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Suddenly scared to go outside?
  • I've had my dog for a little over a month, he's 3 months old.

    He has been fine going outside to potty, always wanting to walk, explore. Recently, my husband took him outside, and our dog Yoshi heard some kids bouncing a basketball.. which cause his first scared episode. He ran back to our place, and didn't want anything to do with being outside.

    Ever since then, he has been terrified of going outside to potty or walk. When we grab the leash, he goes and hides in the corner of his cage. When we finally get him outside, he runs and whines trying to get away back the apartment. He always pees at our doorstep as well, the first chance he has to get back by our door.

    How can we change this behavior? I feel like if I force him on the leash, he'll finally go potty, but it takes about 15 minutes just for him to feel like he can do a quick potty and bolt, and forcing him feels like it's doing more harm than good. I thought since we had him so young, the apartment ruckus wouldn't phase him, but it seems I've been mistaken.

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  • Hello there Meggers. I live in on a busy street so it was hard for my puppy to walk from the busy street to the park.. About 3 meters. I think It would take us an hour.. Sometimes I would just give up and carry her. I think she was scared of cars.. I would just start running and call her name like crazy.. That would do it. Just keep the dog's mind busy with a ball or running.. Mine lovessss running and sees it as a game.. Puppy eventually got over it and now happily walks like nobodies business. She's not really into treats so for us it was the running and she would get super excited. Or make noises like come herrrrrrrrrrrre ( the funny r will make their ears twist) or make your hubby go ahead of you and make him call the pup. Do it daily hopefully she will eventually get over it? When ever she is scared don't make a big deal or try to console her as it makes the issue worse. Just ignore. Don't know what to say about peeing on the doorstep? Mine started peeing in my grass in the beginning so now when we are out she just pees on grass. Maybe make walks a bit longer? Hmmm
    Best wishes!
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  • You need to make it fun. Especially early in life (and through fear phases, which is what your pup is in developmentally) it is important to bring treats and encourage inquisitiveness. So before you grab the leash grab some treats. If she follows you to the leash praise and treat. Put the leash on. Praise and treat. Do step by step inch by inch.

    Forcing her will only teach her that you are as scary as whatever she is fearing and can destroy a bond you are in the process of building.

    Read before you get your puppy and after you get your puppy by Ian Dunbar. Here are links.
  • SayaSaya
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    Saya does not like the noise of basket balls hitting the floor and the loud teenagers they can make some noise too.. lol

    With the leash I like Jessica's idea.

    Saya doesn't react as bad to the basketball we walk far enough she doesn't feel it's a threat she can now get a bit closer to it.
  • Well I've tried the treat thing, and he doesn't respond to it at all outside. Once we are out of the apartment, he wants nothing to do with the treats, and will just ignore the offer.

    Thank you, I will get the book asap!
  • When a dog is past his comfort zone they will often not take treats. When our Akita first moved in with us he was so overwhelmed (having moved from the quiet of the desert to the bustling suburbs was a lot for him). It took us a few weeks to earn his trust to get him comfortable enough to take treats. But patience is the greatest tool in a dog owners toolbox. I promise.

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