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Thoughts on a book: Shiba Inus (complete pet owners manual)
  • chingalingchingaling
    Posts: 112

    Popped into my local bookstore this afternoon to see if there were any useful books for a first time Shiba owner. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything but I did find a book on Amazon called Shiba Inus (Complete Pet Owners Manual).

    The reviews on Amazon look good but just wondered if anyone on the forum had any thoughts on the book?

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  • maxwellsmaxwells
    Posts: 347
    I bought it, and didn’t find anything in it beyond what my research had already told me. Not worth it, IMO.

    However, I showed the picture on the front to Ichiro when he was little and it scared the crap out of him. Boy did he bark at that book!
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  • I have the same book...Everything in there you can find online or here.
  • ljowen123ljowen123
    Posts: 3105
    Laura first wrote that book eons ago and never meant for it to be a complete guide on shibas - it's a good overview, but that's about it these days.
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  • chingalingchingaling
    Posts: 112
    Excellent thanks - I'll stick online. A whole wealth of knowledge on these 'ol forums.
  • PupChowPupChow
    Posts: 100
    I have that book, good overview with all the general information that you can find online in one place. More catered towards people getting ready to buy a puppy. Mac's Action Adventure Stories
  • Serkle kSerkle k
    Posts: 974
    I agree. I have the book, and it was bought and read from cover to cover 2-3 years ago when I started my research. It was definitely a great start for me, as it gave me information to get my feet wet, and questions to ask actual owners and breeders that I met in person.
  • I have this book, too. I actually carried it around in my purse so I could show people what a Shiba actually was. Pictures are much easier than describing what they look like.
  • sunyatasunyata
    Posts: 8588
    Yep, I also have the book... I bought it YEARS ago when I first started my research on Shibas. It is definitely a good overview of the breed and has some great pictures. But definitely not an owner's guide and definitely not complete. All in all, a great book, but not one that I would rely on for complete information.
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