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Scratching ALOT
  • velvetkatvelvetkat
    Posts: 497
    Just recently my 9 month old Shiba puppy has started scratching and scratching and scratching. I have made sure he does not have fleas so I am looking for suggestions on what it might be. I added premad raw to his diet but its been about 3 weeks and he just started scratching this much in the last couple of days. Nothing else has changed. Of course allergies and dry skin seem to be the most likely culprits so if anyone has suggestions for remedies please post away. Oh I have also started using HALO Dream Coat a couple of times a week for his and my cats coats.
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  • McYogiMcYogi
    Posts: 518
    One of our shibas goes through itchy phases. I think in his case, it's partly due to being itchy, and it's partly that he's neurotic and once he starts he gets obsessive and won't stop. We've used hydrocortizone spray (a quick google search found lots of inexpensive products with good reviews at Petco) with success, but applying it isn't the easiest when they're already uncomfortable and cranky. Plus, he may try to lick it off which means he needs a constant supervision and correction or an E-collar.

  • ljowen123ljowen123
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    scratching and itching often means an allergy, but the key is finding which one before you decide on a remedy - for instance, if your shiba started scratching not long after a walk something could have irritated from that - a pesticide or chemical used on the grass. It could be food related, but I would think it would have shown within the first 2 weeks. I've used Benadryl in the past, but that was before I tried to figure out what was triggering an itchy episode.
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  • LoveMyMylieLoveMyMylie
    Posts: 331
    Could it be shampoo related? We had to switch our shiba to Organic Oatmeal based shampoo to control her itching, seems to have worked wonders so far :)
  • velvetkatvelvetkat
    Posts: 497
    I have eliminated any wheat from his diet. I found wheat in a couple of treats that I was giving him and also used an organic flea shampoo just in case there was a renegade flea. I also have added Halo Dream coat to his food to help with the possibility of dry skin although I havent seen any flaking. So we will see. No chemicals or pesticides on our lawn and thats the only place he has been. We bathe him very little and have used the same shampoo since we got him so I kinda doubt it is that but one never knows. Weve had a lot of rain lately so all sorts of bugs have been born to create havoc with our lives. Hopefully one of the things we have done will fix the problem. Thanks for the help Ljowen and LoveMyMylie!
  • Where is he itching? Arm pit and rib cage area? I know for my puppy when he was itching in his armpit and rib cage area was when he was losing his puppy coat. He's itching in those areas again now since he is shedding again.
  • velvetkatvelvetkat
    Posts: 497
    good thought Frank, he has been shedding his puppy coat! thanks!

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