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Has anyone used or heard about DermaPaw or DERMagic?
  • As most of you guys know, my little pup Severus has severe allergy issues. The dermatologist wants to test him when he is 1 years old. He has his good days and bad days and sometimes he'll chew up his paws and sometimes he wont. I basically cone him for 4 hours at a time and its a completely oversized cone but he still manages to bend in ways that I'm not sure if its even possible. Should some dog booties or socks work better? And also I was curious if anyone has heard about these products. Thanks!
  • ljowen123ljowen123
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    The dermapaw sock harness is really cool - I don't know how well the other stuff works, but I am intrigued by the sock harness.
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  • InoushiInoushi
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    You should try another vet, its horrible they are letting him suffer like that. Most dogs develop their allergies at six months so waiting doesn't really make sense to me. My rottie has allergies that we don't exactly know the origin of, but we have been able to learn how to keep her itch free. I know what your going through with Severus, Zora used to bite her back raw, and constantly lick her forepaws. We used a spray (I unfortunately cannot recall the name, though I think it may have been from four paws or heartz) that soothed her hot spots but deterred her from biting. You have to work on that behavior because its only making it worst on him, and even once he gets on a medication, he may still do it out of habit. We had to watch her like a hawk, especially when it came to her paw pads. It literally took a month or two to stop it. We also bathe her frequently with gentle oatmeal baths (we found good results with the ones that use aloe and coconuts). Instead of drying her out, it keeps her from getting itchy (this is assuming Severus isn't having these attacks from food). We do this like once a month and more frequently when spring hits, or when we see a surplus of dander. We also noticed that if she is stressed out, it triggers her attacks or makes them worst. We tried using booties (not like the one your looking at) on her and she just took them off, so I dunno if you want to bother especially with him hating the cone (this wasn't an option for us either). Also make sure you don't allow his hot spots or his paws to get too moist, that makes it harder for them to heal, plus it makes them want to lick even more.
    I'm so sorry to hear your pup going through this, I know how stressful this can be. But once you find a regime to keep the attacks under control it will not be so bad. So far we've kept Zora from having a real bad outbreak for a couple of years now, free of any medications, just oatmeal baths every 2-6 weeks depending on the state of things, and frequent brushing/combing (she loves it because it gets her itchy spots, but in a controlled way that we are only removing dead skin which helps lessen her desire to chew).
    Good luck.
  • Thanks guys. I'll see if I can find a dermatologist that's willing to test him now. I wish I could somehow take his allergies, at least I would know what it is...
  • ShibatasticShibatastic
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    "I wish I could somehow take his allergies.." That's too sweet. im sorry I can't be of more help. What is he allergic to exactly? Is it some innate allergy? I know you're probably avoiding all the obvious stuff.

    P.S. I swear I've seen many videos of your dog on youtube lol.
  • ^haha you probably have. I record every moment of his puppy life haha. I think he's allergic to beef/grains and probably chicken. I think he is also allergic to something really common like dust mites or maybe grass pollens.
  • ljowen123ljowen123
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    btw, I think I'm going to buy the sock harness as I am still working on fur regrowth with Jazz...
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  • Ohhhh I'm going to try making one first haha. He has videos online showing people how to make it.
  • ljowen123ljowen123
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    I know, but for $16 it's worth buying it...
    LJ - owned by Queen Jazz, a Shiba Inu, Atlanta, GA
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    In my experience putting on cream and socks is just one more challenge that my shibas would take on with gusto. The socks did little to help and got flung far and wide. I am looking at the quote for the topical add. They state their dog was all better because of the cream. I don't think it was the cream it was the Atopica. However, the cream may have helped the skin once healing began, in conjunction with the oral medication. What you want to avoid is encouraging bacterial growth so using the topical should be monitored. It may help hyper-pigmentation cell damage, that prevents hair re-growth, once you can get the itching to stop.

    Did the vet state why there was a need to wait? Is the plan for Severus to take allergy injections?? I don't see why they can not find out now and treat for the current symptoms. Seems odd to me....

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  • ^The derm. said that the allergy season gets worse during the summer and wanted Severus to fully experience it or something along those lines. And that way after a year his body will know all the things he's allergic too. I'm not too sure...but I'll definitely ask if they can test him now. There's no sense in letting him getting infections over and over again.
  • Just saw this old thread when I was searching for Dermapaw reviews. Always come back here, and our paths keep intersecting, somehow. =)

    I just bought a jar. Will let you know how it goes.

    Bowdu's been doing so much better, it's just those last little bloody bits...

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  • Oh wow, I've never heard of DermaPaws, I'm SOOO making a sock harness for Leah! She can get quite bendy when she has the cone on and baby socks never stay on of course!
  • haha we always do seem to cross. But yeah I tried it. It worked pretty good for awhile but I think the Cod oil was bothering him a bit. I remember the first night I used this was the first time he started dreaming again meaning it was soothing for him and allowed him to sleep throughout the night
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    I can report that there's nothing to report, basically... we used it for about a week, and though Bowdu seemed to do all right with its application, his foot problem was beyond DermaPaw help. He needed tougher drugs for the yeast and bacterial infection which the vet said had sprouted on his footsies.

    Which brings me to one of my concerns -- given the variety of oil and and petrol bases in this product, I wonder if it serves to either shield or entrap germs. I would be afraid that it's keeping more germs close to the skin, and therefore promoting excess flora to grow on tootsies... We always applied Dermapaw *after* a foot soak, which seems to be the way to go. At any rate, we're still using it, I just don't have any noticeable or fast results to report.
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  • Have you tried genesis topical spray? It works pretty well just don't use too much. It seems to raise my dogs heart rate but I only use it for his bad hot spots. Which isn't every day.

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