dog boarding place and when we got back 2 or 3 or his paws were peeling. We're getting him testing probably in October..

    And I think sometimes you can only prepare for so much. Sometimes things happen and you just learn not to do it again. don't blame yourself just take it as a lesson learned.
  • atlasatlas
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    I'm so sorry to hear about this :( And it makes me nervous, because Mitsu is getting her bordetella soon in order to start daycare. But I don't know what else to do, because she really needs the socialization with other dogs...

    I hope your pup feels better soon.
  • Jenna, go for the injection instead of the inhalant one.
  • atlasatlas
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    Oh I didn't realize that was an option. I definitely will, then!
  • Bordatella is extremely contagious and ALL puppies who are going to leave their house and be around other dogs should get vaccinated twice in the first year. The nasal version is more effective than the shot.

    My previous doggy daycare got a bout of Kennel Cough last year, and my puppy was the only one not to get sick. They were all vaccinated, but he was the only one to get the nasal vaccination. The rest all ended up with a mild case, but still they got it with their shots. It's equivalent to your dog getting croupe. Not pretty.
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  • SayaSaya
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    Saya did fine with the Nasal one thankfully. Sorry your pup had this issue. =(
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • With shibas being as hyperallergic as pit bulls, if a dog is not going into a boarding facility or or day care I would not risk the reaction. Bordatella is like the flu, in that there are many strains. So like in Tara's situation the inhaled vaccine clearly addressed the strain that occurred at her day care. Whereas the injected vaccine may not have.

    This is clearly not something that is set in stone, and you need to do what feels right for you and your dog. I personally won't vaccinate myself or a dog for anything that is non-lethal for a healthy individual. Both Ruby and I have very negative reactions to shots, and it isn't worth it for me personally.
  • I encourage members of our meetup to keep current on their doggie shots. Many of us are regulars at dog parks with our dogs, so this is important. For bordatella, all I've done is the injection. I try not to schedule too many injections at the same time, though today Hoshi got his rabies booster and rattlesnake shots. He is 13 yrs. old and we live in an area with wildlife, including potential rabies carriers and rattlesnakes. He's pretty healthy, so he should be able to handle the two vaccines. I always allow my dogs "down time" for a couple of days after a vaccination series (basically just let them sleep and chill out- no dog park, no high stress activities.)
  • Koda has had reactions to shots as well. I spread them out, and am like you give him some downtime to just chill and get them through his system. Koda is in a Therapy Dog Program so there is no question that he has to get his shots or quit the program. There are no exceptions to this rule. We also go to the dog park frequently and to an open space where dogs hike off leash.

    It really matters on your lifestyle. If your dog is going to be out and about "social" with other dogs, then it is more of a risk to their health and to other dog's health not to get them vaccinated. Everyone needs to make that choice on their own. I would want other people who are bringing their dogs around mine to get them vaccinated. Especially when it comes to dog parks. One case of kennel cough and the whole place is shutdown for 2-3 weeks ruining the experience for others.

    I know that Jessica keeps her dogs busy with other activities, and does not frequent parks so her decisions make sense for her lifestyle. She is also a very experienced owner and could spot the signs of kennel cough early enough to keep her dogs separated from eachother and others decreasing the chance of spreading the virus.
  • Tara is right about my lifestyle. I do not do dog parks (not a fan, at least where I live it is more like a prison yard than a play ground). And my dogs playmates are very strategically chosen. If you are exposing your dogs to group environments where you do not know the health of your dogs playmates you may want to consider more vaccinations.

    I intend on enrolling Ruby in Therapy programs here when she is a little older and will of course vaccinate her according to their policies (albeit begrudgingly....)

    That said, when I worked full time at the municipal shelter I brought kennel cough home to my dogs (Piglet, Moto and Miko). The only dog to not contract kennel cough (Miko) was the only dog NOT vaccinated for it. Now keep in mind that this is not clinical evidence of anything. It is an anecdotal story and nothing more.
  • I don't like the bordatella vaccine, but I do give it to my dogs when I board them because it is required. Oskar had it recently because the puppy class required it

    Toby has gotten bordatella at the kennel even though he had had the vaccine. It is very much like the flu shots as Jessica notes--it will not protect against all types. Toby had it, I called the vet to bring him in, and it was gone before our appt. Granted, it might have been milder because he had the vaccine. Or not.

    I don't think bordatella is a big enough deal to vaccinate against unless I have to. I'm more worried about the effects of all the vaccines than I am about the dogs getting it.
  • Just an update ,the original Clavomax drug did nothing for her and we ended up going back to our vet since the condition seemed to worsen. Our vet gave us a drug called "Baytril" Once a day for 10 days straight we give her the pill with food, luckily we are on day number 7 and it seems to be doing the trick. Our pup who was sneezing around 10 - 15 times an hour is maybe doing it 5-10 times a day with no more yellow mucus.

    Our vet told us that if the drug did not make the sneezing go away she wants to do a Rhinoscopy and make certain nothing was inside her nose. Lucky for our pup and wallet this will no longer be necessary. ( Not sure if it was in the first place and we would have sought a second opinion before proceeding)

    Thanks everyone for the comments

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