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  • Our shiba is definitely a puller on walks. We recently got him a Ruffwear Approach pack (modeled below :] ), which he tolerates great but the weather has just been too hot for him to wear such a non-breathable pack. I'm considering either getting a more run of the mill harness or perhaps a martingale collar.

    I like that the approach pack keeps the leash attachment at his back, where he is less likely to get the leash caught under one leg as he walks, I appreciate the lack of strain to the neck, and I love the handle at the back (for assisting during hiking).

    What works well for your shiba? What type of harness is preferable? The martingale/front-pull/easy walk style looks nice but i worry about the leash getting underfoot as with a normal collar.
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    I just use a regular flat collar for Yoshi. It is annoying to have to deal with him getting his leash caught under his leg. I prefer it to the harness cause it's easier to control him and run side by side with him and he is a loose leash walker most of the time. Also, I've never had to use a harness since he doesn't really mind the collar. From what I know, most people use the harness cause their shibas can't stand the collar and scream when it's on. From what i know about harnesses, they encourage the dog to pull even more since it's more comfortable to lean forward into the harness. My friend's chocolate lab uses a harness and he doesn't mind the pulling cause he goes rollerblading with his dog and it's useful.
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    well this is a good subject... My Uki has a backpack like that, he likes it cause we pack his food and treats in there and he knows it lol as for any other harness which I've bought at least 10 different varieties by now; he will run away from me and play "catch me if you can" wagging curly tail, dodging from side to side. Literally he sees the harness and it"s game on! BUT however as soon as he sees his collar he knows it's bye bye time and will do whatever I say at that point. I think he is too proud to wear a harness... he uncurls his tail and the ears kinda go to the sides... very pathetic looking but soo cute at the same time hehehe... Uki doesn't pull now that he is lil older and he knows our daily walking route, but when we hike he gets very excited and has a tendency to pull, he is very prey driven and has a hard time focusing on just hiking with us as a pack.

    this is one of the harness I have bought that he doesn't seem to mind as much, that is after I altered it a bit by adding some extra padding... I like it cause it tightens if the dog pulls without chocking.

    this is another one I have tried and failed for us tho...
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    I use a Aspen pet signature harness from petsmart. It's about the only harness that's heavy duty enough for Akira. We always use a harness because Akira has the very stupid tendency to start running out of the blues even if he's tied up and has hurted himself by doing so.
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    My Bear is a puller so we use a soft harness which I ordered from where you can choose the material and have a couple of styles to choose from. Believe me you wont be able to buy just one!
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    sweet thanks velvetkat sounds great!
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    aww what a cutie, and such a lucky pup to have owners who will shell out for an approach pack
  • Good to hear all the reviews! I've been looking at the Bark&Giggle site, just have to make a decision!
    Have any of you noticed chaffing or hair loss from harness-wear? I don't think it will be a big issue, because our pup Baku won't be wearing it constantly, but I wonder if certain styles are more uncomfortable for a shiba?

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    My Shiba runs away from the harness. He won't walk when it's on. Do they get used to it at some point?
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    Fuyu does the same little dance when I'm holding the harness. He will close in on the door, cautiously, and dodge his head when I go in the snap. Once it's on he's totally fine, but getting it there is always a bit of a headache.
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    I have always used a step in style harness for my dogs. I prefer the harness so there is no strain on their neck. Nobu isn't much of a puller and responds to direction changes with a little tug on the leash in the direction I want him to go. I am blessed he is super easy on walks. He hated the leash being attached to his collar.
  • melissafonmelissafon
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    I have quite big problem with harness. He prefers everything more then harness. But I really want him to get used to harness. He is so afraid of harness that the moment he saw harness or anything else in my hands similar ti it he runs away and I tried with food and everything but he reject treats. While im puting harness on him his tail is down and he looks so miserable. He will walk on it and everytihng but he just look like i killed his spirit. I use flat collar at the moment but I would really like to teach him not to be afraid of harness. Do you think its possible?
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    Afraid of harness, and dislike harness, two different things. You need to slowly desensitize your Shiba to the harness, which will increase the chances of him liking/getting use to it.

