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Ignorant people? Minor rant
  • My girlfriend and I live within a block of University of Penn's campus. It's certainly not Center City living (downtown Philadelphia) but the neighborhood is pretty good... Except for some people that don't even live in the neighborhood

    While walking Kai, it's usually a sugary "Ooo.." and "Ahhhh..." and "Awww..." fest that's threatening to give me diabetes. But about 4 times now, I've heard people say they'd do something extremely stupid to Kai. Usually 1 kid in a group of teens going to / coming from school or 'hanging out' (like our neighborhood is an entertainment attraction). One kid said, in response to his girlfriend's "Aww... look at the cute puppy!", "I'll kick the s*** out of that thing".

    Now Kai isn't bugging anyone *ever*. He will not approach anyone unless they move to greet him. As they walk past he may occasionally start to follow them, trying to investigate the interesting new distraction. But I'm not stupid and keep him a good distance from people because I know some people are scared of the tiniest 4 legged animal. This just happened while I was bent over, holding Kai's collar while I gave him a treat for responding to his whispered name. And I know how to handle a leash so there was less than 6" of slack in his leash while I was bent over to prevent lunging (despite the fact he has *never* lunged at anything but a leaf).

    What the heck would make someone say something like that? And don't they consider the possible response of the owner if they were to actually carry out a boast like that? I'm not some huge, hulking dude. But I'm pretty far from defenseless. And deceptively strong thanks to my job. And quite honestly can't say what my response would be if someone moved to kick Kai unprovoked.

    On the street where I live someone moves to kick my defenseless puppy who didn't do anything to provoke that? Won't be pretty
  • I am not sure I would be able to keep my cool if someone said something like that about my dogs.

    That is crazy.

    I give you credit for not tearing the kid a new one. I think you hit the nail on the head when you described them as ignorant. And sadly many young men now think that being cruel is the same as being tough.

    I have watched my husband lose his cool on people when they have made derogatory comments about pit bulls and my husband is terrifying to most (6 foot five 350lbs covered in tattoos, yet he claims I am the scary one). I have a feeling I would be bailing him out of jail if someone said that about one of our dogs.

    I have been known to lecture complete strangers about cruelty and more than once have actually taken dogs away from people who were kicking them. But I think I might be speechless about someone just talking smack about hurting my dog.

    So weird. I grew up just outside of Philadelphia, go there fairly frequently, and have a lot of friends in the area. I never cease to be amazed by the "tough guys" that I guess are still around.

    Cause you know, you have to be a really tough dude to threaten to beat up a cute defenseless puppy.*vomit*
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  • InoushiInoushi
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    I know what you mean. I happen to live on the "wrong" side of town and I have to hear this ignorant talk all of the time. Just the other day I had a three year old try to assault Kenshin with a branch that was recently cut down by the parks department. Mind you Kenshin was on the leash and was only interested in taking his afternoon walk. I happened to catch the kid break a window, and his response was that he was going to kill my dog. It took so much self control to simply stand in the way of him attempting to attack my dog. Thankfully my mother was able to get his mother, and he was severely punished. That was the most extreme example. Usually people like Kenshin a lot, but occasionally I get the "tough" guy who thinks its fun to say he is going to kick my dogs. I usually have the pleasure of watching Zora yawn at them before they beat a hasty retreat.
  • I can't respond. Main reason is if the situation escalates, what am I supposed to do with Kai? I did break out my 'scary face'. It's a completely expression-less and emotion-less face that smart people back away from very quickly.

    I don't get it myself tho. When I was a kid, I was never cruel to animals. TBH thinking about kicking a puppy would be like... well, kicking a puppy. How tough can ya be picking on puppies?
  • nikiniki
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    ooohh all your stories make me angry. People are so stupid.

    One of my best friends hates animals. I love her and all, but it really upsets me when she makes comments about "stupid dogs" and "who cares" when there's some kind of animal cruelty story. She just can't comprehend any sort of value in animals no matter how hard I try. It's so strange, because she's such a giving, loving person...with PEOPLE... Her "issues," as I will call them, stem from a fear of animals. I suppose a lot of those people probably have the same problem as well.
  • ncieloncielo
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    I can understand people and whether they find animals or dogs appealing. But why do they have to act the way they do? It's ridiculous, walk away and do not say anything, do not do anything. If you do not like the dog or the breed or whatever it is that bothers them so much. Why don't they just ignore it and leave the situation alone? I've never meet someone like that before, and I hope to never come across them.
  • I'd not put your friend on the same level as that twip, niki. I doubt seriously you'd be friends with someone you suspected could be intentionally cruel to an animal. People hate various things, animals and people.

