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dog shampoo
  • ladyritaladyrita
    Posts: 102
    So I know it's pretty much frowned upon to bathe our shibas, but there are certain times when just wiping down with warm water won't do...

    For example, when our little buddy, Tsumo, managed to find a clump of duck poo in the front yard and decided to "impress" me by showing off his new "war paint" and (rather foul smelling) new "cologne"

    So the questions I'm posing here are:
    If you use a dog shampoo, which one do you use? And/or
    Which one would you recommend/not recommend? And/or
    Have you heard of any that have received rave review?

    Would love to hear from anyone/everyone :)
  • InoushiInoushi
    Posts: 555
    My pup has been bathed about five times in the three months I have owned him. A couple of times he got into some disgusting things or his white paws began to turn gray, and the last time I had to bathe him because something irritated his skin. For him I've used about

    three different shampoos and all of them have worked out really well for him.

    I used an Aloe ferret shampoo by (eight in one the) first time because I was so worried about bathing him. This one made him smell wonderful and since its made for ferrets who can't be bathed in soap too much as well, it didn't dry him out at all.

    The other shampoos I have used is a mixture of Dr. Forster and Smith's puppy and oatmeal soaps. Both of these soaps are really gentle and get the grime out quickly. It also didn't dry out his skin, plus it also made his coat noticeably soft and vibrant.

    For me, I frequently (every 6-8 weeks) bathe my pets (I also wash their paws when they come in from every walk) because we allow them on our furniture, and our area is very grungy. It also makes bath time such a regular routine, they don't give me a hard time.
  • JessicaRabbitJessicaRabbit
    Posts: 2217
    As you mentioned I rarely bathe my dogs, especially the double coated ones. But when I do I LOVE this shampoo.

    One of my dogs also has really bad allergies and this does a lovely job of alleviating her itching without stinging. I also like that they don't add fragrance. I know you are in Australia so I am not sure if it is available near you. So I will say if you can't find this brand, I would go with a health food store brand with no fragrance designed for children.
  • ljowen123ljowen123
    Posts: 3105
    Jazz gets Johnson's Baby Shampoo...
    LJ - owned by Queen Jazz, a Shiba Inu, Atlanta, GA
  • lockshi3lockshi3
    Posts: 628
    I use Earthbath mango tango or the baby shampoo formula. he smells great and doesn't seem to dry out his skin. I try not to bathe frequently, but my guy likes to get dirty
  • myamamomyamamo
    Posts: 51
    I also love Earthbath mango tango. It is extremely gentle and smells amazing...
  • maxwellsmaxwells
    Posts: 347
    My two are spoiled - they have Kiehl's shampoo & conditioner. It's lovely stuff! However, we don't bathe them often (3X year?) so I still have the original bottles I bought when Ichiro was a pup. We use their "Spray n Play" stuff in between baths if they are stinky/messy.
    Jenn & Stephen (humans), Ichiro & Akira (shibas), Abraham & Anya (cats)
  • ladyritaladyrita
    Posts: 102
    Awesome! Thanks guys, unfortunately it might be a problem getting some of the brands (organix south and earthbath) here in Australia but I'm definitely on the hunt for dog shampoos.

    I think we have ONE Kiehl's store in Melbourne (haha probably a joke to you guys since I'm guessing you'd have a few just in your state) so I'll ring them and ask about their pet range.

    LJ - now I'm not sure if this is entirely true (it could be the dog trainer trying to sell some of her sponsored product) but she said baby shampoos are NOT to be used as they can strip the dog's coat of most (if not all) their natural oils. That being said, I've seen Jazz and her coat is glorious. We have a fair amount if Johnson's baby shampoo and bath products in our house, so if this myth can be debunked, I'll definitely give the Johnson's a go

    Cheers Guys!
  • ljowen123ljowen123
    Posts: 3105
    The most I have ever bathed Jazz in year was 4 times. It's possible that it did strip some of the oils (I don't think it did), but Jazz also gets seameal and fish oil with her food, so that would have built it back up. I've always used Baby shampoo on dogs - and I've had dogs all of my 37 years. I've only been bathing dogs for about 30 of those years, though... I've never had a problem with it, but I think that is probably because I don't use it that often. If Jazz was getting a bath every week (like some dogs I know), the coat probably would dry out as there is no conditioning agent in baby shampoo.
    LJ - owned by Queen Jazz, a Shiba Inu, Atlanta, GA
  • JessicaRabbitJessicaRabbit
    Posts: 2217
    Honestly my only hesitation with Johnson's and many other baby products are the additions of sulfates (foaming agents that are indeed drying and linked to health issues in humans, and other mammals) and fragrance (a common irritant, one I am very sensitive to as well as two of my three dogs). That said, correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Australia follows similar if not the same cosmetic safety guidelines that the European Union observes. And they are much more strict about irritants than the US so you may find that your Johnson's may not have those ingredients in it.

    Good luck.

    Let us know how your bath goes, it is common knowledge of course about how much shibas love baths!

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