    Example: Touch him with the harness, click and treat. Put Harness over head, click and treat. Take off the harness, praise. Put Harness over again, click and treat. Just small baby steps and repetition, so he will learn the harness is ok.
  • To supplement what bootz said, if he likes meal time just feed him with the harness on too.
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    Juni has never liked her harness either but for some reason she has always been ok if I put it on outdoors. I don't use it for our normal walks but she needs it on car or bicycle rides and some other times. So I put her collar and leash on, walk out and change to harness when I need it.
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  • I usually only put the harness on her for car rides, long walks, and when the dog walker comes to visit. Hubs and I use the collar for short walks, around the block, as it gives us greater control (or a mental semblance of control - let's be real our puppy is walking us), and she's been such a lil terror with the harness lately.

    But the walker really likes this one lead we had gotten for when lil Nym gets a bit bigger, (It's a star wars, Chewbacca thing - hubs is a massive fan, and the lead had a lot of different use options, around the waist, sling, clipped to a belt loop, etc..., so I caved) and it doesn't clip on to the small loop of her collar, hence the need to put her in the halter for when they come.

    I really like the idea of putting it on outside though. We'll definitely try that!
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    Suki's another one who hates having her harness put on. First we have to catch her, then she refuses to put one leg down and then, if we're not ready to leave she stands rigid in the same spot until its time to go out. As soon as we're out the gate she's fine and perfectly happy with the harness left on when we get home.

    Shibas - I don't think humans are supposed to fully understand them!!
  • Haha! So true. We moved to a step in harness. She's still unhappy about it, but it's so much easier to put on her.
  • We use a martingale collar most of the time for Ryu and we have a Sleepypod Clickit harness for the car (also can be used for walking).
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    Anyone have a shiba that will behave well when putting on a harness?

    We have a 6 month old boy who backs away when we walk up with the harness. Once it is on him, he is generally fine.

    We are trying to desensitize and condition him for the harness. Is this wasted effort, as I've yet to hear of a shiba that will allow a harness to be put on without complaining?

    When we don't use the harness, we use a martingale collar. We're thinking of not even bothering with a harness at all and sticking with the collar only.

    Many thanks. -Ed
  • You could try other designs... We had to try a slew of harnesses before we found some that Nymeria didn't balk at. Seriously I have 8 harnesses for one dog... Some over the head versions, quick-releases, front lead, back lead, etc...

    Right now we're using a back lead, step-in... Every now and then she makes it difficult to put on (moves her feet like she's playing a game), but as opposed to her tantrums that she'd throw with some of the others. I'll take it. She doesn't sit still for the harness unless she's exhausted, but she's not actively running away anymore. Normally it's just play, chewing at the harness or mouth

    I've also heard of training them to not balk away; it could take some time. Neither of my recommendations are 100% guaranteed to work... Just some thoughts.
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    I didn't want to start a new thread, so hopefully this is the right place to post...

    Do any of you alternate between harnesses and collars? Depending on what we're doing, I switch Ehu out between a collar, an all fabric/nylon martingale, an Easy Walk harness, and a Ruffwear harness (clips on his back). I wonder if this is confusing him too much?

    The collar is for quick trips outside and sometimes longer walks if while we're outside he seems like he wants to sniff and explore a bit more. The Easy Walk harness is for our daily walks (not because he pulls, but because he's always so reluctant to walk- read "stands still and just looks around absorbing his surroundings for what can be minutes") I have to encourage him with a tug in the forward motion. The regular harness is for when I want him to be able to fully run and chase. Unfortunately, I've found that the only time he wants to run, or follow along side our bike is when he's in a collar, which I find much too dangerous. If he wants to run, it just feels so much safer in a full body harness so if there is a sudden stop or change in direction, or he tries to stop, he isn't only tethered by the neck.

    The hardest thing about the harness for me is that he's not that motivated to walk or run at times and stops so often to sniff, that tugging him from the top to keep him moving almost looks like I'm trying to take his harness off over his head like a t-shirt.

