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Why the shiba?
  • ljowen123ljowen123
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    A thread on the other side got me to thinking...why a shiba?
    Why did you pick a shiba over every other dog out there?
    What regrets do you have?
    What wouldn't you trade because of the shiba?
    LJ - owned by Queen Jazz, a Shiba Inu, Atlanta, GA
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  • SabimaruSabimaru
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    My own vanity and experience with herding dogs makes me look at Sabi sometimes in puzzlement and ask, "Why aren't you listening to me all the time and think that I'm the best thing since sliced bread?"

    ...and then he does something puzzling/stupid/hilarious that no other dog would ever do, I laugh, pat him on the head, and know I made the right choice.
  • maxwellsmaxwells
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    Why the Shiba… We moved into our new condo in November and wanted a dog ASAP, as we had been renting in a non-dog building in Chicago for the 7 years prior. This building is in one of the most dog friendly neighborhoods in the city, so it was a slow torture. During that time we talked about what we wanted in a dog, but mostly it centered around the fact we didn’t want a spoiled (evil) dog like both my parents had. (Give them any breed dog, and they’ll spoil it to the point where it’s a terrible dog!)

    Here was the general thought process…

    First was temperament, we knew we wanted a smart dog that wasn’t the general ‘people pleaser’ type. (You see we had cats for many, many years so that was the mind set – no slobbery people pleaser dogs!) Then came aesthetics… No dogs that didn’t look like a D.O.G. At this point, my husband voiced that he wanted a GSD. Then came a conversation about size, as the new condo is a 1bed/bath and around 770sq ft. No GSD. ( Average home size in Japan is 625 sq ft, maybe?)
    We saw a shiba inu on, of all places, the Dog Whisperer of all places and thought – WOW! What the heck is that!?! We started researching the breed and found it sit everything we wanted, and MORE! Like being a good exclude to break out my high school Japanese language for names/commands!

    Any regrets stem mainly from how we started training our first shiba Ichiro, as well as picking him up from a very rural setting in *January*, so he didn’t get as much city socialization as he really needed to overcome a lot of his fears. We initially opted for a more ‘ceaser-like’ home training regimen, so that made him fearful of us and new things. Bad start. After, we found a great positive based trainer and have had zero regrets since.

    What DID break Ichiro out of his shell with others was the addition of a very well socialized ‘imoto-chan’ or little sister Akira. He sees her getting pets and attention and he HAS to go check it out. ;)
    Jenn & Stephen (humans), Ichiro & Akira (shibas), Abraham & Anya (cats)
  • SayaSaya
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    Why did you pick a shiba over every other dog out there?
    I loved Japanese dog breeds I've had two boxers, one lab/german shepherd mix, and one catahoula mix and fostered two pure catahoula dogs those dogs were fine, but I still loved the looks of the many Japanese breeds.

    I got a shiba inu because I loved their look, description, and I love that they are not people pleasers like labs or boxers.

    I find my personality matches the shiba inu breed or at least Saya's personality. Another thing Saya loves to comfort me if I'm sad she'll walk right up to me lick my hand and cuddle with me to make me feel better.

    What regrets do you have?
    None that I can think of she's been great only problems I've had with her was wood chewing during teething, but with worked she has stopped this.

    What wouldn't you trade because of the shiba?

    I wouldn't trade anything I love Saya's shiba personality.
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • well, well, well...where do i start? my son told me about the breed. he saw a guy walking one in manhattan and asked what it was. none of us ever heard of a shiba. i googled them and went to youtube and watched videos. then the research began.
    what do I like about them>? they aren't your average kiss ass dog. they are a challenge. so when you accomplish something with them, you've really accomplished something. I like their size and muscular body. they are compact, and sturdy. i love their cleanliness and aloffness. i also love their independence. Shibas don't cuddle much, but mojo does at the end of the day. we sit on the couch and watch tv and he sleeps on my lap as I pet him. He loves that.
    I don't think i'd ever get another shiba though...they are a handfull. I'm still young enough now to keep up with his energy, but 15-17 years from now I'll want a couch potato.
  • tjhawaiitjhawaii
    Posts: 42
    I've loved the breed for years and years. Wanted a quiet-ish dog that's not toy-sized but not over 30lbs, one that's pretty fastidious. A good apartment dog. That's a shiba!

