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Lost Dogs
  • ljowen123ljowen123
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  • Serkle kSerkle k
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    this is a great check list LJ! I think it should be stickied!
  • xrage4200xrage4200
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    great list. Katsu escaped our fenced yard one night and we couldnt find him for hours. Walk and drove everywhere, and when I past the house the last time, he was sitting right in front of the garage door waiting for someone to open the door. So glad Katsu came back! smart shiba!!!
  • velvetkatvelvetkat
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    great idea to compose a list as people who have just lost an animal are in panic mode(I know I would be) and this is an invaluable tool for those of us that will not be able to think straight at that moment in time!
  • SayaSaya
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    This is great thanks for making the list up. The lostpetcards sounds nice.
  • deerparkdeerpark
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  • This website has a lot of information in one place - it is very useful. Bookmark it:
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  • @ljowen123- Good list.

    add to # 5- Contact the microchip company. Most have some version of "lost animal alerts". Ask them to do an alert for your missing dog.

    add item #9- Let local police/sheriff/fire stations know about the lost dog. Sometimes people will drop found dogs off at these facilities. Also let your postal worker know as well as any utility company folks working in the area. If you are in an area with apartments, it might be good to leave a flyer with the apartment managers. Post flyers near schools, churches, etc.
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