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Grain-free/not grain-free
  • Im not smart but I know that my girls are doing amazing on the grain free food.  Lost weight, better coats, no eye boogers like before, no gas.....
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  • Ok, so I know this is an old thread but I'm debating going grain free... The hard part is getting all three Shibas on the same diet. Hachiko is tall for a Shiba and has trouble eating enough and keeping weight on, I had started feeding her a mostly raw diet but she gets bored of food VERY easy and find myself having to switch it up often. It the last few months we've bounced around from plain ground beef, cottage cheese, brown rice with fish oil to honest kitchen to Simply pet. She's not big on bones tho... It was driving me crazy! Enter Keiichi, he gets Simply Nourish, Hachiko has actually been eating the dry good (yay!) problem is that now both of them have gas! I'm not even sure how good Simply Nourish is for them =/ So I was thinking about trying them out on Innova (maybe puppy formula to gain weight?) or Blue (maybe grain free, maybe puppy?) any recommendations?
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    Have you looked at Saya's raw diet thread? I believe ground beef isn't a good raw source I forgot why but I remember reading that from raw experts so you might want to look into that.

    Do you know what's causing the gas? Try adding probiotics to help with the gas and try not to switch around much. Focus on what works for each individual shiba.
  • We've been in the process of adopting Takumi for over a month now(he's not officially in our home yet but his adoption fee was paid and everything), last week Keiichi had just kinda gotten dropped on us in a "he needs a new home ASAP" kinda thing. We didn't really mind because he's such a total sweetheart.

    I hadn't really intended on feeding her raw, it was just that for a while it was all she would really eat. Same with the switching of the food =( she would literally just stop eating. Her perfect weight is between 23-24 lbs but often falls between 22-23 lbs on her strikes. I'm fine feeding them separately if I have to, but they all seem to like the Simply Nourish (a first for Hachiko) but she's never had gas before and now she seems to. I know earlier in this post someone mentioned grain free causing less gas so I wasn't sure if that was reason enough to switch...
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    Try the probiotics/Greek yogurt first to see if it'll help. Bootz sometimes has random case of gas and I fed her yogurt for a couple days and the gas went away.

    But if you want to make the jump for grain free the popular ones are TOTW (cheap but decent quality), FROMM and Orijen (high in protein)

    I don't hear much about Innova....but in the end you have to try it out to see what works for your shiba.
  • My dogs have less gas with the grain free food. They're both eating grain free Blue Buffalo puppy food right now. I give them yogurt, pumpkin, fruit, eggs, and cheese from time to time as treats and they get salmon oil as a supplement for their coat.

    My dog didn't like Innova and TOTW gave her the runs. I think it all depends on the individual dog and what works for them.
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  • Ground beef can have a higher fat content and it upsets the stomachs of some dogs. Also some dogs don't do wonderfully with changes in protein.

    @kitsune - we do wellness core which has worked well for us. Our little one has trouble keeping weight on but she's a bit more extreme (you could see ribs, and if she got sick, vertebrae and it would take months to put the weight back on once she lost it). If it's just normal slenderness, kibble should be fine but if she needs to put on more weight you'll have to add cheese, eggs, and possibly carbs to Hachiko's diet. We've finally got Vi looking non-bony but it took years of fussing around with her diet and she's still extremely slender. I'd go with grain free and supplement Hachiko's diet if you need to put weight on her. You'll have better control of the carbs you give her (we did sweet potato) and I think it's healthier.
  • I also use Wellness Core which is grain free. There are also other Wellness brand products that are high quality and include grains. They also have canned foods (mixing this into your dogs diet might help add some weight). is a great resource for food reviews. I also recommend signing up for their recall email alerts. I know there are a few other threads discussing methods of adding weight to your dog so try using the advanced search function. Good luck.
  • Blue Buffalo grain free puppy was on sale today so I figured I'll try it (I heard puppy food tends to be higher calorie so better for weight gain). Hachiko and Vi sound a lot alike, I've tried so many things with her and honestly the only time she gained any weight was after her car accident when her paws were bandaged and she wasn't so hyper lol. I'll have to try sweet potato with her... I don't eat it so much myself, but it's worth a shot I guess...
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    I also have been using the blue buffalo freedom grain free puppy food, but my puppy last few days has had the most awful gas =( think I will the yogurt and see if that helps. My poodle had weight trouble too, fed her eggs a couple times a week, sometimes she got tired of them, so I would add a little cheese or very finely chopped chicken to it, and she loved it, helped her keep her weight up. And its really good for their coats and skin at least I heard =)
  • We've been feeding the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy food for a month now and amazingly Hachiko is still eating it. She doesn't eat a lot of it, but she eats it. Neither her or Keiichi will touch the sweet potato tho...
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    Has anyone ever tried Authority Puppy Grain free? I have heard good things about it and my breeder recommended it.
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  • We have had great results with grain free, the nice thing about grain free is that since they digest the food better then are feed less kibbles, less kibbles that are more well digested=less poop and less poop is always better. lol
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    @hiirotheshiba, when i switch my shiba from grain to grain free she didnt have less poop.
    But if you really want less poop, go with a raw diet! I think on kibble she pooped 2-3 times a day. With Raw she poops once a day on average...with 2 the MAX.
  • @Bootz Raw might be a little tough since I work so much...
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  • Very happy as well with Orijen and what I meant by less poop is brand A serving size is 3 cups if Brand B only need to feed 1 cup then less food being consumed means less food coming out... Lol

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