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Rotating foods
  • kwyldkwyld
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    For anyone who rotates the food they feed their dogs, how often do you rotate? I rotate foods pretty often, between Orijen 6 fresh fish, the Adult formula, The Honest Kitchen Embark and Evo large bites. Now I've bought a bag of the Nature's Variety Turkey and Duck meal, and they are going crazy for it. Should I be consistenly buying the same food for 3-4 mons and then switching or is it ok to switch every month and a half or so? They don't have diahrrea or vomiting, just a little gas when they are switched over to a new bag, but Pepcid and plain yougurt helps that. Am I potentially hurting their GI flora or is it better to keep variety in their diet this often?
  • brandon_wbrandon_w
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  • kwyldkwyld
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