    But actively hurting something is a huge step from simple hatred / fear.
  • I just told Jay your story and his response was "Oooh I am a seething powder keg of anger just hearing that story..."
  • that sucks. Its just ignorant people...for some reason they think making dumb comments like that makes them a man.
  • nikiniki
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    Thanks, @Kuro_Kai...I appreciate that. My friend would never actually hurt an animal, but she does hurt my feelings when she says things about dogs! (Luckily, she is smart enough not to say anything about MY dogs).

    I forgot to mention in my post above that the kid was probably trying to show off how "manly" he was to his girlfriend and friends. Hopefully he will grow out of it...we all say stupid things when we are teenagers.

    At the very least people should keep their comments to themselves!
  • jujeejujee
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    Kudos for not hurting the kid lol! How can you not want to protect your precious pup? I know for sure if someone ever intentionally came up to Mika to kick her it wouldn't be pretty!!
  • Oh man....that really pisses me off too.....I love Mr. Rabbit's response.....I also feel that way.

    Seriously, if someone said something like this, I'd be hard pressed not to lose it, so good for you for not responding other than with a glare....because of course, no reason for it to get worse. But damn....that would make me furious too! And if anyone really tried to hurt on of my dogs....It would not be pretty. I would be tempted to say, wait til he's a big dog, except, well, he's a Shiba, not an Akita.

    Anyway, sorry you had to go through that kind of shit! It's really sad, too, that people think that cruelty makes them tough.
  • They are just stupid, ignorant people. I wouldn't say anything to them because I'd rather not overload their little twit brains. But if I did, my style would probably be something in the line of sarcasm, "Oooh, BIIIG man, kicking the shit out of an 8 pound puppy."

    That said, I think how I would respond to that kind of overt aggressiveness from strangers is just to ignore them. Because I'm a small woman.

    My boyfriend was walking Bowdu late at night last summer (this was before we got Bowpi). He was mugged at gunpoint by a guy who actually pointed the gun at Bowdu. Bowdu, bless his heart, did not react as if anything was amiss -- though I can imagine there was a very palpable change in my boyfriend's mood. Anyway, my boyfriend doesn't carry his wallet when he's out walking the dog. He let the mugger frisk him and he got away with a cheap cell phone and a Mag lite. The guy pointed his gun at Bowdu because it was easier, and probably more believable a threat than pointing the gun at a human's face. But it was weak and cowardly, much like this guy's comment.
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  • I have 2 problems with this situation.
    1) In order to defend Kai (and myself) against a human attacker, I'll have to drop the leash or severely limit myself
    2) Like I said, I'm far from defenseless (aka, I'm legal)

    If the situation had escalated, I really wouldn't know how to respond. Drop the leash to defend ourselves and I put Kai in danger ( maybe he'll see it as the Pack Leader in a fight and join in ;-) ). Anything else would be considered excessive. And honestly, yes I know there are people ignorant enough to do more than threaten violence. I've run into them before on the street. The people that live in this neighborhood aren't bad. But it is a main artery for pedestrian traffic because a major mass transit hub. For example, every year since I've moved here we've had at least 1 flash mob per year (around school start / major vacation/ end) long before they became 'fashionable' in the higher visibility areas

    It's frustrating and infuriating. Neither of which I could give into outside with Kai because to do so would prolly force an escalation.
  • I feel your frustration. I see my responsibility as a dog owner as that of protecting my dogs first and foremost. Particularly in my situation with my "aggressive" breeds, I never want them to even think about defending themselves as it will always look like "vicious pit bull attacks" even if she is defending herself.

    I have lived in some very scary neighborhoods in Philly, New York and Providence and had unfortunately enough scary experiences to make me well versed on this topic. I tend to walk away and keep a low profile whenever possible. Especially at night I will carry something to defend myself if need be (though I would never encourage any one to do this with out some sort of martial arts training or some sort of self defense training). The main difference however is people tend not to threaten my dogs (pit bull, shikoku and Akita, they are a tad more intimidating than a shiba puppy), and while I may be a pussy cat, being a heavily tattooed tall woman has it's advantages; so threats tend to be limited to the mumblings of drunkards.