    I should mention that Ehu is now almost 2, has been attacked before in the past, and thus is rather cautious/fearful and dog reactive, which we're really working hard on. It may or may not be relevant to what I'm asking as that's for another topic thread.
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    We alternate between them. We mostly use one of two harnesses with our 2.5 year old boy. We use the collar alone for short bathroom walks around our house. Anything longer and he usually have the harness on. No issues with him switching between them.

    His collar is a fabric martingale also (MimiGreen). One harness is a step-in kind by Petco. The other harness is a fleece padded one (Sophie Hopkins fleece lined harness).

    Ah, the joys of walking a shiba :P
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    We ended up buying Rusty a harness to try out. He doesn’t pull on his collar when on a leash so it wasn’t a piece of gear we really felt we needed. However he has pulled his leash tight a couple times due to bunnies so I thought it was worth giving a harness a try to help take some pressure off his trachea in those situations.

    I really liked the style of Ruffwear’s Front Range but since I had no idea how he’d react to the harness I went with a cheaper knock off and got the Front Range Chai’s Choice from Chewys. Getting the harness on isn’t really a problem (granted he’s not a huge fan of it going over his head) but he just doesn’t seem to like walking in it at all. Usually he walks in front sniffing the wonders of the world but now he stays glued to my side trudging along. He also keeps trying to shake it off. He doesn’t seem to like to sit in it and he hates going upstairs in it. Part of me wishes I tried something less bulky but the other part of me knows he’d hate it regardless.

    I plan to give it some time to see if he grows accustomed to it but since he walks good on a collar it’s hard to not be tempted to toss it in the not used pile right away.
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    I use the Ruffwear Websmaster in the fall and winter months. Thanks @ sunyata for suggesting the Webmaster. The Websmaster is too heavy and hot for the spring/summer months so I bought Quakey the Ruffwear Front Range harness for the warmer months. Thanks @Zenki for the suggestion about the Front Range. I read that it is better to use a harness because a collar can put too much pressure in the neck area.

    I bought the Front Range in blue dusk color.

    The leash I bought matches the Front Range in the Apres color:

    The Ruffwear Webmaster in red:

    The Ruffwear Knot-A-Leash in red:

    I hope this helps!
  • ObizaObiza
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    We ended up having to get a large in Chai's Choice which I think is a medium in ruffwear's size. Rusty has more of a barrel shaped chest so his girth is 26-27".
    The webmaster looks amazing for hiking/camping trips but there's definitely no way he'd ever wear one. Or should I say no way he'd move in one :))
    I debated the Julius K9 since I thought not having the strap go between his front legs would put him more at ease. The cost deterred me since it's his first harness and I predicted he was going to be a turd about it. He hates any article of clothing... boots, life jackets, you name it!
  • JackStateJackState
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    I've only ever tried two styles of harnesses, and Ichabod doesn't like putting either on (he gets over it; he loves going on a walk). I like the pull-over style with broad straps; seems like the pressure's distributed right with that. His current one is the Jump brand.

    When I googled that, I saw a lot of anti-jump harnesses that look downright tortuous :-/
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  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Top fav harnesses:
    Ruffwear front range - fav overall and especially for outdoor adventures like hiking and camping, longboarding.
    Comfortflex Sport - Fav Norwegian style, easy on / off, but I still prefer ruffwear front range for most activities.
    Alpine outfitter urban trail - fav for running.

    Top fav collars:
    White Pine - fav for everyday use and ID
    Ruffwear chain reaction - fav for casual walks in the neighborhood.
    Hurtta limited slip - fav for its padding and great reflective stitching.

    I have so many harnesses lmao. I have that chai's choice (got when Ozzy was still growing cus I didn't know what size of ruffwear he would be once fully grown). Now I have 2 ruffwear front ranges. That's probably his most used harness. It's lighter weight and more flexible than the chai's choice, and also easier to adjust. The chai's choice is pretty rigid in like a way that it could kinda dig in more, though I do like its handle.

