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Shibas on Craigslist
  • @Bootz, sent rescue information, suggestion for low-cost spay/neuter, and invitation to join the forum if all that Roman needs is some training/"discipline."
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  • This is a few days old so I don't know if he still selling the b&t:1 yo male (neutered not specified) for $200 in Houston
  • Does someone in Newport/Hampton VA please help me to get this beautiful Shiba??
    We lives in outside of Annapolis Maryland and I found her on Craigslist I contact them and I told him we can go get them on this week if my husband can take day off or weekend (09/29/12)for sure but this owner seems in hurry to get rid of her. They've been posting on craigslist everyday. So I'm not sure what's the deal. If anyone can go get her and hold her till this weekend I would really appreciate. Thank you so much.
  • CandyCandy
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    A listing in British Columbia Canada:

    [ed. - link removed]
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  • Sorry, but in accordance with Shiba Forum rules against advertising dogs for sale, I'm going to remove links that are explicitly to dogs/puppies being listed "for sale" at a price that is well and above a "reasonable rehoming fee" (e.g., $1000). Links posted on Kijiji,, Facebook marketplace, etc. typically fall into that category. Those for-profit, commercial sites also do not have mechanisms for users to flag the listing off the site, as does Craigslist (usually).

    Thanks for your understanding!
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  • CandyCandy
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    @Curlytails I was posting the link I found in hopes of somebody but be able to take this dog as others have done the same above (didn't mean for it to seem like an advertisement) .... anyways I emailed the owner and told them to attend a local Shiba meet up and maybe find a home for the dog that way.
  • @Candy, I understand, I didn't think you intended any ill will.

    I've mentioned this previously, but this has now turned into a huge thread that is difficult to search through, so I may as well repeat... Craigslist allows dogs to be rehomed with a "reasonable rehoming fee" -- in fact, it is recommended that the original owner ask for *some* money, as this protects the dog. Rescues, for example, will also frequently ask for an adoption fee which helps cover the cost of fosters in their care (some of which remain in the system for a long time) as well as other dogs that come into their system. At some point (arbitrary, perhaps), a private rehoming fee becomes excessive, which makes the listing seem like a "sale."

    Since Craigslist terms of use PROHIBITS the "sale" of animals, pet listings can be flagged by the community and eventually removed. This is what "protects" Craigslist, in a way, from becoming a free advertising platform for profit-seeking breeders, pet owners more concerned with recouping their financial "loss" than finding an appropriate home for their pet, etc.

    For this reason, I would encourage any forum member to limit reposts to *Craigslist* ads listed in the *community* section (NOT the "sales" sections).

    Thank you for reaching out to the original ad poster. In my experience, people who try to rehome their dogs for that amount of money are not likely to consider surrendering the dog to a responsible rescue or lowering the fee in favor of a good home. But it's always worth a shot, and if you can convince them to do the right thing, all the better!
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  • atlasatlas
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    Houston, shiba mix, listed as free to a good home (warning, a couple of pictures of stitches/injuries):

    We found this dog like a month ago, around west airport and daily ashford, we put lost and found post on Craigslist and SCPA before, but didn't get any reply.
    We can't keep this dog in the house, he needs to go ASAP, because we had another 2 dogs, and my dog can't get along with this doggie, he got beat up badly, so we took him to the Vet for surgery, when we are at the Vet, the doctor already gave him a check up, he is 100% healthy, and the surgery heal up nicely too, and now he is ready to go for a new home!! I'm guessing this dog is Shiba Mix, Male, around 5-6 yrs old, If you are interested please send me a email... I really don't want another fight or any of the dogs get hurt!! So please let me know ASAP!!!

    I contacted the poster to encourage her to ask a small rehoming fee and also to pass on rescue information.
  • MayamaMayama
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    [ED: Ad expired, phone number edited]

    Please SAVE my 2 dogs, a Mamas and her Son (£odi)

    Hi everyone, please, i need help. i need to find a person or family willing (and able) to help my companions, for they can no longer travel any further w/ me.
    For the last 9 years I have rescued, reunited and/or rehomed over 40+ dogs in and around my neighborhood and kept 5. One was a pregnant Shiba Inu showdog who was running around Wilson Way- I was and still am convinced that she must have been an aspiring showdog for never in my life have I seen a dog w/ such character and personality as she. Actually her full name is Mama Reaper because the day we met she smelled like death- by nighttime we concluded she must have been trying to help save or care for an animal that was already dead. She is a big nurturer, and will attempt to clean and care for everyone- even humans! She had 7 pups who were adopted out w/ the help of our good ol' Animal Friends Connection- one even graduated, pursuing a career in the medical field) Anyways we had to let her have 1 and so we kept Einstein who is now about 6 years old.

