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separation anxiety
  • KunuKunu
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    Kunu is now a little over 5 months old. During the day when I was in class he would be in his xpen by himself from about 8 am to 1:30 p.m. (I had somebody come to walk him). He seemed to be fine alone and even other times when nobody would be home, he would usually just sleep. He was always asleep when I come back and would wake up when i opened the door.

    Lately, it seems that no matter how long I'm gone for, or what time a day it is that I'm gone, he just goes absolutely crazy, barking, crying, howling, screeching, what could be the whole time. I can hear him when I get out of the elevator before I open my door, and when I come in he goes absolutely nuts.

    I think he does better when he's allowed to roam around the apartment and I do trust him if I'm say taking a shower, he will not get into any trouble. It still seems too early to let him have free roam when were not here.

    I've been trying to lessen the contrast of when I'm not there and when I'm there, by not going up to him right away when I get back, and making sure there are times when I'm home but he's still in his pen.

    Its heartbreaking to think that hes crying / screaming for the entire time that I'm gone which could be 3 - 5 hours sometimes.

    How should I approach this situation?

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  • tjhawaiitjhawaii
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    My dog's ability to sense people at the door even if I couldn't hear anything has become sharper with age. When he was a small puppy he never noticed. Now that he's older, he might just hear the elevator running, realize it's you, and start to go crazy. Maybe try a webcam and have it record his ex-pen to figure out if he's just going nuts that whole time or just when you come home. I love my dog, but I'm really worried that he'll get into the wrong cabinet and eat something bad, so he's crated or penned when I'm gone. 5 months is still prime teething age.