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Food. How many times a day?
  • That is what I do and am planning to do with the puppy.
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  • We feed twice.  We used to feed once a day but when Chad is gone I get home so late and felt horrible making them wait all day.  I have no idea how I will be able to do 3x when we get a puppy.  I dont get any breaks....We will have to stick to 2x.
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  • I switched at about 8 months.
  • To revive an old thread:
    Dakota is not showing any interest in her breakfast lately. I have been feeding her twice a day (she is one year old now) and she always was interested in her food. Now, she typically walks away from her morning meal or tries to "bury" it with her nose. I've tried everything: putting her kibble on the floor, mixing a little wet food in with it, putting her kibble in a plastic ball that she has to push around to make the food come out.. Nothing. She seems interested in dinner though. Wondering if many of you go the once a day route re: feeding... I do not like leaving her morning food down for her all day even though sometimes she does go to eat a bit here and there. Very much like a cat that grazes periodically. I'm not sure if there is anything "wrong" with that scenario, but think most say to remove the food if the dog hasn't eaten it in about 20 minutes?
    Just wondering if going to once a day would be any issue for her, etc. Thanks, as always!
  • RyuDragonRyuDragon
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    As Ryu has reached the 1 year mark and beyond we noticed the same thing happening. He used to inhale his breakfast and dinner in minutes as a puppy. Now that he is older and possibly because all his exercise is in the evenings during the week he eats much slower and will sometimes leave his food sit for a while. We tried taking it away after 15 minutes but he seemed fine with missing a meal and his behavior didn't change. He regulates pretty well and we notice that especially after exercise he will eat all his food. We haven't had any problem with him moving to a "grazing" method of eating. I believe the intent of the 15 minute rule is designed for puppies who need to go to the bathroom a lot more and are working on potty training. Generally a puppy will need to go shortly after eating so if they are eating at random times throughout the day its difficult to get into a potty routine.
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    Azuki eats twice a day. Normally, after we finish our walks/runs. I notice he never finishes his food and always leaves a lot. If I try to feed him, he would turn his head. I guess that's his way of saying, I'm done eating!
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    My puppy was fed four times a day until he was about 12 weeks old, then three times a day until he was 6 months and then two times a day from then on. All three of my adults eat twice a day. The girl would eat as often as possible, she's a real foodie, both boys sometimes don't eat all of breakfast, but will usually finish it later after a romp. Supper is always popular with all three.
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    Reviving this old thread that deserves a lot more attention!

    My little boy, Kyubi, is approaching that pivotal 6 month mark in the coming weeks. I'm currently feeding him 3 times a day. Popular thinking suggests moving to 2 times a day feeding after 6 months old.

    Besides firming up a potty training schedule, is there actually any medical or health benefits to feeding an adult dog 2x vs 3x a day?

    From my understanding, larger and less infrequent meals may lead to increased pancreatic activity and thus, an enlarged pancreas. Comparisons are also made to wolves in the wild who do not eat regularly - however, wolves that undergo the stress and uncertainty of when their next meal would be, would surely die younger than a regularly fed wolf. Some evidence suggests that wolves in the wild only live up to 9yrs old on average vs. 20+yrs if cared for. Given that shibas are on the smaller side and metabolise faster than other breeds esp with their Shiba500 moments, should we really be reducing our feeding to twice a day from 3x? I would have thought 'grazing' 3x a day might be a more moderate way and less stressful on their digestive systems.

    Much like neutering too young can cause health and hormone deficiencies in later life, I'm also questioning the logic of the 6 month mark when/if moving from a 3x to 2x feeding schedule. Why do we all follow this timeline when our dogs are different shapes, sizes and have different lifestyles?

    Our shibas are not wolves foraging in the wild. While they share 98% of the same DNA with wolves, should we really be pushing them to the edge of their natural 'capabilities'? Should we even be seeing bile/hunger pukes AT ALL, if we are doing the right thing? Given that their stomachs are ph2-4 (lower end for raw feeders), in an ideal environment, should they be fasted or have such long meal-less intervals or else it could lead to ulcers?

    These questions and ideas might annoy some people who think I'm accusing them of inadvertently doing something unhealthy to their dogs. However, since everyone here is contributing for the love of their dogs and educating others, it would be good to challenge conventional thinking and not simply follow unsubstantiated rules of thumb i.e. 1x or 2x a day feeding after 6mths old. Are we inadvertently 'hurting' our pets just to suit our convenience and time schedules?

    Would love to hear anybody's scientific/substantiated thoughts.
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Welp I don't have like any scientific evidence or even any like logic that I'm applying to explain why 2 times a day might be reasonable comparatively. Or why it wouldn't.

    I think people are just trying to follow a prey model when feeding raw... So sometimes they incorporate a day of fasting, like a wolf in the wild might experience. Or one big meal a day, even.

    I also don't think it seems like you're coming across as accusatory or anything. I think it's good to question WHY instead of just following the majority. I just wanted to say that I actually fed twice a day from the very start... At 9 weeks, I was feeding raw twice a day, but with a chicken neck snack in between meals. I think he has hunger puked... twice ever. Once when he was a baby and after a somewhat early dinner, he puked the yellowy bile foam when we woke up kind of late the next morning. And once when my boyfriend was watching him while I was at school and he forgot to give him his breakfast. :(( He still usually has a snack in between meals though. On my longer school days, I'll give him something like a frozen kong with peanut butter, almond butter, or yogurt. Or he'll have a bully stick or a fish skin (like Honest Kitchen beams, which are his favorite), or a chicken foot.