    People here are knocking the slavering, obedient dogs, but it would be nice if my dog remembered any of my commands or had any sort of recall. I went hiking with my friends and their dog in the woods last week. No leash, no worries. The black lab ran off but always stayed within earshot. It was amazing! Would love that with my dog.
  • MarlenaMarlena
    Posts: 42
    Well my husband is Japanese (but we live in Australia), so he said that we should get the Japanese national dog, to remind him of home. I did some research on the breed and loved their looks immediately. I had never owned any dogs, since I come from a family that is (unfortunately) prejudiced against dogs, and all about the cats. So to tell you the truth, I haven't been stressed or overwhelmed by this dog's aloofness; it's just normal, cat-like behaviour to me! I have absolutely no regrets about getting a shiba; I love his crazy, independent personality!
    BTW, I was recently talking to a Japanese friend, and he said that there are two sides to the wonderful story of Hachiko, the loyal dog that waited at Shibuya station every day for his master to return. One side is, of course, that he loved and respected his master... The other side is that there was also a yakitori (grilled chicken) vendor at Shibuya station, and Hachiko would go there every day to eat chicken scraps!
  • Why a shiba?
    Well I have always loved the look of the Shiba since I saw one on a eukanuba dog show several years ago. By the time my husband finally said okay to a dog I knew that I wanted a Shiba, since we were living in an apartment. However I still had to convince my husband that he wanted a shiba, he liked Besenjis. We did alot of research between the 2 breeds, they have surprisingly similar personalities, however the biggest desicion maker was the looks. We had the wonderful opportunity to see a besenji and shiba pup at the Petland(I will never ever shop there) and the deal was set in stone. When my husband saw the shiba pup he said that's it, that's what we are getting. So the hunt for breeders began. Luckly we found Pam at Royal Kennels very early in our search and a few months later we broght home our Saru. We where out to see Saru and Pam every 2 weeks after he was born, just cuz we were crazy! Best day ever!
    What regrets do I have? None really. He has been the perfect dog for us and the perfect challenge.
    I wouldn't trade the world for my Shiba. Or anything for that matter! He is the best thing ever.
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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    I had to dig deep to find a thread I thought this site might fit into, as my search/adv. search doesn't seem to be working. I think it's very interesting and entertaining for Shiba owners , but could also be very useful for those who are still considering a Shiba and maybe just creeping the forum. Maybe a Admin. Could repost it in a better area. Link:

    "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
  • DebDeb
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    Why a Shiba? The first Shiba I ever met was in 1989 and I have loved and admired them ever since. After 25 plus years of having Akitas, I'm older now and wanted a smaller dog, but a real dog. I wanted a unique dog who isn't a slobber king and can entertain themselves at times, regal, imperial, interestingly smart and a portable size. No other breed fills that niche for me. They're so portable, I have three. Two were chosen specifically, the third picked me.

    Regrets? None at all.

    Trade? Nothing!
  • tatonkatatonka
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    I saw a breed book at the SPCA. It said Shibas were smart. Got Tatonka two days after that as a rash decision. I really had no idea he'd be so damn cute a year later.

    Regrets? No just fears.. having to watch him grow old, having to deal with him being gone some day. I think it will be very difficult for me.

  • XabiXabi
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    @tatonka I hear you. I know that nothing is sure in life for any of us, but as my Xabi is nearing his second birthday knowing our time is limited is often in the back of my mind.
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  • redcattooredcattoo
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    ljowen123 said:

    Why did you pick a shiba over every other dog out there?
    What regrets do you have?
    What wouldn't you trade because of the shiba?

    --We picked a Shiba after learning about them at a pet store we happened to go into that was next to my bike store.

    We wanted a smart dog, but one that was good at being independent (we had always had cats up to then and liked the balance of love and independence they show). We had ruled out Border Collies because we weren't looking for one that needed attention every moment of the day, which we had heard BC's did or would get in really bad trouble.

    We also wanted a mid-sized breed. Neither of us wanted a small breed as in our minds most small breeds are yappy. We also didn't really want a large breed, so wanted something in the 20-40lb range. My husband likes bull dogs, but I said no to that because I didn't want a slobbery dog, which in my mind I would get with a bull dog.

    I also wanted one that could be active. I worked out 5-6 times a week, which included 3-4 mile runs (I am not fast though), so was looking for a dog breed that was a working breed that could be happy running at a modest pace for 3-4 miles when they were older.

    Going off those points, the pet shop lady we were talking to asked if we had ever considered a Shiba as the breeds we ruled out and the balance she thought we were looking for fit that breed. So we began researching online what we could about the breed and decided that she was right and our search for one began.

    --I absolutely love my Bear, but I do regret not knowing more about avoiding BYB's as that is where he came from.

    --I don't think there is anything I wouldn't trade to be blessed with a Shiba in my life. Despite the very high independent nature challenges we have with Bear (ie recall and focus while trying to do off leash sports activities) I feel very blessed to have him. The fact he has been a challenge, not in "knowing" what I am training but in "wanting" to do it, has made me a much better dog owner than the majority of people who don't invest time long term to train their dogs. I would trade anything to keep him in my life.

