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Puppy won't eat much..
  • Fuji is 11 weeks old and I am feeding him Wellness Puppy. He weighs about 7.5 lbs. I'm having trouble getting him to eat 3/4 cup A DAY over 3 feedings. He just doesn't seem interested. Vet was a little concerned because he lost a little bit instead of gaining last week when we were there. He seems fine in every other way. So now I am worried about even trying to train him with treats because I'm having trouble getting him to eat the kibble. I try using the kibble to train, but that doesn't seem very interesting to him. Anyone have similar experiences? Should I supplement food with chicken and rice or will that just spoil him and make it harder to get him to eat kibble?
  • Serkle kSerkle k
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    Stella doesn't exactly keep up with the 1 1/2 cups a day guideline, but she will eat most of that amount through out a day. She too is on wellness puppy, I try to find other ways to feed her along with letting her eat out of the bowl. I have a toy that I put treats/her kibble in and she likes that, as well as using her kibble as treats when I do training sessions with her.

    Other members have the Kong Wobbler, and that allows you to fill it with her kibble and it keeps her busy as well as feeds her.
  • CrimsonO2CrimsonO2
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    Are you doing free-feeding or scheduled/timed feedings?

  • Trying to schedule 3 feedings, but was also trying to use the advice of measuring the days ration and stuffing kongs with the kibble to get him chewing. I have the Kong Wobbler and he does seem to like that.
  • SayaSaya
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    Saya as a puppy would only eat two times a day and not three so I just fed her two times same amount for her weight whatever left went towards the next meal..

    I think shiba inu tend to self regulate more compared to other breed of dogs.

    Even when Saya ate wellness core she still self regulated and on raw she'll self regulate she won't keep eating.

    You can try a different dog food brand maybe?

    He's pretty healthy otherwise? Playful etc.
  • StaticNfuzzStaticNfuzz
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    Have you tried wetting the food a bit with warm water. Sometimes the gums are sensitive and make it a little difficult for them to eat the dry as young pups. Add something to it to make it more interesting. Bits of boiled chicken and some white rice can't hurt.

    Is it the same brand of food he was eating before? Sometimes they don't like the brand of food when switched. Avoid free feeding if you are doing that.

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  • WOW! What a simple suggestion and what a difference! Snf, I just put Fuji's dinner down with a little warm water as you suggested and he just ate it all up without encouragement and more than he has eaten at one time. I feel like a mouron for not thinking of it myself. Let's hope the answer is this simple as I was really getting worried about it.
  • lockshi3lockshi3
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    another tip would be a pump of salmon oil. they love it
  • SayaSaya
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    Yeah salmon oil is good I give Saya a pump once a day. =)

    It can be good for their coats.
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  • atlasatlas
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    Reviving this thread for a question of my own, along these lines -

    Mitsu, for the past couple of days, hasn't eaten very much at all. Usually I can get her to eat a cup of Wellness over three feedings over the course of a day (they say a cup and a fourth for her weight/age, but she never eats THAT much), but for the past couple of days, she's eaten maybe half a cup a day...She's ten weeks old and she weighs close to seven pounds. She isn't losing weight and she is still very energized and pooping normally (on schedule), so I'm wondering if maybe she self-regulates and knows better than I do...I tried warm water, garnishing her food by sprinkling a tiny bit of beef liver treat over it. I even threw pieces of her food earlier to try to get some sort of a prey drive thing going on, but that only worked very briefly...We also have kongs and such but as a general rule she isn't very food motivated - dried beef liver is what we tend to use for training, as that's about the only thing that elicits an excited response (and I can break the pieces up into tiny bits).

    I'm just wondering - is it normal for a pup to have days where he/she doesn't eat very much? Or should I keep trying to motivate her? Timed feedings kill me when she only eats a few bites and then shuns the rest...
  • SayaSaya
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    Saya was like that as a puppy too and now on raw she is still like it she will sometimes eat more and sometimes less.
  • emmyemmy
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    My shiba is an adult, but he only eats a full meal about every three days. If they eat/drink/poop/pee/play and aren't losing weight, I think it's not that big of a deal.
  • atlasatlas
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    Thank you! I am feeling much better about it :)
  • SubySuby
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    Suby was like that for 2 days right before the vet. I am in a transition of switching him from eukanuba to wellness. He was eating normal till those 2 days. At the vet i told suby hasn't eaten much for the past 2 days. So he told me next time that happens, do a test. See if there is something wrong with him or he just on strike. So he bought out a small jar of baby food. Suby finish that food within the minute. Vet say he is fine, just probably got bored of the food. He told me to spice up the food once a while. With the dry food put a little chicken stock or beef stock. So i guess i learned something from the he been fine ever since. Well that was this past Sat that Suby visit the vet.
  • Alex575Alex575
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    I'm having the same problem with Monju. She's 9 weeks old and it could be that she's still adjusting to her new surroundings, it's only her second day, but I noticed that she only ate a little kibble the first day for lunch and dinner. I'm feeding her Orijen Puppy Formula and mixed that with the breeder's food. I just chalked it up to being tired and stressed from the plane ride, but this morning she wasn't interested at all in her breakfast. I thought it was because I mixed some Wellness Puppy Wet food with the dry, because I thought it would be easier for her to chew, and so I tried to give just the dry, but she turned her nose up at that too.