    They are happy kid-friendly dogs but Einstein tends to jump at times and my 4 yr old daughter has taken a couple spills (nothing serious but it's important to know all the facts) They are med to med-lg in size. Einstein usually barks at other dogs (and trespassers) if he can't meet them, and he'll bark at skateboarders going by. Both of them will let you know when they have to be let out for bathroom breaks BUT if there isn't a fence to barricade them in they will run. Sorry, I was never good w/ that lesson but I know they can still be trained and will be able to pick that up.

    I am forced to leave my home- a home thats been in our family for nearly 50 years. i have until Monday before they come to 'board it up' whatever that means. I will pay what I can for their rent no later than the 3rd, that's when my $ comes but I will pay something sooner if I get something before then, however i have an extremely limited income and can only afford to pay around $50-75. They must go together because I'm thinking the effects of separation on mamas will more than likely shorten her lifespan.

    If you have questions Please call or text XXX-XXX-6668 day or night- 3am is ok. My name is Trista, thank you for reading and please pass it on.


    I sent the owner the contact info for NoCal Shiba Rescue as well as suggested her to ask for some rehoming fee. She did reply and agreed to do both. I feel really sorry for her and her situation. Hope the dogs can find a new home soon. If it's only the boy, I might be able to help foster, but my place is just too small for both.
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  • @Mayama oh my goodness, what a story. =(

    Here's an updated CL link that I found, with pictures. Apparently they're now at the Lodi Animal Shelter:
    [ED: Ad expired, phone number edited]
    Date: 2012-09-29, 12:23AM PDT [Errors when replying to ads?]

    I don't have a scanner, had to take a pic of a pic w/ my phone so the quality isn't so good.

    Anyways the tan/beige/white 1 is Mama Reaper doing what she does best, (if you read name origins below you will have more insight on her character) and the black/beige/white one is her son Einstein. I am begging anyone who is thinking about getting a dog and somehow by Gods grace manage 2, they are such good, innocent loyal dogs. They need to be in a loving home ASAP. Someone came onto my property and left everything wide open and the pound caught Mamas, but i still dont have anywhere for them to go-i signed Einstein over to them to increase the chances theyll find a home sooner than I could find one. I didnt want her alone in there but when I took him and put them in her tiny cage, to see their anxiety and confusion about all these dogs around them barking at them not knowing why I'm leaving without them-I have betrayed my poor faithful dogs and I can't take this image of them that has burned itself in my head.
    PLEASE HELP THEM. THEY ARE GOOD LOVING DOGS, BOTH ARE FIXED, POTTY TRAINED, GOOD WITH HUMANS (just Einstein jumps on you sometimes and can be heavy on a child but I have a 4yr old daughter who loves him to death)

    PLEASE CALL ME XXX-XXX-6668 ANYTIME-24/7, my name is Trista, or if you want to meet them they are in the Lodi Animal Shelter, thank you

    Mama Reaper and her Son, Einstein. Reaper because she smelled like death when we 1st met her, 'Mama' came shortly after because of the motherlike, nurturing personality that was made very clear from the get. Which explained her odor- we figured she must've been trying to care for something too late to save. That's her, cleaning Bear's mouth for him. Often she will go and scratch or clean the back of Thor necks or the base of their tails where they can't reach, she's such a good mamas
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  • benny30benny30
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    I just want to update on my earlier post. After 10 total hours driving we finally picked her up. She is so beautiful. Thank you everyone for let me post in this special space.
  • tatonkatatonka
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    @benny30, people like you are mostly the exception in the overwhelming apathetic masses of people. Thanks for doing what you did.
  • Male Shiba Inu for Adoption (Miramar) Florida

    4 yr old Male full breed Shiba Inu with papers needs a loving home.He is a very loving dog knows basic commands such as Sit, Stay, Down, and High Five. This is a dog who is used to relaxing most of the day and light play in the evening. He would be a perfect companion for an older person. Must have no other dogs in the house, also no small children.
    Please contact me you think he would be your perfect pet.

    photo imagejpg1-3.jpg
  • curlytailscurlytails
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    @benny30, that's wonderful! I hope she is adjusting nicely. We'd love to see pictures if you'd like to share in a SPAM thread. =)
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  • So glad to hear it benny30!

