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  • Not really a question and I was aware about the blowing of the undercoat before I got him, BUT!, OMG he started moulting yesterday and within 1 hour I had managed to fill a carrier bag with his hair!!!

    Even though I was aware of their voluminous shedding I was still stunned to see just how much came out...
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  • yeah, same here! I took Selene to work and a visitor asked if she could say HI, and she did! well, she was wearing a black jersey which turned reddish in 2 minutes!! :)

    we have to vacuum once a day at the moment! any tips on what we can do to speed up shedding?
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    You can give them a bath and when you blow dry them use a brush after they are partially dry. If you have a furminator that would also help.
  • #brscrns

    Ditto! I bought a furminator 3 months ago and initially felt let down, now he's shedding I can see how amazing it is! Serious - I could keep on going for eternity yet it will always take a ton off with every stroke... For real: this morning I filled a bag his own size with fluff (admittedly the undercoat fluffs up and could be compressed to the size of a tortoise (for instance) but impressive nonetheless...
  • welcome to the wonderful world of shibas! during your stay try not to choke on the fur.

    you'll be amazed how it follows you around, and you'll find it in the strangest places. I just got a piece out of my ear last night
  • #shimaurashibalover92

    I chuck it out the window of my apartment and when he goes for his morning business he always manages to take a detour and find clumps of it on the ground!!!

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