    If your situation escalated, I would just pick up Kai and go for the low blow. Not a time to fight fair. Go for family jewels, throat, knee caps, etc.

    And lets all hope it never comes to that.
  • Yes there are WAY to many STUPID people in the world. I Lived in Detroit in the past so I seen these kind of people also..... Ive been to Philly on vacation (visiting a friend) too and I seen many of the same things in Philly as in Detroit.

    I think you did the best thing by not saying anything and walking away. If you can defend your dont worry about what other say, just stay on the defence side the whole time it will be in your best intrest.

    The person never said anyhting else so there was no harm done, words never hurt anything or anybody, just actions.

    The best thing you can do, have your cell phone and call the police, hopefully they can help, If not and it does happen again find a tree, fence, another person to hold onto Kai, but call the police first, If you have to defend yourself and Kai by all means do it.

    I think he was just trying to act tough around his girlfriend because Kai was cute and she liked him.

    As for me now Im not so Cool or collected and I praise you for doing the honorable thing. You should be proud of yourself and remember the right road is not always the easiest....

  • Can I tell you guys? I am so thankful that we live in a nice, dog friendly neighborhood. Although, if someone said they were going to kick one of my dogs, I would literally take my Irish temper out on them and give them a beating. Seriously.
  • +1 to the irish temper. no one messes with the shibas.
  • Ignorance is why I like animals better than most people.

    Since it was an indirect verbal threat I would have stopped and said something to the punk ass kid trying to show off.

    People like this are spineless and he would have probably put his head in his shell once verbally confronted. If he would have challenged me further I would have no choice but to walk away..I'm not about to beat down some teenager/kid and probably get arrested or lose my dog in the process. The consequences are just not worth it in this case.

    Now if the kid would have actually done it or directly said it to me i would do whatever its necessary to subdue the punk bastard and keep my dog safe.. Our pup is like family; we raised her and look after her. I will not tolerate or stand for any abuse towards her or any other animal for that matter.
  • Wow...people are so stupid/evil. One day my bf was walking Yoshi, we live in a private development and all the kids know Yoshi altho Yoshi isn't a big fan of the kids, and this one kid who has to be at least 10 years old was holding a lighter and goes up to Yoshi with the flame on the lighter and says "Yoshi do you want fire?". My bf just grabbed Yoshi and went inside. If it were me walking Yoshi I prob would've screamed at this stupid kid. I live in the "nicer" part of town where all the rich, snotty people live and watever but I get really nervous walking Yoshi at night because it is so dead and quiet over there. If someone were to try to attack me I would be screwed since no one is ever around. I do know martial arts and self defense, I took a couple of years of classes, but I would also have to drop Yoshi's leash to defend us and i'm really not sure if Yoshi would run away or try to help. Man its gonna be even harder with two dogs now. Anyways one time I was at the dog park and I did witness a kid kick a dog. This kid was prob around 8 and a little slow but I think he def knew what he was doing. He kicked a Yorkie. The owners of the Yorkie didnt say anything!!!!! The kids father was really pissed and threw him out of the dog park. If he kicked Yoshi I prob wouldve picked up the kid and literally threw him over the fence. I am a bigger fan of dogs than kids lol.
  • I think that kids that would hurt animals need to be watched very carefully, because something is wrong with them....I guess we all know that sociopaths who kill people often start on animals....But yeah, it scares me to think of young kids, esp., who want to hurt animals....

    It's not a good reaction on my part, but when I've seen people think they can fuck with the Shibas, I've always been like, yeah? You gonna do that to the German Shepherd too? Because they won't....they're afraid of big dogs. Of the three dogs I had before I lost my GSD, he was, actually, the least likely to bite, but he was also the one that intimidated people the most because of his size. The one that people took least seriously is Bel, because she smallest and she's a pretty girl, but I always thought of the two Shibas, she was the most likely to bite a person, simply because she is afraid of strangers, and I've seen delivery people (fed ex, etc) not take the fact that she was barking and growling seriously. It's really stupid, because while she's never bit a person, she would,out of fear.