    And oh, the story about those dogs in Stockton is just heartbreaking. I'll hope for some lucky breaks for both the dogs and the rescuer. :(
  • ttddinhttddinh
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    @benny30--thank for doing that!
  • Re: the Lodi Shibas

    I also passed the rescue contact info for Red Young (NorCal) and Jack Owens (Northern NV) to Trista on 9/29/12 via email. I cc'd Red and Jack on this email and provided the Craigslist posting to both of them.

    I will now let the Sacramento Shiba Inu Meetup members know about them and their current location in the Lodi Shelter,
  • MayamaMayama
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    Another Bay Area shiba on craigslist.

    Hi, I have taken in my father's Shiba Inu male dog who is about 7 or 8 years old as my father is no longer able to care for him. Though this is a family dog that we have had since he was a puppy and I love him dearly, I am not able to provide him with a permanent home and I am seeking someone who is experienced with dogs that would want to give him a loving and attentive home. He is a very sweet and loving dog, very loyal as Shiba's tend to be, however as Shiba's also tend to be, he is not well trained, and Shiba's require commitment to train. He is a good dog, just very independent, and was never trained well. He has an amazing goofy and playful character and would need someone that has time to give him plenty of exercise, play time, and a backyard. He does not bark easily, and other than required exercise, he is a pretty mellow dog, although I would not recommend him to a family with children as he needs some training. His name is sky, and he is the sweetest, cutest thing, and I'm so sad to let him go but I am hoping to find someone that can provide him with a better home than I or my father am currently able to do. He is up to date on all his vaccines, and I can provide a history of such. Please let me know if you are interested and we can set a time to meet. Thanks!
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  • curlytailscurlytails
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    @Mayama, that one reminds me a little of Bowdu for some reason. The figure and the antics, perhaps. =( I see you reposted to the NorCal Shiba Rescue page. Thanks.
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  • Found a shiba listing on craigslist in the LA area:
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    Beautiful B&T female
    She was attacked by dogs at a dog park, looks like she lost a little bit of her right ear and now has fears of other dogs. I am sure she would be great in any home.
    I've contacted her owners already to see of any issues her dog may have.
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  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    San francisco shiba owner giving up the family dog because their home no longer had a big enough backyard....

    A red female in Las Vegas needs a new owner, current owner can't breathe around her (allergies?)
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  • B&T shiba puppy in WA...therapy shiba is not bonding with son

    3 y/o cream shiba in CO

    Red shiba puppy in FL...a family situation came up and they can't keep him

    Red shiba in Bronx NY
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    The WA "therapy dog" is sad. Firstly, it's a shiba puppy and why would someone purchase an aloof breed that has a long mental maturation/settling down period from a mill from untested and tempermentally unsound adults in cages and expect that to magically turn into a therapy dog for a 3 year old? People are so ridiculous. They want to sell it and recover their costs, well, good luck.
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  • sunyatasunyata
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    Regarding the Shiba in FL... I wonder who the breeder is and whether or not they know these people are trying to sell their dog on CL?!
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Hmmm. There are a couple "show" breeders in Florida.
    "Common sense isn't so common"
    photo c5d87957-61b6-48af-a440-4187cbfc861b_zps88ccdf88.jpg

    this is the strangest shiba mix ever!
  • This one is being given away for free

    Black and Tan puppy..not sure why he's being given away :(
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  • Detroit, MI[link edited]

    I have 2 male Shiba Inu pups that will be 9 weeks old. Can't keep them.. These guys are adoreable..E-mail for more info.

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  • @freezedried74 Okay, that one's definitely in violation of Craigslist TOS and should be flagged off the site as "prohibited". It's even posted in the for sale category.
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  • I flagged it as prohibited.
  • Thanks, me too. I'm not sure what the flagging threshold is for the Detroit metro area. It's set pretty low around my parts, so ads like that tend to disappear pretty quickly.
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  • Was going to flag it but it is already gone!
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    This shiba was taken to a shelter, no idea which though :(
  • BootzBootz
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    @kumaDUDE, that one looks like there is German Shepard in him o_o
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    I asked him the same thing bootz, he said she was a pure breed, I didn't want to argue, but now can't get hold of him to find where she went. I told him to send to shiba rescue of SoCal but no response about that either
  • She's a cute dog, but purebred my ass. Honestly, I don't see any Shiba in her at all.
  • 'tis the season...

