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Yellow, goopy eyes
  • So, my dog has started to wake up with really goopy eyes. Mostly it's in the inside corners, just yellowish in color and gummy/thick. We wipe it away, but it always comes back throughout the day (Although not nearly as bad as in the morning). It started happening about a week ago, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the past few days. My sister said it's normal, and happens to her dogs, but why has it never happened for Yoshi until just recently? Anyone know if it's normal, or I should contact my vet?
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  • sunyatasunyata
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    Sounds like possible allergies or maybe an eye infection. Any other symptoms?

    Might want to take him to the vet.
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  • Well I noticed it starting to happen the day before we took him to the vet, but I cleaned it, and it was gone AT the vet. They didn't say anything about his eyes.

    That's really the only symptom I've noticed so far. He was pretty scratchy when we first got him, and the vet said it was probably allergies from entering a new state, but that hasn't really been an issue for awhile.
  • In my dogs that was the first symptom that surfaced of their grain allergies. We are also in the beginning of ragweed season and dogs are just as affected by ragweed as we are.

    Allergies can happen at any point in a mammals life. I didn't become allergic to pollen until my 30's. Ruby just this year became horribly allergic to grass.

    Basically what I am saying is...Sounds like allergies.
  • My dog just had goopy eyes in the morning and yellowish-runny eyes through the day. He was also scratching a little at his eyes and the white part in the corner was a little red-ish.
    Vet. said it was a small infection, got some meds. and it was gone in a week.

    Since it could be so many different things I think you should take him to the vet.
  • amtiamti
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    I'm bringing this thread back to life since my foster Sheba always has a bit of a dark brown crust/gunk that accumulates in her inner eyes. I wipe it away but it doesn't wipe well and it stains. She's had it since I got her in July but it has only been the last 3 months or so that I can really pet her to try to remove it. I still don't get a good cleaning since she doesn't seem to enjoy it much. I don't particularly enjoy it either. lol

    A lot of people say allergies or food. She's on 100% raw so no grains. Her fur is great, she looks great, so it is just her eyes. Are there any eye problems that I need to look out for? Could she still have discharge from detoxing five months later?
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    I strongly recommend you have her eye pressures checked and evaluated for glaucoma. She looks like she could have glaucoma given the slightly bulging eyes and tearing.
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  • amtiamti
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    Ugh, I didn't want to hear that, even if it was something in the back of my head. Since she's been on meds for hypothyroidism, I don't think her eyes bulge out as much, but they are definitely round. I got a copy of her medical history since last March and her eyes were tested and considered normal then but I don't know if she had a pressure check done. I will have to call them and ask. We see the vet next month so I'll ask about a pressure check. Thank you!
  • It could also be an environmental allergy.
    It's generally considered safe to give a dog 1mg of regular Benadryl for each lb (20lb dog can have 20mg, for example).
    If the pressure test comes back normal, ask your vet about Benadryl and see if it helps.
  • BearsDadBearsDad
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    Does she paw at her face like her eyes are irritating her?
  • amtiamti
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    No, she's never pawed or acted like her eyes bother her. I'll catch her cleaning herself but that's it. And that happens only once in a while.
  • BearsDadBearsDad
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    Ok just wondering, Bear always will paw at his eyes if they are bothering him from allergies, I would think that if it was allergies she would give some indication that they are bothering her.
  • amtiamti
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    No, the only signs of being bothered is when I try to clean her face.
  • RikaRika
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    Sometime ago Rika had quite some yellowish eye discharge as well. I think there are some doggy eye drops at vet clinics or in pet supply stores? My mom used a very basic human eyedrops for Rika's eye infection (which I was pretty against haha) and it really worked. I won't recommend that though! :)
  • amtiamti
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    The vet said that they did do a pressure check on her eyes in March and it was normal. They are going to do another one next month when she gets her second check up. I thought maybe she was allergic to something in her food, but that's not the case. No seasonal allergies either since this has been going on since I got her in July. She's not irritated or showing any signs of discomfort either so other than the goop collecting in her inner eye, there seems to be no other symptoms. I'm stumped.

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