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My Shibas randomly fighting
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    Have you ever noticed and changes in behavior before a fight breaks out? Any changes in body posture, ears, vocalizations?
  • I've read stories of 2 shibas fighting in the past, and honestly I would not have 2 shibas together. I am quite happy with one dog. He gets plenty of attention and doesn't need another dog to play with. I've never had 2 dogs at a time. No matter what the breed. Maybe too much rivalry and competition. I would honestly be afraid something horrible would happen, and it would scare the begeebies out of me if I saw my two dogs involved in a horrible that could have killed the other dog. I just wouldn't know what to do to separate them. I'm sure for all the bad stories there are great stories, but it's just a gamble I'd prefer to not take. Shibamistress, that must have been horrifying for you and I'm glad you have the dogs separated. That's the best bet for sure. Good luck Jesse. Just being more aware all the time is the best thing you can do. Hopefully there will be no more issues.
  • thanks for the advice. My house is too small to keep them separated....although Bowser is in a cage when we are gone during the day. I will try to notice if the fights happen in a certain area of the house to see if it is territorial. I will also ask me vet and see about the thyroid. Thanks for the help