    SF Bay Area, Menlo Park
    Rescue is aware (pics, red)
    date 12/9
    We heartbrokenly are seeking a new home for our beloved 4-year old purebred shiba inu Rogue. Roguey is a mellow, playful, loyal fellow who enjoys lots of exercise, attention and structure. He is trained to sit, stay and wait patiently before eating. He loves playing fetch with a stick or ball, tug-of-war, and snuggling with his stuffed horse. He responds well to treat training, and loves walks, hikes and running alongside a bicycle. He is an endearing mix of affectionate and aloof. When he doesn't want to do something, he will *sneeze* in protest. And when he sleeps, sometimes he makes the cutest quiet barking sounds while dreaming.

    Typical of some in his breed, he does not get along with other dogs, and he will growl and snap at most dogs who come his way. He has not adjusted well to a new baby, acting jealous and aggressive as soon as she started crawling in his territory. For his safety as well as our child's, we have to find him the right opportunity in a loving home with dog-savvy owners who have the time and training know-how to help Rogue thrive (absolutely NO other pets, babies or small children around, and a fenced backyard would be a bonus).

    Rogue is healthy, neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations and microchipped. He is a good guard dog -- will bark when anyone new comes to the house -- but warms up quickly to most all humans. We walk him four times a day and he's happiest with lots of exercise. He is truly loving, wonderful dog and will make the right person or family a friend for life!

    We are asking $250 rehoming fee because we only want inquiries from dog lovers who are SERIOUS about taking responsibility with the time, energy and training it takes have a shiba in your family. This will include his crate, bedding, toys, training videos, all supplies. Please research this breed before inquiring -- they are not labs or golden retrievers and require more commitment and patience. They are NOT the right dog for first-time dog owners.

    If interested, please respond truthfully to the following questions by email and we will be in touch if we feel you would be a good candidate. We have a in-depth vetting process because we are committed to finding the perfect home for our lovely friend.

    1) Why are you interested in a dog at this time?
    2) How familiar are you with the shiba inu breed?
    3) What is your experience with dogs and dog training?
    4) How will you work with a dog that doesn't get along with other dogs - meaning, no dog parks, avoiding situations where other dogs are off leash, etc.?
    5) What is your home situation like - do you live in a house, condo, apt? Is there outdoor space?
    6) What is your work situation like? Do you work full-time out of the house? Who would be responsible for walking your dog during the day?

    Thank you.

    New York City, Queens (pics, cream)
    date 12/10
    My pure breed shiba inu is one year old and very friendly. He is still a puppy and very friendly to kids and other dogs. As I'm leaving the country for several months, I need someone who has experience with dogs to take care of him and give him a good family. He is very energetic and I trained him by myself at home. I have all the staff including cages and toys for him. That will save you a lot of money.

    The people who are willing to take him home should satisfy the following requirements.
    1.Has kept dogs before and better has a dog at the moment so they can play together
    2.Adult with stable income and family
    3. willing to pay rehoming fee for $200
    4. no problem with home visit in the future
    * the puppy is not neutered

    If you are interested in the puppy, please email me as soon as possible.

    Cartaret, NJ (pics, black and tan)
    I have a 3 year old black and tan male Shiba Inu that must be rehomed. He CAN NOT go to a home with children or other animals as he shows signs of aggression. He is extremely lovable and playful with adults and requires attention and exercise. He is up to date on all of his shots and is neutered. I will require references from vet/friends in order to assure he goes to a proper home. There will also be a small rehome fee for the same purpose. If you have any questions feel free to email me and I will provide my phone number for contact. Thank you!

    St. Louis, MO (pics, red)
    date 12/10
    [ED: Ad expired, phone number edited]
    Hi I have a pure bred shiba inu that needs a new loving home. He is about 4 years old. Needs new home due to family circumstances that have arisen he has paper work with family history and is trained. Small rehoming fee and also he is not good with little kids other than that he is a wonderful dog please text or call 573 XXX XX78 thank you