    I would've been alarmed if she was lethargic but when I take her outside to go to the bathroom, she jumps and frolics--thankfully after she does her business. And she'll eat her Salmon Paws Treats, that I bought from, so I know that she has an appetite.

    I'll try adding the warm water today at lunch time and if that doesn't work I try some chicken broth. I hope that does the trick!
  • We're having the same trouble with Mori. The breeder told us that at 19 weeks he should be eating about 300g of the kibble a day. We checked in with the vet and he gave us some Appelin-B12 to boost his appetite.
    With the Appelin he's eating more, but still not as much as he should be. We tried the warm water thing, it helped for a couple of days then he was back to eating very little.

    The breeder told us to stick with timed feedings so as not to spoil him.
    But I'm now wondering if he's more of a nibbler, cos an hour or two after we take the leftover food away, he wants more.
  • atlasatlas
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    I recommend timed feedings, but honestly, even those didn't help Mitsu. Once I had to increase the amount she was supposed to eat (at 12 weeks), I knew I had to do something, because she wasn't eating anywhere near the required amount for the 8-11 week suggested feedings. I tried warm water, crumbling beef liver treats over her food, timed feedings, everything. She still had energy and she still was pooping regularly (and drinking water), so I wasn't concerned that it was her health, but I wanted to make sure she was getting everything she needed from her food.

    What finally worked was making the switch to raw. I feed a premade raw formula and she has never been so happy with her food. She eats it quickly and happily, and licks the plate clean. I don't even need to time her feedings, because she loves her food so much. She used to whine for me to prepare it, but now that she knows how to stay and wait patiently (which she will gladly do for her meals now) she literally sits and stares me down in anticipation.

    I think that Mitsu was just a picky eater. It seemed to me that she ate the kibble simply out of necessity. That may not be what either of you are dealing with, but it's something you can look into if you think that it could be a cause.
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  • kaseykasey
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    We had the same struggle with our shiba when he was a pup. We just assumed that he didn't like the kibble we were giving him, so we switched and he ate more, but not enough. We attemped 3x/day scheduled feedings, but we soon accepted the fact that KG is a binge eater! He eats when he wants to, which is always after 4 PM. He has no interest in the food until then. Then he will gobble it all up in the evening. We also add salmon oil (which he loves) in the early evening. Today there are some days where he doesnt eat the full amount recommended on the bag, but we do train him daily with bite sized treats and his kibble. I would also suggest experimenting with different foods, especially because shibas are prone to having food allergies. KG eats Solid Gold Barking at the Moon, and has had good poops, good energy, and is a healthy 30 lbs!
  • jujeejujee
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  • Hi everyone. I'd like to revive this conversation a bit. Our darling Sachiko (12 weeks) is eating Acana food, and once in a while some boiled meat. She likes just about anything--unless it's stuffed in a Kong. The only thing she likes in a Kong is peanut butter. Well, there's only so much PB she can/should have, so I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions? Dry kibble works fine in the Kong but lasts less than a minute. Wet kibble, frozen or not, just stays there all day and night until I knock it out for her. She's got one standard Kong of every size, then the Kong bone (which is perfect for PB actually and her favourite) and the Kong ball--which doesn't even hold the kibble in. She likes yogurt as well, but when frozen it kind of clogs the Kong, hiding the kibble inside which she doesn't get to. So really, the only thing that works is dry kibble inside sealed in with PB. That's it. It just doesn't last very long.

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  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    I'm an enthusiastic buyer of puzzle / food toys lolol. During the school year, I rotated Ozzy's kong with peanut butter, almond butter, and greek yogurt, usually all of which would be frozen since he's 1 year old and can now clean out his kong quite quickly. :P Most of the food toys I use require supervision, though. The kong is my go to snack to entertain him when I'll be gone for a few hours. I also have access to a place where you grind the peanuts / almonds yourself, so no added salt or anything.

    Anyway, I really like the IQ treat ball for kibble, and the Kong Wobbler (but Ozzy can empty that thing like instantly lol). I also like a lot of the puzzles by trixie and Nina Ottosson, but those are also ones that need supervision. Ozzy loves food, but sometimes I'd spice things up and add a few special treats to the mix. He is very relentless and determined, and will work until every bit is obtained lol. But he became more and more tenacious with age. As a brand new pup, he was pretty easily distracted and would rather run around than sit down and work at a puzzle toy.
  • spacedogsspacedogs
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    I use a smaller kong that they can't fit their muzzle in to, and it's long enough that they can't quite reach the back of it with their tongues easily. They each have their own, and I never fill them. Just put a dab of peanut butter on my finger and smear it around, mostly in as far as I can. Keeps them occupied for a good hour + at least and I don't feel bad about refilling it if we need more quiet time to finish up work. At most I think each "fill" is less than a quarter teaspoon of natural (just ground nuts, no salt/sugar/fillers) peanut butter.

    That's about the only thing I utilize reliably.
  • AnjyilAnjyil
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    Kongs are a lifesaver---especially since my dog can destroy everything XD Like Lilikoi, I am becoming an enthusiastic puzzle buyer but the majority need supervision. Dogs do like to work for their food, though. It is in their genes ^_^

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