    I doubt very much anyone is going to mess with Oskar when he is big, even though he's a sweet puppy now, and I hope and expect him to be a sweet (but BIG) dog. It's one of the reasons I want to have both small and large dogs....I do feel sometimes the sheer "intimidation" factor of a large dog is useful (and I dont' mean, at all, that my big dogs were or should be aggressive--just that their sheer size works against idiots).
  • I hear you there Lisa. Some people have been nervous with Ruby because of their prejudice toward pit bulls but most see how small she is and feel no intimidation. Hilo who has the least threatening personality on the planet intimidates tons of people. Noticeably he seems to scare off people that I don't mind him scaring off (insecure tough guy pseudo alpha males...remember there are no alphas in dogs but there is tons of that crap in primates). I would never want a dog who was a major bite risk (all dogs can bite even good dogs). But having a good natured dog whose appearance acts as a deterrent can be quite nice.
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  • For some reason Yoshi seems to scare a lot of people. Yoshi is not big at all or scary looking but he seems to scare people. I find it pretty funny. People always say "OMG is he going to bite me???" Yoshi has never bit anyone and never looks like he is going to bite anyone. People are funny lol.
  • Jessica, I think that should be a bumper sticker or something "no alphas in the dogs world but tons of that crap in primates!" So, so true!

    does yoshi stare at people? Toby does, and sometimes people find it offputting, so I wonder if it is that? Oskar stares too partially because he's been taught by me to make eye contact, but he also just tends to do it. He has such silly googly puppy eyes now that I doubt anyone would find it intimidating, but they may once he's grown up....
  • SayaSaya
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    Oh my Amanda that must have been scary some 10 year old asking yoshi if he wants fire? O_O

    I've read tons on kids seting cats or dogs on fire when I lived in Louisiana. That boy needs help..

    The kid who kicked the yorkie must be insane too. Thank fully the dog park I got to don't allow kids under the age of 12. Luckily no one brings their kids except for this one time, but he was told that they are not allowed. The kid was running in the dog park and of coarse all the dogs thought it was a game to chase the kid..
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
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    So I am in the dog park with Penny and INU. This guy and his girlfriend start to come in with their Schnauzer who was barking and growling. Penny began to bark back. INU was initially laying down but started to run over to investigate. I grabbed him and Penny to allow his dog to come in to be properly introduced.

    And this guy went off. "How could you come to a dog park with wild dogs they were going to attack my dog."

    I said to him, " They were not attacking and your dog came in growling!"

    The situation degenerated from there. He started cursing me and threatening me with physical harm. I whipped out my cell and said I am calling the police. His girlfriend pleaded don't do that.

    The guy is pretty big and must have been surprised that I was willing to stand my ground.

    Walking away he was yelling, "your lucky I could have broken your jaw today I'll see you around."

    I'm so scared LOL.

    He's not so lucky, He parked his car right in front of me and I recorded his plate number which I will file in a report for harassment.
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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    Sounds like you handled that about as good as possible. And I hope you do report the idiot.

    I'm so sick of people who don't take responsibility for their dogs actions. These are the types of people who give responsible dog owners a bad name. I could only imagine what he'd say to some homeowner complaining about his dog pooping on their lawn, or whatever. Insane!

    I've had a couple of run ins with ignorant dog owners living out here in the country. These people are everywhere.

    Anyhow, very well played @INU RYUU!! I think this is exactly how to handle these types of situations.
    "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
  • SayaSaya
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    Wild dog people are so dumb.

    My ass of an neighbor thinks Saya is a feral or wild dog and he acts afraid of her and Bella. Dumb ass.

    All while his rat terrier is barking and snarling charging at us while my dogs are ignoring her and the neighbor cursing at me. Luckily he is only one neighbor who is a jerk.

    I'm sure the guy was all bark and no bite since he didn't want to deal with police. lol
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • JScarf5JScarf5
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    wow. some people. I think you handled that very well and I am glad you are going to report him. I agree with Saya...sounds all bark and no bite! Props to you on how you handled it!
  • @Saya What is it with irresponsible small dog owners? People think that just because they're small, they can misbehave and bite and growl and just be aggressive and it's okay because they're small. I was attacked by a Jack Russel when I was 7 playing in my front yard. That thing was vicious. My german shepherd jumped the back fence and killed it. I wasn't the first person it had attacked, but we lost our pet privileges anyway (military base). The man who owned the Jack Russel tried to get my dog, Samson, put down because, even though his dog attacked me, "little dogs can't hurt anyone". He was unsuccessful though, thankfully, and Samson went on to become an MP dog.

