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Suggestions on adding a dog to our pack
  • ShibaMamaShibaMama
    Posts: 73
    We are adding Yoshi's bio mama to our pack on wednesday night. The breeder is retiring her.

    I've never had two dogs at once before so any suggestions in intergrating them would be appreciated.

    I seem to think that i read something about that on this board at one time but couldn't seem to find it.
  • ShibatasticShibatastic
    Posts: 143
    I think it's just important for the puppy to not harass the adult. That usually spells bad news if the older dog gets annoyed easily. Maybe they'll both get along and remember each other, who knows? I think it's just important to treat them as strangers.

    The general rules are: feed them separately, give each of them alone time, supervise them whenever they're together, don't favor any one dog since they're both your babies, exercise them well and make them tired before they play together, walk them together if possible and you should have some good results. Again, you won't know their chemistry til they're together. How old is the mother and the pup?
  • starrystarry
    Posts: 187
    well, its been 23 days since I introduced a second dog (3 yr old female) to my current dog (1 yr 9 mo old male )
    and here is what I'd say helped
    it helps if you have two people (one to hold one dog each) to do the introduction with and in a neutral outdoor place first
    multiple short visits with one another while on leash is better than long interactions.
    I got the new dog from the humane society so it took a long time (hours) for her to feel comfortable
    it helps a lot if at least one dog knows some impulse control (leave it, sit, stay)
    watch carefully when the dogs are walking through all doorways
    this was a hot spot for my dogs during the first week or so, depending on who went through first and how close they got to each other when walking through
    other things to watch are toys, food, water dish, crate, bed (dog bed and your bed)
    my rescue wanted all the toys to herself and would take them from my boy, and for the first week my boy would not let her jump on the bed
    Do not punish one over the other, cause you never know who started it
    one time my rescue body checked my boy good enough to scare him and I was worried that she was bullying him, but the next time she did it I had been watching them interact and saw my boy pawing and nagging at her the few minutes prior

    and its true you won't know their chemistry till they are together

    Make sure you give it time, don't let it overwhelm you.
    Its only been about a month and I'm still learning a lot, and only now am I finally starting to feel comfortable about having the two dogs
  • ShibaMamaShibaMama
    Posts: 73
    Thank you all!! =)

    got crates.. got baby gates.. got xpen. figuring out how to rotate. i'll be picking her up tonight.

    Yoshi is just over a year old.. his mama is 4 years old. She just weaned her last litter.

    Jessica, that wasn't the post i was thinking of but oh my! lots of good information! Thank
    you finding that. =)

    i'm so excited, i'm jumping out of my skin!

    I may be back for more help...................... if thats okay.......... =P

    once we all settle in, i'll try to take and post pics of the two.
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