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People meds for dogs?
  • ahcollierahcollier
    Posts: 55
    I read a few references on a couple of threads to people giving over the counter meds for people to their dogs. Mostly aspirin for hip dysplasia, arthritis or similar. My wife said her mother used to give her dogs (Shibas) human antihistamines when they were congested with a cold.

    Now, I am not considering this... my newly adopted Shiba is very healthy except for some plaque & bad breath (working on that)... but can you really give people meds to a dog?

    What about an anti-diahreah (sp?) medicine? (Loperamide)

    What about dramamine for motion (car) sickness?

    What about an anti-histamine?

    What people meds ARE OK to give to a dog?

    I didn't know onions, grapes and other stuff could be toxic to dogs before I read it here... just wondering about meds. Again, I am actually considering doing this...just wondering/thinking out loud.

    Thanks, Andy
  • ahcollierahcollier
    Posts: 55
    CORRECTION: I am NOT actually thinking about doing this... just wondering since I saw some references. Sorry for the typo above.

    Cheers, Andy
  • AkiraleShibaAkiraleShiba
    Posts: 260
    Yes you can but you have to make sure it's the right molecule and quantity
  • InoushiInoushi
    Posts: 555
    Many medications we use today have been tested to be safe with animals before they are tested with humans, so yes, many medications can be used for dogs. Many of the medications used to treat anxiety, pain, and infections are actually the same for humans. My ferret became ill recently, and he has been prescribed Pepto Bismol along with human grade amoxicillin, he even takes it at the same intervals as humans. However many medications, like aspirin, can be dangerous if it is given in the same quantity and strength as a human would take. Some breeds of dogs are more sensitive to some medications then others. For this reason it is very important to never give a dog a medication unless your vet recommends it to you. I keep some Bayer aspirin for my dog's HD. Despite being a 100 pounds, she takes only half a tablet of the lowest strength, while many people would assume she would take the same as an adult human. So yes they can be used, as long as you found out the right dose by consulting your vet.
  • ahcollierahcollier
    Posts: 55
    Jessica, Thanks! Important links... I will book mark these for sure.

    Cheers, Andy
  • I know for loose stool Pepto Bismol is fine to give. My vet told us to do that when he had diarrhea and it helped immediately. I have heard of giving regular antibiotics like amoxocillian ... but gotta be sure of the dosage for the size dog you have, so yes, I concur with the's best to let your vet prescribe or advise.

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