    Appleton/FDL, WI
    Sending info about Midwestern rescues for courtesy listings
    date 12/9
    I am looking to find a permanent home for Rocky. He is around 13 yrs old. He is a special needs dog. Rocky has seizures but not bad enough or often enough to need medications. He is very comfortable in his kennel, it is his safety net. Rocky was rescued from a puppy mill as a stud dog who was going to be destroyed because of his age. Rocky is unsure of humans but he don't mind small ones (kids). Rocky needs some shots too. He is good on rabies and distemper, just needs the lepto and bodeterlla if you want to get him that one. He is playful and likes toys but likes to be left alone. He is very food motivated however, so you can get him to be social that way. He is starting to warm up so he is coming around. I am moving soon and can't take him with me. I hate to move him away but he needs someone who will be able to love him and care for him. He likes baths and going for walks a lot. If you are capable and are looking for an easy dog to take care of, email me. He is free to the RIGHT home. There are no expensive medical fees to follow him. He has been examined by several vets and they all say he is ok other than an occasional seizure. He loves the dog park and other dogs too. Pictures by request.
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  • Two more in the SF area that rescue is aware of:
    [ED: Ad expired, phone number edited]
    Date: 2012-12-09, 4:40PM PST[?]
    i need to rehome my shiba inu. he is too high energy for me and would a like a family or owner who has time to give him the attention he needs. he is neutered. please text me at XXX-XXX-581two for more details.

    If they put as much effort into writing that ad as they did into "researching" the breed, no wonder they've suddenly found that their Shiba pup is "too high energy." Ugh.
    Date: 2012-12-09, 9:12PM PST[?]

    I'm looking to rehome my shiba inu. He's the perfect dog if you live in a small place and don't have other pets or kids. Walk him twice a day, he's quiet, good company, good traveller, etc. Unfortunately, he's not good with children and we had another and its too hard to watch the kids and the dog considering we live in a townhome. We feel terrible with his living situation and would rather rehome him to a family that has the time and space for a shiba. He is very well trained, does not bark, does not chew on stuff, potty trained, can live well in apt, crate trained, but like I said earlier, he's not good with small children or animals. Please don't bother to contact if you have either because we will NOT consider it. Up to date on shots, have certificate from breeder, neutered. Anything you want to know, please ask. The only thing is, you will not be able to meet or pick up Tomi until the 21st. I'm currently in San Diego and my parents are taking care of him right now since I had my newborn. Please contact me if you are interested. I can send pictures and answer any questions. Rehoming is $50 and includes bed, toys and soft crate for travel.
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  • SayaSaya
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    Those two are just sad. :(

    I hate seeing people give up their dogs at age of 10 or 13.. I mean 13 years you had the dog for that much. :(

    I hope they all find good homes.
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  • At least the top SF people seem to be serious and somewhat thoughtful in their attempts to rehome. The epileptic senior is heartbreaking, and that would should go back to the rescue he came from (if he came from one, but I feel like I remember reading something about that dog....)
  • In NY and looking at shibas that are in need of rescuing and found this. Why do I do this? It is torture!
  • BootzBootz
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    @ShibaLove. wow He's cute. Sigh. I really hate it when people pull that kind of crap. Seriously? Get a Shiba then give it away when they are having a kid? Such short sighted people. I should just have a kid right now and show them who's boss. 2 dogs + 1 newborn? NO PROBLEM!
  • JudyJudy
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    I'll send them an email from NYCSR
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    @bootz I wish I could say the same, but it's so difficult being 8hrs away from the wife and babies! Wife can only do so much when I'm not around. Plus rainy days + baby = impossible to walk a very picky shiba pooper lol
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  • RikkaRikka
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    Eugh. It always tears me apart when I read of stories or Craigslist ads of people giving away their dog when they have a newborn. Why can't people raise it with the dog? Why shelter it from everything? Or give it away the moment you're pregnant? ...

    I actually have a friend who had two dogs, and when she had her baby a few months ago, she took her "aggressive" Puggle to the pound and abandoned him there with no thought or reason. I asked her what he did to be considered aggressive, and apparently he bit her nephew. Not her, not her baby, not her husband, but when they were at a family gathering, the nephew was messing with her Puggle and the dog bit him in response. She said if "the Puggle did that to my baby, I'd be traumatized."

    I didn't argue because it's not my place nor business to do so, especially if it already happened, but I do ponder if she even thought about her dog's perspective, or maybe what her nephew did to receive a puncture wound.

    There is also an "Employee's Ads" tab on the internal website of Nintendo (I work there) and someone was giving away their 2-year-old Chihuahua mix because they're having a baby and can no longer care for it. I just... what.... why? I don't get it. x_x
    Lauren, living with a 4 y/o Shiba named after a scientist. ☆
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