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How loving is your Shiba?
  • Bec1178Bec1178
    Posts: 6
    So, I've been told by a lot of people that Shibas are not "cuddlers" and that although they are loyal they are not a breed that shows love outwardly the way a Lab or other such breed might.

    Zoey is 17 months old, and although she definitely lets us know at times that she doesn't want to be bothered with our silly human affection, she is changing slowly...

    This picture was taken right after I sat up from a laying position on my couch (you can see where the pillow is). Zoey is no longer content with napping at my feet or on the floor... she prefers to be as close to my head as possible, and when I lay on the couch, it translates to what you see here. :)

    My husband says she looks like a cat when she sleeps on the arm of the couch... so I'm wondering, how loving are your Shibas?
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Aww! So cute! Yeah Saya lays on the arm of the couch sometimes.

    Saya gives me shiba hugs I'd have to get a good picture of it up soon..
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • KBBD83KBBD83
    Posts: 249
    Marshall would much rather do his own puppy thing than be lovey. Occasionally he will walk up and put his cheek in my hand for some good rubs. It's darling.
  • AkiraleShibaAkiraleShiba
    Posts: 260
    I wish Akira was more like Zoey! Akira's kind of affection is more like me being in the living room and him being as far as he can be from me: in my bedroom on the second floor :)
  • BeccasunBeccasun
    Posts: 82
    Brody sleeps back to back with me at night, is by my side at all times and LOVES my affection. He loves it from our family and a few of our kids friends, but primarily from me. He is less of a snuggler than my sheltie was... but I almost think it's a visual thing. My sheltie always closed his eyes and put his head on my shoulder snuggling, while Brody always wants eye contact, he is always watching to see what we are up to next...
  • So cute! When my husband has to leave for business trips, Saru gets much more willing to be cuddly with me. Normally he puts up with my over affections, but in general he is happy to let us know he loves us by just wanting to be in the room with us. And he is always happy and greets us when we get home and let him out of his kennel. The past few nights he has fallen asleep in my arms at night because he knows I want to cuddle with my husband gone, I will wake up in the mornings with him laying against my legs. He is a sweetie.
  • LoveMyMylieLoveMyMylie
    Posts: 331
    Mylie use to hate (and I love how you put it) "silly human affection." Mylie is 3 years old now and for probably the first year of her life she wouldn't even let anyone pet her, she never payed much attention to us unless she wanted to play or go for a walk. She's changed tremendously though. When my fiance gets home from work every day he picks her up and they cuddle for a solid 5 minutes, it's so cute, it's like she's hugging him. When she wants to be pet she either nudges your hand with her nose or will tap you with her paw. At times she's fairly pushy about nudging herself into our arms to cuddle, however, she'll never sit on our laps... Just today she rested with her head on my lap for about an hour while I scratched her ears; and at night... Well she has her place at the end of the bed where she normally sleeps, but when she's feeling extra "lovey" she likes to sleep between us. When my fiance gets up in the morning to go to work she snuggles up right next to me, head on the pillow and all; and occasionally finagles herself under the covers. I love her personality, she's not overly needy with the cuddling to the point where it's annoying. She turned out to be the perfect dog for us :)
  • Bec1178Bec1178
    Posts: 6
    Zoey will nudge her nose under my hand when she wants to be petted, she will also paw at me. (I like to say that she thinks she has hands) She uses her paws a lot to get our attention. When she was a puppy she slept with me in my bed and would want to be pressed up against me, but since I got married and moved in with my husband, he won't allow her on the bed so she is crated at night. My husband is a musician, so there are a lot of Friday and Saturday nights that he doesn't come home until 3 or 4 in the morning, so on those nights she snuggles in bed with me until he gets home. She used to just want to be next to me, but lately she has been curling up right on his pillow facing me. I think that's her way of getting back at him, lol. :) I just could not love her more!!
  • InoushiInoushi
    Posts: 555
    I have a very cuddle loving pup . He loves to be pet and carried (too much actually). When we sit outside to enjoy the weather or visit a friend's house, no matter how hot it is, he must sit on my lap, he also enjoys sleeping on my lap as well. He is very attached to me, and is affectionate with my family as well, so much so he demands some time from all of them each day. Inside our home he does have his moments when he'll go off to sleep in the doorway of the room I am in or with our other dog Zora, but usually he sleeps under my chair or as close as he can get to me. When I let him on my bed he sleeps with his head tucked under my chin. I have to say I was not expecting such a sweet pup, he does still act like a normal shiba with strangers, but he does warm up to them after a while (he allows my friends to pick him up as well). But for anyone thinking about getting a Shiba and reading this, please know this is hardly normal, not to mention he is still pretty young and may change.
  • emmyemmy
    Posts: 553
    Toby is very hot and cold. He prefers to lay a little around the corner from the room I am in when he is sleeping. But at night he REALLY wants to curl up next to me in bed (I'm trying to train him to sleep in his own bed). Sometimes he will come to me so that I will pet him, but even then it's not cuddling. Just putting his head or belly where he knows it'll get rubbed. He does NOT like to be held or be in my lap. He's pretty cat-like that way...very nosy but not that lovey.
  • starrystarry
    Posts: 187
    toki will sleep under the covers next to me in bed. And he will crawl into my lap when he is ready to lie down, but if my lap is not available he will find other ways to be on/near there a monkey on my back?
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Aww! Cute picture. =)
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • Sukoshi is a snuggle bug. She's always been pretty affectionate. Hoshi is gradually becoming more of cuddle dog; he likes to sit on my lap occasionally at the dog park and observe the other dogs.
  • YoshiMitsuYoshiMitsu
    Posts: 318
    Yoshi is a very cuddly, snuggly Shiba. He always wants to be near me. When I sit on the loveseat he must sit right next to me until he gets annoyed with me and then he will leave and sit on the couch for about 2 mins and then come back LOL. He always snuggles up next to me in the bed when im sleeping and lately he has been falling asleep on me. Here's a pic:
  • i love looking at these pictures. When we first got MoJo he was a playful crazy puppy. Always on the go...always being nosey...always investigating and had no time for cuddles, kisses, petting or hugs. He was interested in you if you had a ball to throw for him to chase or a bone to chew on. As he got older and got used to the people in his house he became more affectionate and loving and enjoys hugs, kisses, petting and cuddling. Not when he's full of energy...more like when he's tired and wants to settle down. He gets so happy when any of us come home and acts like he hasn't seen us in forever. The curly tag wags and the airplane ears go back and he jumps, and licks and makes cute noises. I LOVE HIM!!!!!!! There's just something about a shiba that is NOT like any other dog. I think that's what our attraction is towards him even more than usual.
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  • I love the dog pictures.
    My Shiba inu is 10 weeks old and she's very affectionate and loving. I hope it stays this way forever.. She's also very obedient most of the time.
  • pyleapylea
    Posts: 235
    Resurrecting a very old thread for no other reason than to post about some of Pylea's behaviors that are cute and make me happy.

