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Room temperature
  • I have a converted office space at home (which is an extension to the main house), which has some nice wooden laminate flooring, which I was hoping to use as the base for my soon-due shiba. Ideally I'd like him stay there with me most of the time, but also to use the space as a permanent place for his crate and also for him to sleep in.

    However, I've noticed that it gets incredibly cold overnight and in the morning and just wondered if I should reconsider moving the crate to the main part of the house?
  • SayaSaya
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    How cold does it get? As a pup it might get cold, but as an adult I'm sure he she wouldn't mind it..

    Saya loves the cold she'll lay on the air vent to get cooler..
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  • For a puppy, cold and being isolated seems like a bad idea. He'd be lonely, and if you're getting a pup, you also need to have the crate in a convenient place (ie near you even during the night) for housetraining. Most pups can't make it through the night at first, so if the crate is near you, you'll hear the rustling/restlessness of a pup needing to pee. As an adult dog, I think he could probably be out there, but it depends on how independent the dog is. (example: my female Shiba really gets kind of nuts if she's alone, so she sleeps upstairs, as does my puppy (Akita) in his crate. He's been pretty slow to housetrain, so he has to be in his crate, but my Shibas were faster, and I was able to let them sleep in the bedroom without the crate pretty early on.
  • Bump

    Banjo hates the heat. What is a safe temperature to kee the apartment while I am at work? I am happy running the AC all day. Keep in mind I have floor to ceiling glass which heats up a room quickly. He can go to the kitchen if he wants no sunlight.

    Is 77 degrees too hot?


  • knnwangknnwang
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    I keep my ac around 78 during the summer at all times. Anything over 80 indoors during the summer where i live is uncomfortable to me.

    Is he panting & breathing fast?

    It gets over 100 at my area and as a b&t, R seems to do fine. Outside on hot days he tends to find shaded grass areas to rest.
  • I just got home and he barked when the door opened but otherwise seems fine. It's currently 74 in my apartment. When I run the AC I keep it at 67...
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  • knnwangknnwang
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    Mine seems more active in the cooler seasons and environments. I will lower the ac to 70 if we just came in from a hot ouside adventure, but its temporary. I like to keep it under 78 during the summer and above 72 in the winter.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    I rarely keep it cooler than 78 in my house during the summer months. The dogs do just fine, although Nola will often seek out an AC vent to lay on if she is coming in from a walk.

    Can you put up curtains/blinds on the window wall? That may help dissipate some of the extra heat coming in from the sun. But really, I would not worry about it as long as Banjo has someplace to go that is shaded.
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  • AntoinetteAntoinette
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    I have window units and if the temperature outside is going to be more than 85 degrees I leave the AC on for Quake. He also likes to lay under the bed on the wood floor to keep cool and also because he considers that spot his little den. I keep the blinds closed so even without the AC on it doesn't get hotter than 78.

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