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Short-term separation anxiety?
  • tjhawaiitjhawaii
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    I just started a 5 week project in New York (I live in Orange County.) I've been gone about a week, but my parents tell me my shiba (about 6 months old) is being lethargic and not eating a whole lot. He's still active on his walks and stuff but when he gets home they tell me he seems sad. Plus he won't sleep by himself,he wants to be in bed with them.

    I usually see my dog every day and the longest I've been away is three days. My parents are with him 24/7 since they're retired so he's really attached to them but he does paw at my door when I'm not home for a few hours. I thought he'd be pretty good after a few days but how long does it take for him to get used to me being gone? I don't know how I'll do business school with him away from either me or my parents.

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  • xremiixremii
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    When I was in college, Pong Pong stayed at home with my parents and I would visit on the weekends. My parents said from Monday - Wednesday she was fine. Then on Thursday she would get antsy. When Friday rolled around, she would be pacing or pout the whole day. I usually go home on Fridays so she somehow KNOWS the days of the week. It's really weird.. I don't think they have concept of DAYS per say, but time.

    Anyways! Dogs seem to recoup very well. They may have a few days/weeks of moping but once they get used to their new routine, they'll get better. Since he is probably still accustomed to his old routine, he is just missing you by pawing at your door.

    Don't worry, he won't forget you when you come back either. Dogs live for the moment but they have the memory of an elephant I swear..
  • ljowen123ljowen123
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  • tjhawaiitjhawaii
    Posts: 42
    agh I miss my dog so much! he's kinda better now, but still not eating much. i always thought i was just convenient for him to play with since i was around all the time. guess he does love his old man :(

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