    Anyway I'm interested to see more info about number of meals and possible side effects with feeding more or less times per day. I don't know if the results would be all that drastic or anything, but interesting to see if there are differences and what they are.
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  • I swapped to 2x a day because we do a lot of training, so in between meals they get a stream of treats. If there was a third meal in the day they wouldn't have as much food motivation for learning. That's our reasoning for 2x (or a fast, or 1x depends on the day). They've never had upset stomach / hunger vomiting / etc.. as a result of the feeding schedule.
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    I prefer to feed Juni twice a day because she is one of those dogs who has some issues going with an empty stomach too long. And if she only eats once a day she only manages to eat half her ration that day. But it's difficult some days because she doesn't like to eat too early in the morning.

    Sometimes when she has been to doggy daycare all day and we have had a long walk home she still wants to play when we arrive home. Playing to her is activity games and searching for hidden treats and similar. It finally dawned on me that she does it because she is hungry. Not because she is feeling playful. Poor girl.

    So now she gets an early dinner those evenings so she can relax with a full belly.
  • JasonWJasonW
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    I think Kyubi is similar to Juni. Definitely not an early morning Shiba - he needs a while to 'wake up' before he has his brekkies. LOL.

    I took him out to a friend's place last night to socialise with two other dogs (he absolutely loved it and terrorised them to the point of fatigue...for the other two LOL) till abt midnight last night. When he came back, he was completely zonked out till 9.30am today and wanted to continue sleeping in my bed till 11.30am! Only then was he chirpy enough to heartily chomp on his brunch (but he still left some remainder)! I skipped his lunch today but gave him the small breakfast leftover and a lamb rib to chew on which he did happily. I guess it's his way of telling me that twice a day might be good enough for him. 'Know thy dog' - Amen @sunyata LOL.
  • JasonWJasonW
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    So....the little guy is starting to worry me....he didn't want to eat any breakfast again at around 10am today. Took a sniff and lick at it then sauntered off. He ate his dinner and lunch willingly yesterday and he got a lightly meaty lamb rib bone (abt 10cm long, and he chewed it thoroughly over 30 mins) in the afternoon. He also hasn't poo'd for the whole of yesterday and today (it's noon now). He woke up at 5am today to wretch and out came a hard white cartiligenous-looking object, but harder than cartilage - still debating if it was the lamb rib. I don't think he consumed anything foreign either - not sure what it could be from.

    I'm wondering if it's because he consumed too much bone? He's still behaving like his normal self and when I carry him or press around his belly area, he doesn't seem to be showing any distress - so hopefully, no obstruction?

    Has anyone else's shiba experienced this lack of appetite at breakfast especially when they are at the tail-end of their growth phase? Also, he seems to be sleeping in much later recently - he seems quite content to laze around in bed till noon time....has anyone else experienced this?
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  • JasonWJasonW
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    Update: He finally pooped! :)>-
  • Mochi920Mochi920
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    It's stressful and worrying, waiting and waiting for at least one successful poop especially if it's days. I think Shibas are very picky about where they want to do their business haha if they can't find the spot then they won't poo.
  • ZenkiZenki
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  • Rhyz is sometimes an every day pooper and sometimes an every other day pooper. Longest he's gone is 4 days post knee surgery. Laika will occasionally go every other day but she's much more regular than Rhyzik as a once a day pooper.

    Also both of ours go to bed with us fairly late (between midnight-3am). They'll settle and calmly play/chew or rest beforehand, go out for a pee right before bed, and then sleep solidly until at least 9am most mornings but stay resting in bed with us until 10am-noon if we don't get up right away. The only exceptions there are if Rhyz is hungry, he'll make sure we know he's waiting for his breakfast by doing the one-man marching band routine across the bed/our heads/daddy's balls.

  • JasonWJasonW
    Posts: 29 funny ....@spacedogs and @Zenki - I can see the parallels now.

    I think Kyubi is very much like Zenki in terms of eating and sleeping quantities. In the last few days he has signalled that he doesn't need so much food in the morning and is happier to chow down at night. Breakfast has now become more like brunch. I suspect it might be because our exercise times for Zenki and Kyubi are skewed towards the evenings. I see I'm not the only obsessed pawrent who invested in a puppy cam! Hehehe - sometimes I speak to him through the cam and he would tilt his head to one side, staring into the camera, wondering how the heck....? Lol.

    My lifestyle timing is very much like @spacedogs'. Both my wife and I are avid gamers so from 10pm-12.30am, we would be sitting at our desktops. When Kyubi sees us at our desks, his Pavlovian response is to settle into his favourite spot on the sofa and have an evening nap. He also likes to be brushed to sleep...sometimes I take as long as 25 mins to get out all the undercoat knots out of his fur and he is happily in zzzz land. Then the final chance for a pee at 12.30/1am. What really surprises me is how long he can hold his pee in overnight and into the next morning -a good 13hrs at least! I tried to get him to pee at 10am this morning but he just walked back into the house, up the stairs and crawled back into bed again. :-S When he finally pees around noon, it is like the Hoover Dam just let loose!
    LOL @spacedogs....I hear ya about the one-man marching band. My balls have been spared thus far but Kyubi likes to have a little nibble at my ears and step on my hair - his version of a scalp massage....argh!

    Great to know my shiba is not alone in his eating and sleeping habits!

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