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Dealing with Shedding
  • takumi2takumi2
    Posts: 89
    My 2 year old shiba, Takumi's shedding this time is worse than ever. I vacum the house every day, brush him every day. It seems endless :-( especially his undercoat never stops falling.... how long does this usually last? First time dog owner here..... I'd like to know how other shiba owners deal with shedding..... Please advise.
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  • Serkle kSerkle k
    Posts: 974
    From what I have read, and from speaking to many breeders and owners, a warm bath usually helps with the shedding, so does "constant" brushing. Sounds like you are enduring a coat blow. I have met a few Shiba's that still had their "puppy" soft coat well after they turned 1y/o. I don't know about 2 y/o though.
  • MyloMylo
    Posts: 879
    Mylo has been blowing coat for about a month and a half now, but it's been going in phases.

    To be honest, every coat blow is different (even on the same dog). It really depends on the weather outside and the dog, as well as its age.

    You're doing all the right things with the vacuuming and brushing every day. The more brushing you do, the faster it goes, and it also encourages gorgeous growth in the next coat that's coming in, so you'll have a nice, full, soft coat for the summer =0). Warm baths with dog shampoos (ALWAYS use DOG shampoo) that contain oatmeal will also help the coat shed faster, and encourage the new growth.

    Whatever you do and no matter how frustrated you get, NEVER ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever (I can't stress this enough) shave or clip your Shiba's coat. Their coats are very specially designed to not only keep the body warm in the winter, but also keep them cool and protected from the UV in the summer. Even if you think your shiba gets hot in the summer, they're MUCH better off with their coat than without. That pretty much goes for any dog that naturally sheds.

    Hope that helps! I'm sure other people will pipe in with a few more tips for you too =0). Don't hesitate to ask more questions if need be ;)
  • wliu003wliu003
    Posts: 222
    I never really counted how long it lasts. But I truly believe that when they are blowing their coat, it is endless.

    I usually use the furminator once a week. I also have a roomba that vacuums for me everyday. Since I knew the shiba inu breed were capable of shedding like they do I was pretty prepared.
  • sjp051993sjp051993
    Posts: 249
    Mine usually last about 2 weeks. Of course when it starts, i hit it pretty hard to keep it from lasting forever. lots of brushing with the furminator and a couple of warm baths. Of course I have a blower that I use to dry them after the bath and that takes care of alot of the fur.
  • i was going to suggest the furminator, but i see others already did. besides climate, does food and vitamins and salmon oil help with less hair loss? Mojo is almost 14 months old and it's never been bad. maybe I just haven't experienced it the way some members have??? when he lost his puppy coat i'd brush him like once a week and that was enough. no bathing and constant vacuuming.
  • xremiixremii
    Posts: 254
    Losing puppy hair is slightly different from full coat blown. Just wait :D
  • Miko (Shikoku) is blowing her coat right now. I vacuum upwards of three times a day when she blows. I brushed her last night and managed to get enough fur off to easily cram into a large shoe box. And I only did her left side. Miko is worse than Moto (my shiba) ever was. All the same though, the dust bunnies are fairly epic.
  • MyloMylo
    Posts: 879
    I don't think that vitamins and salmon oils help them shed less, but they certainly encourage a nice healthy coat, and help the skin recover. I don't know about you guys, but when Mylo blows coat he's a bit flaky (I think it's the dead roots). I've found Salmon oil to keep the coat and skin nicer during a coat blow.
  • Yeah, I didn't really think vitamins and salmon oil could help in stopping the massive shedding, so guess i'm in for it some day, huh? As XREMMI said, puppy coat isn't the same as a full coat so stocking up on vacuum bags now, lol. The breeder sent me home with nu-vet plus vitamins and salmon oil, so i just keep it up. Mojo's coat is really nice and rich looking, glossy and no dry flakes. The oil must be good for that. And it's quite full. Guess I'll be able to "stuff pillows" with shiba fur :p
  • velvetkatvelvetkat
    Posts: 497
    I'm thinking and hoping that because we live in S Florida that the coat blowing won't be as bad since we don't really have a change of seasons. We will see, just keeping my fingers crossed.
  • Yeah nope. Not to burst your bubble but we have loads of warm climate members. Shibas shed regardless. Buy a good vacuum.
  • takumi2takumi2
    Posts: 89
    Thank you, everyone. All the comments are very helpful!
    One question.... Do they feel itchy when they shed? Takumi scratches himself all over his body more often lately....
    I live in South Florida too. Miami, to be exact. My Takumi hates summer here :-(
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  • You can't stop shiba shedding, you can only hope to contain it...
  • MyloMylo
    Posts: 879
    Takumi might just have dry skin because of the shedding. Salmon oil should help that. So will the warm baths with dog shampoos that contain oatmeal. The oatmeal is very soothing to the skin and helps moisturize.
  • i have read and heard that bathing more than a couple times a year isn't good for the shiba's skin. it dries out the skin and dulls the coat. dry skin causes itchy skin. how true is this??? oh...LOL Jessica with "buy a good vacuum" :)
  • I try to bathe my dogs as little as possible. 2 times a year tops! And guests always comment on how my house doesn't smelly like animals (I have 2 dogs and 4 cats). And neither of my dogs smell at all.