    - She follows me from room to room and gently touches my legs with her nose as I'm walking. It's the cutest. Feeling. Ever.
    - She loves being held so she can look out the window. I love when she rests her chin on my shoulder and sighs.
    - She loves being carried around in stores. If it were up to her, I would carry her on our walks too.
    - She licks my legs and toes after I get out of the shower.
    - She gives puppy kisses.
    - She loves to sit in my lap and chew things.
    - She loves to lay and/or sleep next to me... but if I touch her, she'll move a foot away and lay back down. So funny. (Other times she'll lay on my feet or against my legs.)
    - She loves chest rubs, cheek rubs, inner ear massages, etc.
    - If I leave the apartment even for a minute, she excitedly jumps all over me when I come back.

    The last few days I've also noticed her enjoying/requesting affection more.
    - Today I fell asleep while studying (oops!) and I woke up to her in my arms, licking my face. She stayed in my arms for a while after that.
    - Today she stood and nuzzled her upper body in my lap so she could enjoy some chest rubs.
    - Recently she started letting select strangers/friends pet her, and seems to enjoy it.

    I wouldn't say she's extremely cuddly, but I'm very happy with her affection level. I mostly let her decide when she wants to be touched, minus one handling exercise (having her lay on her back so I can clip her nails and brush her teeth). I feel like our bond is growing stronger every day. I've only had her 2 months, so I am very excited for what's to come.

    Edit: a related thing--despite her obvious displays of affection and excitement, she NEVER wags her tail. Literally never. Weird.
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