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Shiba Socialization
  • mattzmattz
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    Etsuko is a shy girl! She's full of character, loves to play and Shiba 500s all the time with us (her owners), but when new people come into the house or around she is extremely timid and shy. Anyone know some good ways to help her socialize with people?

    Arigatou gozaimashta!

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  • My shiba is very shy towards new people. I let him decide himself wheter he wants to come or not. It's important that you don't force it.

    Does Etsuko grawl to other people?
  • TortieTortie
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  • SayaSaya
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    Shiba by nature are shy and aloof to people they don't know. How does she acts around these people?
  • mattzmattz
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    Etsuko is fine around people outside on her walks, in the yard, etc. When people come over, however, she'll pop her head around the corner and see that a stranger is in the house and turn around a go lay down in her den. Yes, I've read/heard most of the techniques and behaviors discussed above... Naturally, she doesn't approach strangers until she is ready, though oddly enough she had no problem with Asian people like my friend Ricky (Chinese) and my girlfriend (who is Filipino) and her family... We joke that she can 'smell the rice' on them/us ha ha. And yea, I've also heard that getting them to ignore her and drop little treats here or there will help train her to be less shy. I guess I'll just stick with what I've been doing, which is letting her approach at her own consent.

  • mattzmattz
    Posts: 418
    Also, no I haven't read the other threads concerning this topic, though I will now!

  • mattzmattz
    Posts: 418
    Oh, lastly... She only barks/growls if someone enters the room before myself or my girlfriend, which is a good thing :D

    Gotta love a protective pup!
  • atlasatlas
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    Mitsuko is still a puppy, but we have been making sure to take her to lots of places and have her meet lots of people. She was already pretty socialized when we brought her home (not intimidated or afraid of loud noises), but she was still a little aloof around people. We've had her about 2 1/2 weeks and she has met (officially) 36 people - that's not counting the people that have walked by her during our outings and such (only those who have let her smell them and who have pet her). The more I take her around people, the more friendly she becomes. Now, she gives guests bigger greetings than she gives me, haha. But to me that's a good thing. I'm not looking for a guard dog - I want a dog that can be around other people and, later in life, around my children, should I decide to have them (I don't want to be one of those people who rehomes their dogs because they have kids).

    I would recommend taking it slow and feeling Etsuko out. I can always tell if Mitsuko is overwhelmed or is ready to go home, and I always respect that. I don't want any of her encounters to be negative or uncomfortable, so if she gets antsy, we go home. Do you best to keep all encounters positive - maybe give visitors treats go give her, and remind them to let her smell their hands *before* they approach for a pet. I need to remind my guests that all the time - for some reason, I've noticed that a lot of the people I know are aggressive petters, so I stay on top of them to take it easy.
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