    My other harnesses are the ruffwear webmaster, Comfortflex sport, wonder walker, Hurtta Y harness and the Norwegian style Hurtta harness, IDC julius power harness, 2 Julius belt harnesses, alpine outfitters urban trail, a few cheapy ones like a gooby mesh one, a step in harness from petco, etc. and an ezydog quickfit that was Ozzy's puppy harness and doesn't fit anymore. I might have more that I'm not remembering, I'm out right now and just trying to recall from memory lol.

    And have some limited slip / martingale collars like white pine, ezydog check mate, canine equipment, Hurtta, ruffwear chain reaction, a couple of knine couture collars... and a few regular collars that I would never use for walks, like rolled leather, kangaroo leather, silverfoot.

    So anyway. I like different gear for different activities. Ruffwear is my fav for hiking for sure. It seems the best for long time wear, like when we go camping and Ozzy is spending a lot of time in a harness. I greatly prefer the front range. I use the webmaster sometimes during harder hikes where we'll be climbing a lot (since it's easy to lift him with the handle), but Ozzy does not like the webmaster and I think it's kinda bulky and that the chest padding on the front range is better (distributes the weight over a wider surface). The small triangle piece on the chest of the webmaster can kind of dig in / choke Ozzy if he ever does pull regardless of how loose I adjust it. I also use the front range for when I take him longboarding, since it has much more chest padding and better weight distribution over the chest. The webmaster has like the extra strap under his belly, but pretty much all of its padding is on the back, which doesn't seem as ideal to me... cus when he is being lifted or putting weight against the harness, there is not a lot of padding underneath. Just a small strip of padding along the belly part of the straps and the rigid triangle piece that does not seem very comfortable for him.

    I think my favorite of the Norwegian style harnesses (quickly slip on over the head and clip behind the legs like comfort flex, wonder walker (front clip), all of my Julius harnesses, one of the hurtta's, and the ezydog quick fit) is the comfortflex sport. It's very light, super adjustable (which is so important cus Shibas are such a challenge to fit right lol), and the material is very gentle. They also have a limited slip collar I wanna get at some point lol. The wonder walker is Ozzy's favorite harness lol. It is quite minimal and gentle webbing. It is the only harness he never runs from. But I usually prefer back clip harnesses because Ozzy only pulls on rare occasions (when he's really determined to find a place to poop or when prey drive is triggered, or when he pulls me on my longboard lol). The leash is always getting in the way with front clip harnesses and to some extent it seems to alter his natural gait (because he's always trying to avoid stepping on the leash in front of him). I like the Julius ones, but the belt ones are easy for Ozzy to escape. He has only escaped it in the car, luckily, but I don't use them often because they just fit him oddly... If he figured out how, he could easily back out of them because the front velcro strap is very loose and Ozzy's shoulders are very narrow. I prefer the IDC of all my Julius ones. I'm not a big fan of the ezydog quick fit. It was okay while he was a puppy, but with daily use it started to rub the fur on his armpits and with continued daily use would probably continue until it rubbed sores in skin...

    All the hurtta harnesses were really hard to fit right. I prefer the Y style, I think, and I like that they're padded. But the strap in front of the chest of the Norwegian style one is not adjustable like the comfort flex (tho it is only minimally adjustable so getting the right size is still important, but I've had no trouble with their sizing guide while Hurtta's is just either not meant at all for shiba-shaped dogs or their guidelines are way off). The comfort flex is also padded, more lightweight, easier to fit a shibe...

    As for the limited slip / collars, for walks I prefer either the ezydog check mate or the hurtta. The hurtta is padded, which I looooove since I want as little trachea damage as possible ha. The check mate seems to adjust very quickly rather than ever like snagging or taking a second to adjust from tight to loose. That being said, as far as martingales, I love the ruffwear chain reaction. The chain slips so effortlessly and gives a bit of an audible indication to Ozzy when he tries to pull ahead toward a squirrel lol. But I would never leave any of these collars on during the day, and I wouldn't walk Ozzy in a collar only if the environment is too overstimulating (like if there are many other dogs or at a populated park), cus in a collar he is more likely to just get more excited and pull toward what he wants (like said squirrel, dog, or person that he wants to greet) regardless of the pressure on his neck. He is actually very well behaved on collars now, but still, if he gets in shiba 500 mode, he will disregard discomfort and I don't want him to hurt his neck.