    Nature gave them a self insulating water repellent coat to protect them from the elements and keep them comfortable. Washing it regularly can dry and dull the coat and make them more uncomfortable. It is downright shocking how little a healthy well fed dog,any breed,can smell ( my pit bull ACTUALLY smells like flowers). Healthy and well fed are key here; a dog on a less than ideal diet or having any kind of issues will often not smell right.
  • takumi2takumi2
    Posts: 89
    Where could I find salmon oil to give my dog? Pet store?
  • Most health food stores or pet stores. I give mine fish oil supplements for humans that I get at Whole foods. They eat them like treats.
  • kfields25kfields25
    Posts: 60
    I read that too about not bathing them often. But what about his coat? Yogi looks a bit rough around the edges so i take him to the groomer. I do tell them NOT to shave him, but how do you all keep your dogs so well groomed? All the pics I've seen don't seem to have a hair out of place? Should I start giving him fish oil????
  • NEVER EVER EVER cut a shibas coat. Not even a trim.

    Part of why people love shibas is you DON'T need to take them to the groomer, ever. Just comb them when they are blowing their coats.

    Most dogs benefit from fish oil.
  • kfields25kfields25
    Posts: 60
    Ok...great. I knew not to cut the coat. That was the ONE thing I knew about was the other 1,000 things I didn't know that is throwing me off! :))
  • StaticNfuzzStaticNfuzz
    Posts: 1814
    Basically we use a spray such as this to keep the fur from flying during grooming (plush puppy seabreeze oil is another good product also).

    Spritz the product into a bubble tipped pin brush and or greyhound comb for daily grooming during shedding. I would NOT spritz the dog directly since they hate that and it would freak some dogs out.

    Fish oil in the food helps the coat as well. Most spitzies need an the extra omegas in a diet to keep their coat in good shape.

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  • sjp051993sjp051993
    Posts: 249
    mine get dry skin when they shed. Bathing does not tend to dry the shibas skin, it softens the coat so the guard hairs are not as effective.
  • Omega 3 salmon oil is great for dogs (as Omega 3 is good for people). I get mine at (where I order the Merrick BG Salmon Kibble). I don't know if they carry it at the chain stores such as Petco and Petsmart. I've never seen it there. Just google Salmon oil for dogs. Many places will come up.
  • kfields25kfields25
    Posts: 60
    Great....just ordered some so I hope he likes it!
  • its tasteless/odorless so I don't know if he will even notice it mixed into his food.
  • Ive seen a few comments about fish oil. How often do they need to be given a standard dose?
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    It depends if it is product like grizzly salmon oil then you use as directed, but if it's human kind then it depends how much is in it..
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • knnwangknnwang
    Posts: 645
    I second the warm bath thing. I only had this little one for a year, but when he blows his under cote, trace so far, he seams more relaxed. I use baby shampoo.

    I need go get a photo of him chewing on a rubber toy in the bath.
  • Are there any special shedding techniques you guys use during the warm bath or is it just a standard bath?
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    I just do a normal bath with water temp that is not too cold or hot. I shampoo her once wet and massage it all in. She isn't fond of the bath, but she has gotten better. The shower attachment has really helped a lot.

    She hates outdoor baths water is too cold she will scream like she is being hit! Though I never hit her, but I'm guessing that is how she'd sound when hurt.

    I think since the water is warm not super cold is one reason she tolerates it plus the attachment allows me to wet her belly and stuff much easier and the bath time is much quicker compared to hose one.

    Once bath is done I dry her really good and then let her run around the room a bit. then dry her with towel again and then brush her a bit. Fur comes off in the tub and on the towel pretty easily.

    Some blow dry which I think it supposed to help get fur off? I dunno never tried it.
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495

    Some people use a zoom groom during baths to help with the shedding.

    I personally just use my fingers/hands to massage my shibas coat. I usually spend about half an hour massaging her coat to get whatever loose fur there is out. So overall her baths can take up to 45 mins ~ 1 hr. Not including drying.
  • Thank you guys for answering my questions! :) Im not sure what is going on... it definitely seemed like Tobi was going to start blowing his coat so I took your advice and have been bathing him. About 3 times to be precise. A lot of hair came off, it really did, but it wasn't nearly the amount that I had prepared myself for. Now he's not shedding at all. I have no clue whats going on but I'm definitely not complaining. Haha :)
  • Can anyone recommend a good shampoo for bathing every 3 weeks during the shed? I was thinking furminator de shedding shampoo but would like advice. My building installed a self wash station and giving banjo a bath is awesome. He enjoys it!
  • DabishDabish
    Posts: 203
    I use Paul Mitchell's oatmeal shampoo for pets. its great for the sensitive skin

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