  • amtiamti
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    We were dogless for 13 years because we traveled to Japan every summer for up to 8 weeks to put the kids into Japanese schools, so we didn't feel it would be fair to a dog if we had one during that time. Once my parents moved back to the states, my kids started pushing me for a dog. I wasn't against them having a dog, but more or less wanted them to take some responsibility if they wanted to have some input on what type of dog we were getting. Having lived in Japan for 17 years as a kid/teen/adult, I was familiar with Shibas and even raised two mixes. When I moved to the states, I raised a Samoyed for 11 years and they have similar personalities so I seriously considered another sammy. My kids only knew of Shibas and how cute they were, but not all their quirks. My son really wanted a husky, malamute, or akita, but I told him they were too big for me and since he would eventually go to college, a smaller dog would be better, which is when we discussed the shiba. He researched them and decided they were a good looking dog, not too girly or small, and athletic enough for him to take hiking and running. He is also proud of being part Japanese and having a dog from Japan just sort of fit into his character.

    I regret having my dad watch Kaji when I had to go to CO with my mom since he didn't keep a close eye on him and he chewed up the corners on my coffee table. But then again, it is only furniture. I also regret the countless numbers of black clothing I have accumulated over the years. Having a Sammy, I knew better not to buy anything black, but once she was gone, I started buying a lot of my favorite color items. Now I will have to store them for years or wear them furry. I also wish Kaji was from a reputable breeder and not a byb who wasn't very experienced. We love Kaji but he just doesn't look like the shibas did in Japan. Our rescue boy doesn't look right either, although his body is quite perfect. lol... but we love them both.

    My biggest fear with my boys is that they might get hit by a car or lost since they have terrible recall and the woods in the back have coyotes. I have the side of a baby crib blocking my front porch in case the dogs get out of the door (which has saved me headache a few times!), but they have managed to escape when someone careless opens the garage door or leaves the front door open (with two teens, we have a lot of people coming and going). It is really hard to catch them and they tend to think of running/ignoring us as a game. The last two times they got out, I have been bringing out the leashes and asking them if they want to go for a walk. Usually one dog will come and get leashed. I praise like crazy and start walking. Last time it was Taisho that came and Kaji started to follow. He stayed very close to us the entire time and when we got back to the house, I tried to get him back into the house from the garage, which is how he got out. He didn't follow so I ignored him and closed the garage door. Then when I went to the front door, he was there, ready to come in, so we treated in the kitchen. This experience gave me some hope that maybe Kaji can be trained to be off leash with some training. :)

  • Sarah_Jay12Sarah_Jay12
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    Why did you pick a shiba over every other dog out there?
    What regrets do you have?
    What wouldn't you trade because of the shiba?

    -My then-fiance was moving out of his family home into an apartment to be closer to where I lived at the time. He had always wanted his own dog since he was younger, but since his mom was allergic, he couldn't have one. I had only ever grown up with a cat, so I was sort of skeptical, but excited. We originally wanted a Husky, but since it was a 1 bedroom apartment, we knew that couldn't happen. So we started looking at other Spitz-type dogs. As soon as we came across the Shiba Inu and started looking more into their traits, we knew it was meant to be. Their cat-like tendencies made me feel at ease and their size was perfect for the apartment. From there, we just kept finding information that made us know we were making the right choice.

    -I regret that she was raised in an apartment. My then-fiance was put into an upstairs apartment, and I moved in a month or two later. For some dumb reason, we didn't really consider that an upstairs apartment wouldn't be ideal for raising a pup. Now we are in a house with a huge backyard and an awesome neighborhood close to a huge dog park, but back then, it was just our apartment complex and she didn't have anywhere to run or play. We would put her on the tie out in the lawn next to our building and have picnics and play, but that wasn't the same as running around free.

    -Haha, I really wouldn't trade a single thing. My now-husband and I don't have any human kids, and we like it that way (for now). But Maggie is our girl. She's going to be 1 at the end of the month, and it's truly hard to believe it's already been a year. She brings such happiness into our lives. Every morning when my husband lets her out of the kennel in the living room, she runs right past him into the bedroom and bounds up on top of me, showering me with kisses and playgrowls. Then she remembers her Dad got left in the dust and runs to make it up to him. I wouldn't trade that for a single thing in the world.
  • I wanted a smart dog with a more independent nature. Plus cute. I wanted a Siberian, but don't really have enough space for one. So Shiba won out and it was the right choice.
  • Why a Shiba? - -
    Compact size.
    VERY Cute ... looks and personality.
    Intelligence ... this is great when we both are on the same page, but not so good when I want him to do something that he doesn't want to do. It takes A LOT more time and patience to work with this part of the Shiba personality as opposed to many other breeds.
    Independence ... because I only want the one animal, I wanted him to be less stressed than a Lab would be when left alone in his crate for several hours. He seems to like his own company (given the right toys). We did work toward this by short stays in the crate and then built up to 4 hours.

    Regrets? - -
    I do wish the Shiba Breed had a more trustworthy recall, like a Shepherd. I have worked with Chewie, but can tell that I won't ever be able to fully trust him off lead (its that breed independence!). I have a large yard that is installed with an electric fence (worked great with previous Labs and Shepherds) - but I don't think that I will be able to train (and trust) my Shiba to it. He would only be outside when I am outside, but I fear a squirrel or rabbit running by may be too enticing to keep him contained without a "true" fence.

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