    I use the alpine outfitter one mostly when running. I customized it with additional D rings in the front and on the sides. I don't use the one on the front (so far), but I clip it to the one on his right side and he runs on my left. He loves running and sticks right by my side. He's the best running motivation ever lol. I'm awful and slow, but he's so happy trotting by my side hehe. Anyway, I love the side clip of the harness, cus it just seems to help keep him naturally at my side. I've taken him running in the comfort flex, but for running I prefer a harness that isn't Norwegian style because in my opinion they can restrict shoulder movement a little more. When running in the comfort flex, he pulled more because there were a ton of voles along the path lol. He had never seen them before and was very committed to going toward them... An I like that a harness designed like the alpine outfitter / ruffwear (like roman style-ish) seem to spread the pressure out over the chest more. Norwegian still takes the pressure off of his neck, but they can still kinda press into his lower neck / upper chest if he is intently seeking voles, for instance. :))

    ETA - my bf says his favorite harness is the alpine outfitter one because it is the most gentle on Ozzy's fur, easy to put on and the buckles are very sturdy and easy to use. He also likes that it has lots of utility with the different D rings.

    He likes the white pine for daily use. He says if he were walking him on a collar he would probably choose the hurtta limited slip since it's padded, easy to put on, and sturdy. But he hardly ever walks Ozzy in a collar cus he's not very good at communicating through cues / body language.
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  • Mochi920Mochi920
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    @obiza I actually bought Mochi the Chai's choice harness from chewy too!! However, I really wanted the front range harness. We went with that one instead of the FR as just a trial harness because she's still growing (7months old on the 20th) and we didn't want to end up having two of the same FR harnesses in different sizes. I got a size S in the chai's choice and it's loose enough even at the tightest that Mochi can slip out of it so I rarely use it unless I take her on a long trail. Does your harness fit kind of unproportionate as well? Like it's tight but loose enough for Rusty to slip out of it??? Lol idk how to explain it. I don't even know how tight a harness should be :( when I have it on the tightest on her other basic harness to where she can't slip out, it just looks tight on her.
  • Mochi920Mochi920
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    @lilikoi lmao are you running a harness business??? LOLOL :)) you're stocked up!
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    @Mochi920 lol! I'm so obsessed gah. I just wanna try it all and find the VERY BEST. :)) I should donate the ones I don't use to the shelter or something... It's a little embarrassing that I just have so many as clutter that aren't being put to use.

    Anyway my chai's choice was freaking hard to adjust. :)) The shoulder straps were very loose, even at their smallest. The girth strap fit fine but the shoulder straps were too loose (mine is also a size S btw). My bf managed to get the plastic adjustable pieces through the loops on the shoulders... if that makes sense. Like he wedged them through the fabric loops of the harness so we could tighten it even more, and now it fits fine, but I still greatly prefer the ruffwear front range. But I did the same and bought it not wanting to have to buy 2 different sizes in the ruffwear front range. Though I have 2 of them anyway. :)) He wears the xs in the front range. Maybe Mochi would too? He's even got a decent amount of room if it he needed to adjust it bigger, but he's close to being able to fit the size small ruffwear. I have a feeling the shoulders on a size small ruffwear also might be too big. That seems like such a regular problem that I have with fitting harnesses right for him. He has such a fat neck, but such narrow shoulders. Odd shape to get right. So I love that the ruffwear front ranges are so super adjustable so it can be just perfect for him.

