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Dealing with boredom
  • In another thread it was suggested that Kai was bored. Hence his attempts to dig thru a hardwood floor. But how do we stimulate him when we can't take him for romps in the park cause he lacks his vaccinations?

    We have a Kong and a Kong Wobbler. Kai doesn't like the Kong. Or maybe he doesn't like peanut butter. The Wobbler has been getting his attention, usually when he's amped up. Or maybe because I took some Stella & Chewy's Kisses, shredded one and put it in with kibble and a few normal treats. I play tug and "Roll the ball so I can tackle it then make you come get it to roll it again" till he gets over-excited. If we buy another chew toy, I'm investing in Nylabone. I try to train him but have issues holding his attention beyond a few Sits.

    So any other ways to entertain him? In a minute, I'm gonna give him the second controller for my PS3 and see if he has any Call of Duty skills :-p
  • try other combos in the Kong. I know some Australian members who put some marmite in the kong you could try cottage cheese and then always try mixing yummy things into that. I do peanut butter with greek yogurt and put some blueberries in. Get creative, as long as it isn't toxic (grapes, chocolate, raisins, etc.) try it. My dogs would grow thumbs for sardines and cottage cheese. is a brilliant resource you will find activities to do with your pup, training suggestions,and a wealth of other important articles.
  • I went to Office Max and got a laser pen, walmart has them too, not the cheap junk you get at the pet store but a business one. The one I bought has lasted me 2 years and still going.

    I think I payed around 16 dollars for it, checked walmart and 16 dollars too.

    Man when its raining or too cold I use it to tire Tonka out and He loves that thing.........

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    hahaha that picture is so funny. Your cat is probably saying, did you buy a cat or a dog?
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    Mitsuko loves our cat scratching post also!
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    For Etsuko, we just play fetch & cat and mouse... she loves to chase us around the house! It usually inspires her into a Shiba 500 and really wears her out.
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    My shiba will only eat the peanut butter/yogurt/etc. that is easy to get out of the kong. After that he carries it around with him, like he might get to it later if he gets desperate. When I put kibble in it, he wouldn't even try to get it out. He would give it to the husky my former roommate had, let her get the kibble out, and then growl at her to leave the kibble and eat it. Rinse and repeat. He's so manipulative....
  • I was wondering if anyone had ideas about ways to cope with boredom for a dog recovering from surgery (neuter) and on doctor's orders not to move around too much.

    I only have a couple more days of the 'limited movement', thank god, but for my very active shiba this has been a nightmare. He has nothing to do with his pent up energy and I'm not technically supposed to let him go outside and run like crazy or play with his friends til the stitches are a little further along, which don't appear to bother him at all, by the way. He's been dissatisfied with most chew toys/puzzles after a few minutes. He just wants to go run and I can't quite let him yet. It's made him nippy, whiney and irritable. Nothing like he normally is :(

    Has anyone else been in this situation?
  • Bully sticks.

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