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Shiba Inu colours (sesame)
  • chingalingchingaling
    Posts: 112

    From what I understand, I've think Shibas are typically red, black and tan, cream or sesame, but I'm a tad confused with the Shiba Inu colours, usually because there are some reds with black markings - is this sesame?

    Could anyone help me please with finding a photo of a sesame shiba and an pic of a red with black tipping?

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  • I believe this is a sesame shiba I found this picture on a google image search. Not sure about the red w black tipping though.
  • is this what you mean with black tipping? Red hairs with black parts?:
  • CrimsonO2CrimsonO2
    Posts: 1165
    Ichi is a red sesame (Red with black tips). The picture above is a sesame.

  • Also keep in mind that a shibas color changes dramatically from puppy hood. So much so that unless a puppy is cream or black and tan often a breeder can only guess what color the shiba will truly be when it is quite young.
  • Serkle kSerkle k
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    See Stella's thread for an idea of how drastic it can change. Sh was born dark, came home with a black stripe, and now her stripe is completely gone and looks red.
  • chingalingchingaling
    Posts: 112
    Thanks for the link Ken. The sesame certainly looks distinguishably different.

    My reason for asking, was that I'm due to pick up my puppy when he is 8 weeks old (which is around the middle of September) and the breeder sent a pic of the litter at 2 weeks.

    When I found out the Shiba was the ideal breed for me, I had my heart set on a red - but it looks like my pup is looking like a dark sesame and I was curious what the sesame looked like as an adult.

    I'm sure I'll love it him all the same but is it wrong that a part of me wants him to turn more reddy? lol

    Pic of the litter attached.
  • chingalingchingaling
    Posts: 112
    By the way, Stella looks so cute! (
  • He is too young to discern color. He could still be completely red.
  • InoushiInoushi
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    When I was looking for my pup, I saw a lot of pups mature, and many of the dark one's (including my pup's brother) became red. Also a true sesame is extremely rare from what I understand, I think there are some people on the forums who have really good examples of sesames, because I remember seeing them here. Also, I didn't think Red Sesame was a real color, if anything I thought of it as warning sign if breeders claimed to have them. I know many red's have some darkish hairs that fade as they age, and while some keep a bit of those dark hairs, I never thought of them as anything but reds. You'll be surprised to see how much Shibas lighten up as they mature, even when you bring him home, he can still loose his blackish hairs by the time he is six months.
  • Serkle kSerkle k
    Posts: 974
    Also, I'd just wanted tomention, don't get caught up too much on color. Their color and coats will change so much in the first 8 weeks alone, that its just too difficult to really tell. And the pics may actually be darker than they really look because of lighting amd the camera itself. Stellas puppy pics were posted on here for the majority of her developement through her first few weeks and she is completely different now
  • chingalingchingaling
    Posts: 112
    Thanks everyone

    I think I got confused because I remember seeing someone say that had a sesame but it looked very much like a red one.

    Sounds like its not uncommon for them to become lighter as they grow.
  • emmyemmy
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    I really wanted a black and tan but ended up falling for a red. And now I think he's way cuter than the black and tans I see on here (sorry to the black and tan owners, but you'd say it too!!). Anyway, I wouldn't get hung up on color. A lot of the puppies I've seen on here were darker and then ended up being reds, like people here say. And love is blind, so once you're hooked on your new pup it won't matter as much what the color is!
  • My (not so good) breeder of my female Shiba called her a "red sesame" but she is really just red with a bit of black in her guard hairs....not much black at all, and not a sesame for sure.

    It's true....all the colors are good (though having two red shibas, I'm partial to that color. My male I consider more blonde than red and he's a very golden color, but I believe technically he's still "red")

    My male, by the way was very dark as a young pup with a very black face....he looked like the darkest puppies in the pics above, and he turned out to be pretty light. By the time I got him at 7 weeks, almost all the black on his face was gone, and now he has no black anywhere.Lisa and Toby (Shiba), Oskar and Zora (American Akitas) and Leo (Kai Ken)
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  • dthamm81dthamm81
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    I was very disapointed initially that our boy was looking like he would turn out to be a sesame. I really hoped that the black would go away. His mom was a black and tan and his dad was a striking red - a very very pretty boy, so I really wanted him to look like his father. Now, 1 year later, I love him so much I wouldn't change him one bit. Here's a picture of him at a local dog event where he met a black and tan shiba and another one getting his nails done with dad.
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  • lockshi3lockshi3
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    Aw what a cute sesame!
  • sunyatasunyata
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    Nola is a true sesame. As is Dave's Levi...

    Here is Nola:

    ETA: Holy crap that was big... Maybe this one is smaller... :)
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