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    How do you know if your dog has allergies? Sorry if it's a dumb question, but I am curious...
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  • ljowen123ljowen123
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  • Basically everything that was said. Maybe running nose/eyes. Rubbing face in the grass.
  • StaticNfuzzStaticNfuzz
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  • Eye crusties, especially green ones.
  • kfields25kfields25
    Posts: 60 did you know it was a grain allergy? Yogi licks (sometimes I think it's a bit much), and he is always around me when I spray something like air freshener or perfume. No eye crusties unless it's when he just wakes up. I'll check out these sites...thanks!
  • Bump

    There are a few threads so I posting here.

    Not sure if I am being an over-concerned pet-parent (which I usually am), so before rushing to the vet, I figured I'd ask here...

    Banjo has been sneezing a lot recently... like a LOT. He is also scratching himself a bit more than normal, and almost exclusively after we come from outside. His eyes are extra "gooey", and he is lethargic/tired easily (could also be the record hot days we've had in the area). Also, he is ALWAYS shedding the undercoat, its still going on and has been for almost a month!! I know @Bootz's shiba doesn't blow coat, just sheds all the time ( I think you said that, right?). I am not sure if Banjo does that or has normal shiba tendencies. (he is only a year old)

    He is on a "almost" exclusively raw/grain free diet. (He eats duck/beef 6 days a week [including organs and tripe] turkey one day a week, however his treats sometimes have potato or barley).

    I am thinking some benadryl may help but I have no clue how much to give, or what kind (child size, non-drowsy, gelcap including casing, gel cap no casing, syrup, can I mix it with food? etc).

    Also he has been holding his poop longer. This morning was his first poop since Saturday morning!! I think it may be because everytime he sniffs the grass to "find a spot" he comes up sneezing.

    Any advice would be helpful. Thanks. =(

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  • Is her sneezing productive? Like is there mucus coming out?

    Nym had a small reaction to her last round of boosters so our vet told us to give Nymeria 1/4 of a child's benadryl. We cut up the grape chewable ones. Nym is quite a bit smaller (11.4lbs) than Banjo, but maybe you can translate the size. But I would definitely give your vet at least a call to make sure it's okay... it should be, but if his sneeze is productive it might be something other than allergies.
  • @lauratherose, his sneezing isn't productive, I don't think... when he sneezes in my face (the little d-bag that he is), its just a little wet, and when he sneezes on the floor, I see no moisture on the hardwood.

  • sunyatasunyata
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  • If I ever post "I am getting another dog" can someone remind me of this thread and instead suggest a hamster? Thanks. =)

    Much appreciated! I am trying a new vet who fully supports raw but the problem is Saturday is the next time I can get there!

  • HAHA! Oh you have a little sir, eh? (When Nym's being difficult, I call her a little miss)

    Shibas have such a personality!

    That's good about the unproductive sneeze... Sounds like allergies to me... but please take that with a heaping gallon-ful of salt, because I am not a board certified veterinarian and have attended 0.0 years of vet school.
  • RikkaRikka
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  • The last time I took Quake to the vet which was about six months ago he had the same symptoms as he does now--scratching, itching and sneezing. The vet said that the itching was due to Quake's very dry skin so I should give him fish oil which I had been giving him 1,000 mg daily. Last week I had upped the dosage of fish oil to three miilligrams per day but Sunyata set me straight. @ Sunyata--Thanks Sunyata.

    The vet also said to try benadryl--one 25 mg tablet per day. The benadryl did not help the itching at the time and it made Quake anxious so I stopped giving the benedryl after three days. Quake did ease up on the itching at that time even though I had stopped the benadryl. Now the itching and sneezing have started up again. I have been very careful to five him his flea prevention treatment every thirty days--Advantix II so I do not think it would be fleas and I have not seen any fleas on him.
  • BootzBootz
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    You got me mixed up with somebody else. My Bootz sheds twice a year.

    Is the itching and sneezing only happening after he comes back from outdoors?
  • @bootz, sorry about the mixup!!

    The itching/sneezing is when we come in from outside, when he wakes from a nap, and right after he sniffs the ground to find a spot.

