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afraid of the water bowl!
  • velvetkatvelvetkat
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    Sometimes I just don't understand! I cleaned the water bowl, (its one of the fountain ones) Although we don't plug it in as the cats kept knocking the water bowl and sloshing the water everywhere, now my 7month old puppy Bear is afraid of it. He sneaks up to the bowl as hes thirsty and then grabs a quick lick and runs. Nothing is different at all. I even put down another bowl of water and he sneaks up to that one too like hes afraid of the water movement. Anyone else having this problem? Until yesterday everything was fine!

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  • I'm sure if you've read this forum that you realize that shibas display many fears, quirks, and odd behaviors compared to other canine breeds. My dog hated diesel trucks when she was a pup (especially trash trucks with all their added noise). She is not as bad now at 4yo, but still pulls the leash alittle more when we're right next to one. Sudden noises always seem to startle her alittle also when she is resting. So I'm supposing that if you've ever had that water bowl plugged in when he was near it the noise of it may be the reason he doesn't like it. How to get him over it may take awhile or not (who knows?). I would try to withhold water for a few hours or more and then take him for a nice long walk then get him some water in a plain bowl. Hopefully he'll be thirsty enough to go for it. I would also avoid any stainless steel bowl as how the light reflects off of them seem to be disturbing to some. I would also put your fountain bowl on a shelf somewhere and forget about it. I'm sure you'll get plenty of other helpful suggestions here.