    Have you guys seen this?
  • amtiamti
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    Wow on the video. That lady is clueless. She has no idea how to train a dog or what is acceptable behavior. But gosh, I hope the court does something to train her how to train dogs.

    Inuryu, good for you for standing your ground. It is a scary thing to do, but if more people did it, I wonder if jerks would STFU. I had to do that last night with a man who thought he could make up his own rules while we were directing traffic for a football game. He almost ran over one of my people speeding. People who think they own the world really need a wake up call. I wouldn't be surprised if your guy has been in trouble with the police in the past given his girlfriend and his response (to leave after you took your phone out).
  • ha! I'd seen the video before! My husband still quotes lines from it sometimes! ;)
  • Unfortunately, I think the lady in the video hit the nail on the head when she said that dogs mirror their owners moods.
    These people seem like real pieces of work and
    I'll just say that when I read their dialogue with a Jersey accent, and add some "heys" and "whoas" in there, it sounds pretty plausible.
    I kind of feel bad for their dogs; it's not their fault that they were purchased by a douchebag. Or (as it plays out in my head) a Jersey Shore reject.
    Oh, and @Shibamistress We quote the lines about the beautiful baby Labrador at random here.
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  • I know I shouldn't be laughing at that video. But I am. A lot.

    Ok, this is weird, but I've also had a kid/young teen say he's going to kick the shit out of my dog to his friends. I was across the street, so he said it loudly so he could look tough - because it takes a real tough guy to beat up a 25 lb dog. My dog would send him screaming, but that's beside the point. I looked at him and told him to come on over and kick my dog. Come on and put your money where your mouth is, little boy.
    Since he was just blowing smoke, he turned bright red and looked like the coward he was.
  • @orangedoggie Tsk tsk tsk. The Shiba forum judges you for finding humor in that hilariously high-strung woman and her demon spawn Chihuahua.
    Good on you for calling that little brat out. I get frustrated with people who complain about others' obviously unacceptable actions, but don't want to "rock the boat" or "make a scene". This is why we have kids that are jerks that grow into adults that are jerks - no one calls them on it. There are "outside" cats (read: cats to scratch the $6k custom flat paint job on my husband's show car, shit in my garden, wake the house at 2 am with their fighting, sneak in my house when I'm bringing in groceries, etc) galore in my neighborhood. I was walking down from the mailbox and saw a 16ish year old boy hanging out by my neighbor's fence, half-crouched, throwing something. When I got closer, I saw that he was throwing rocks at one of the cats. God help me, I fight the urge to set humane traps and take them in as strays weekly. I really despise these cats. Eventually the kid saw me and pretended to be looking for something in the grass. As I passed, I said "You know better." and kept walking. He shrugged like he didn't know what I was talking about for a second and then yelled after me "That cat keeps chasing my cat." as if that was a completely logical reason to stone a small animal. I yelled back "You're not a f***ing cat!" He hung his head and went back to his house. Like I said, I can't stand those damn cats. But it's not their fault and I dislike kids in general more than most animals, except for cocker spaniels - those deceitfully-fluffy-looking monsters from the 7th circle of hell have 0 redeeming qualities.
  • Heh, one of the neighborhood brats (thankfully there are only a couple) tried to steal candy from us on Halloween. We give out big candy bars and sometimes we give out two if it looks like we might have too many. Kid took two and then said, "No one else is coming." and grabbed as many as he could. Then he turned and ran forgetting that there were 5 steps to go down. Candy exploded everywhere - including all the candy he had collected that night. I laughed my ass off and his friends laughed and left him there to pick up all his candy, in front of me. He scattered well before he had picked up all his candy after I said, "Karma's a bitch, huh?"
    I never had another candy thief, but I was finding packs of Nerds and Skittles in the bushes for weeks. Most of the kids wouldn't dare screw up with "the big candy house", but this kid is a real jerk in training. I think his brother is the one who said he was going to kick my dog. Real charmers.

    I've never met a nice Cocker Spaniel either, but surely there must be one somewhere.
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