  • jennjenn
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  • This morning Quake and I came out of my condo building and he froze and refused to go in the direction I was heading so I decided to compromise and allow us to walk down Connecticut Ave. NW since it was 6:45 am and there would not be that many dogs out on their walks. It turned out well because there is some green on the walk but not as much green as in the other spots where I usually take him and he only sneezed once and did not scratch and itch when we got back from outside. I should have thought of limiting his exposure to green when he started sneezing and itching but it turns out Quake is smarter than his Pet Mom!! LOL!! Actually he loves going down Connecticut Ave. because he gets lots of attention from people and he just loves that!!!
  • Take him to the GW campus!!

    Do you live in Georgetown area? Georgetown's campus is a great place for him to meet people that worship him!
  • @BanjoTheBetaDog-I live across the street from the zoo so when we go down Connecticut Ave. he gets to meet a lot of people! They do not allow dogs in the zoo but that's okay. That's a great idea to take him to a campus. We could walk over there and he would love meeting the students!!
  • kovikovi
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    My shiba recently started gnawing on his tail and it turned bright red so we took him to the vet and he got an antibiotic and steroid. We have had him on this steroid before due to allergies and no adverse effects.

    Problem is he has become very lethargic and refused to go for a walk this morning. Any advice would be greatly appreciated? He currently eats a raw diet 2x/day with Welactin poured on his food.
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • kovikovi
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    Thanks @sunyata. I got him to play fetch in the backyard yesterday and my girlfriend got him to walk this morning. I think his lethargy has to do with self pity more than anything. I think he is self conscious with his tail looking mangled.
  • Hi! We live in NYC with our 3 yo Shiba, Midas. All of a sudden 3-4 weeks ago we noticed that he is incredibly itchy. He is gnawing at his paws/legs, scratching his body and even face :( Luckily he has not developed and skin lesions. He does not have fleas/ticks, has been using the same Revolution for years and I cannot identify anything new. We went to our Vet this week and she thinks it is likely seasonal allergies, less likely food allergies. We are trialing him on hydroxyzine now (tried claritin first but it did nothing).
    I was also going to take him an oatmeal bath today (although I don't think I should blow dry him after, maybe on the cool setting). And also thought of washing his dog bed just in case he got some type of allergen on himself these past few weeks as he was out and about.
    For others with Shiba allergies, did they come out of nowhere one year? Or is it usually since puppyhood?

    Also, he is on Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food and has been for 3 years without issues.

    Any other ideas?

  • Our girl has had allergies ever since I can remember. She is 6 years old now. They always started end of August, early September (we live on the east coast) and lasted almost a month. They have been so bad in the past that we had no recourse but to put her on Temaril-P until they cleared up. Benedryl would do nothing to relieve her symptoms. Interestingly enough, since she has been on thyroid meds for hypothyroidism, she is managing this year to only be very mildly affected. So thankful that we do not need to medicate her this season. Most probably the thyroid meds have helped boost her immunity to what used to be an awful time for her.
  • I'm glad they are better. Midas has never had allergies before but he is miserable. Claratin, hydroxyine and cortisone spray do nothing. My vet had mentioned apoquel, has anyone used this?
  • TacyeTacye
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    Does anyone’s Shiba have allergies, not to food but to environmental things — like Because it’s allergy season? My cream Shiba looks amazing in the winter; thick beautiful fluffy coat. As soon as allergy season hits, she loses her outer coat completely, loses hair around her eyes, and scratches the heck out of her back legs. Ironically, she doesn’t sneeze. She’s this way from spring thru summer. We have taken her to the vet and ruled out eggs and cheese. The vet said some dogs just get allergies like people do during allergy season. She gets a shot every couple of months during this time; she doesn’t need it off-season. Just thought I would inquire.
  • @Tacye Do you happen to live in an area that's affect by the seasonal wildfire smoke that drifts in? We've had it pretty bad where we're at this last week and our 3 month old puppy is sneezing up a storm. Other than that they don't appear to have any seasonal allergies though.
  • TacyeTacye
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    @meghanbcg - YES WE DO. LOL

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