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Shiba inu mistaken for coyote gets released in the wild!
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Here's a new link to this.

    Here's a dogster blog on this.

    I can't believe that shelter mistook the Shiba inu for a coyote I'm sure they've taken in a few shiba in their line of working at a shelter.. Grr!

    I feel so sorry for the owner I hope they find Copper. =(

    I still can't believe someone mistook her for a coyote I know shiba inu can act wild and crazy, but I'm sure she acted decent around the people I know a wild coyote would go nuts in the hands of a human.

    Fox fine, mini husky fine, but coyote? I mean coyotes are atleast 23" at the shoulder..

    Good luck Copper be smart and find a human to help you home..
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
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  • curlytailscurlytails
    Posts: 2779
    That is the saddest thing I've seen all day...

    Shibas might be "rare," but you'd think that every humane society/shelter would at least have basic training in recognizing all the AKC-registerable breeds...
    Bowdu 寶肚 (Shiba) and Bowpi 寶媲 (Basenji) with M.C.
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Yeah and I've never seen a coyote with a curled tail not in my fields or at the wolf park..
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • nikiniki
    Posts: 118
    Here's CBS News's story on it. Just terrible!

    Dog Mistaken for Coyote, Released into Wild
  • Wow, just wow, how can anyone be that dumb? I really hope Copper finds her way home soon.
  • I just saw this too. this is ridiculous. Shiba's are pretty smart so hopefully it found a human.
  • jujeejujee
    Posts: 882
    ugh cant believe it! :( Poor Copper. I really hope they find her
  • LadywolfLadywolf
    Posts: 106
    I pray for Copper to be just fine, and i hope somebody kind pick him up and take him home, or i hope he will survive in the wild. Whoever staff in that humane society should be fired on the spot and they should be sued for this!
  • Serkle kSerkle k
    Posts: 974
    That is just crazy. I really hope she finds her way back to her owner!
  • CaliaCalia
    Posts: 3664
    Wow, even their wildlife "expert" thought it was a coyote...after this incident, I hope more training is put into breed recognition with all of the shelter staff
  • AraksAraks
    Posts: 399
    What the hell is wrong with these people... :(
  • sjp051993sjp051993
    Posts: 249
    makes me sick to even think some one who works with animals everyday cannot tell a domestic dog from a coyote. After seeing the pic of the dog, she quite clearly looks nothing like a coyote.
  • AkiraleShibaAkiraleShiba
    Posts: 260
    I usually think that people asking whether my dog is a wolf are quite uneducated ... I see that they're not the only ones :(
  • sunyatasunyata
    Posts: 8587
    Hmm... That must have been one rather large Shiba...

    I can 'sort of' see Red or Sesame Shibas being confused with foxes... But definitely NOT a coyote...

    No offense to anyone that lives there... But remind me not to visit Kentucky... Wow.
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  • kuhligkuhlig
    Posts: 57
    The people down the street from me asked me if Bella was a chihuahua. Nothing surprises me any more.

    It's sad their stupidity was at her expense. Poor Copper.
  • shibamistressshibamistress
    Posts: 5171
    This is just the saddest story! Poor Copper! I doubt very much she will survive....isn't she 11? This is just an awful story.

    People are idiots.
  • shibaserfshibaserf
    Posts: 247
    I read elsewhere earlier today that the dog has was seen at least 3 times in the last day and they are hopeful that the poor thing will be found and returned home. If I see more, I'll post!
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    At least she's been spotted I hope they find Copper.
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • poltergeistpoltergeist
    Posts: 426
    Just came across this (via search engine) - wondering if they ever found Copper?
  • Doesn't look like it according to this Facebook page.

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