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Sukoshi Liver Shunt Update
  • Sukoshi and I spent some time making friends w/ the University of California, Davis Vet School staff this week. I must say that I am impressed with the Vet School operations.

    After a series of tests, they determined that Sukoshi does have a shunt within her liver. Probably congential and it has impacted her liver functions slightly. They have a pretty good idea of shunt location, but will need to use CAT scan prior to any surgery to determine precise location. They are recommending surgery within near future. I will probably be meeting w/ them next week to discuss options. There is the conventional approach where she is "opened up" and surgery is performed on the liver. There is also a "cutting edge" approach that is non-invasive. I plan to try the non-invasive approach, if possible, since Sukoshi still has hip dysplasia issues and I don't want to subject her to any more surgeries than necessary. Cost for both methods is about the same --fairly expensive.

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  • curlytailscurlytails
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    Yikes. Best wishes for however you decide to proceed. I've heard good things about the UC Davis medical centers, and while this procedure may be expensive, their costs are apparently equivalent to a lot of other vets despite vastly more accountable staff and reliable diagnoses. Or so people tell me. At any rate, I hope that you and Sukoshi are in the best of hands.
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    I hope eveything works out, and we're wishing you both the best!
  • Thanks for the good wishes.

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  • sunyatasunyata
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    Poor Sukoshi... Hope everything goes smoothly for both of you. You guys will be in our thoughts over the next few weeks... Keep us updated!
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  • My 9 week old is at the vet now and they are thinking she has the same thing. How is everything working out for Sukoshi?
  • This is a very old thread However, the liver shunt surgery that Sukoshi underwent allowed her to live about 3 more years. Her liver condition was diagnosed relatively late when she was 5 years old She was a puppy mill dog and had hip displaysia and heart issues as well. She passed away at about age 8 yrs from a heart attack or stroke (something sudden)

    It is my understanding that correcting a liver shunt problem at a early age is the appropriate thing to do and increases a dog's lifespan significantly. Talk to your vet

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