    A lot of the time the Norwegian style ones just don't fit right. Either they sit too high on his chest, or they are too tight and make the girth strap ride up into his armpits, or they are too lose and he could escape so easily if he figured out how. He did nearly escape the chai's choice one once before my bf fixed the shoulder straps. It was clipped to the front ring and he was excitedly climbing on some children lol, and as he was pulling forward, it pulled the chest piece of the harness down and he just stepped his front paw right through the front neck space and was freeeeee. Good thing he was much too interested in the children to run off. xP I grabbed him when I saw his paw slip through before he managed to slip out entirely, though.
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  • ZenkiZenki
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  • ObizaObiza
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    LOL geeze that's a lot of harnesses. If Rusty wasn't such a tank I'd ask to borrow a few of those to test out but there's no way he'd fit in any of them =))

    @Mochi920 - It seems like it's kinda loose in the front. I could probably tighten it some but then I couldn't easily slip it over his head. I don't have to worry about him trying to escape the harness so having it on the loose side doesn't bother me but it seems like it might be contributing to why he hates walking in it. Shibas are awkward sized for harnesses it seems.... and Rusty having some mix thrown into it that makes his girth really large doesn't help the situation! :((

    If only I was more crafty... I could just sew one up out of some nice soft webbed nylon.
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    @Zenki - in my amazon cart :D along with an approach pack. I just haven't pulled the trigger yet... idk I'm not sure what color I want!!! :)) Did you know there's a new blue one now too? But it has pink straps siiiigh. Gotta save that one for Ozzy's potential future little sister. ;) Ozzy doesn't even like his paws getting wet. Gotta avoid all puddles and make sure the rippling lake water doesn't get too close! But one time he decided to jump off of a dock and just started swimming for shore lol. I had his leash but he wouldn't turn back, so I just hopped in after him and swam with him to shore hahaha. He was kinda spooked and super happy as soon as he was back on land. The most intense tail wag I've ever seen. And after that he actually went back in the water! Just walked in on his own and waded around like it was nothing!

    @Obiza - hah, yeah Ozzy was never a huge fan of harnesses, but with many treats and fun times outside, he has grown to... tolerate them. :P Gah I have a white pine harness made of super soft webbing that was originally too big for Ozzy and I've only used it like twice...but I cut and shortened the straps so it would fit him or I would so mail it to you :((
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    I have the Approach Pack :D If you buy the one with pink straps, i'll switch it out for my gray strap one lol. @Lilikoi
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    @imBLASIAN - ooh I meant the float coat now comes in blue with pink straps xP but I'm planning on getting the new meadow green approach pack ha. Tho I'm slightly meh about it cus it's like the webmaster harness with packs attached i think. And I'm not the world's biggest fan of the webmaster. :)) though I do like it. I just dislike that Ozzy doesn't like it and that it doesn't have much chest padding. But I know they sell like a separate piece for a chest brush guard on the webmaster that also distributes weight better. It also might be kinda hot, but I wonder if it would work with the approach pack hmmm :P
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    @Lilikoi - I wish the packs were removable like the bigger versions. We only put it on when we go hiking though and it does make her hot during the summer.
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Me too @imBLASIAN!! I also started looking a little more into the commuter ruffwear pack. It looks like it has the chest padding of the front range with the back shell of the webmaster. I might end up getting that one instead hmmmm. I wish there was a place near me where I could go see them in person ha.
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    lol maybe you should open your own business with all the knowledge you have about trying out these different harnesses :P

    I'm in Seattle so we have a ton of options.

  • JackStateJackState
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    @Lilikoi you've enhanced my vocabulary to include "Norwegian-style harness" instead of "weird triangle thing". This is good stuff, thanks.
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    @JackState - lol! at least "weird triangle thing" is more concise than "those harnesses that go over the head and clip behind the front legs" which is pretty much what I used to go with. :))

    @imBLASIAN - I'm jealous, I love Seattle. :P I need to visit there soon, fam there keeps trying to hint at it.
  • Mochi920Mochi920
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    @obiza I hate it when the harness gets stuck while trying to come off over the head and Mochi's two seconds of patience with allowing me to take it off goes through the roof and I'm stuck with a flailing puppy.

    @jackstate lmao I always referred to them as weird triangle harness thingies too! :))

    @lilikoi is THE harness master. We need to step up our harness game everybody
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Lmao it's not the cheapest hobby, I took one for the team. ;) I do enjoy critiquing and narrowing down my options to the best result tho. It's way more enjoyable when it's in the form of spending wildly on my puppy! ;)

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