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Have you been to the Shiba 500?
  • Jleo3Jleo3
    Posts: 12
    Is it as common as I suspect it is? Kira spontaneously goes berserk and runs around the house so fast that her tail can't stay curled. She rubs her face and flips onto her back, launches herself off of the back of furniture and finishes it off with a good shake and slurping down half a bowl of water.

    It also happens after EVERY bath. It's fun to watch and I know she has a blast doing it. My other dog (a pug mix) just sits and watches her. He kind of gives us a look like, "Why can't you get me a normal dog to play with?"
  • Hehe, Saru will do the same thing. Usually after his evening walk or at any radom time during the day, he will start tearing around the house usually making a circle from the bedroom, off our bed, down the hall, on too the couch, into the dining room, slides thru the kitchen, back down the hall, to the bedroom, onto the bed on which he will do a spin, playbow, and take off again to do everything in the order above for about 2-4 laps depending on wether or not the cat takes intrest in him. If the cat takes interest then it's down the stairs into the basement where they will wrestle and chase each other for about 10-20 minutes. It's super fun, and hilarious to boot!
  • KatieTKatieT
    Posts: 33
    Yep, Godric does the Shiba 500 after his baths, and Sookie, our newest addition, did the 500 after her bath last night, too.

    Godric will sometimes do it randomly, and it is so funny to watch =)
  • maxwellsmaxwells
    Posts: 347
  • rockinhlabsrockinhlabs
    Posts: 106
    OMG and I thought Skippy was the only balistic one around! After supper and Skippy has come back indoors to be with the family, he does the Shiba 500. Look our everything in his way. He may stop for a moment with his legs spread out to make sure someone is watching then we're off again. Cheap entertainment!
  • philfotephilfote
    Posts: 32
    Spike does this just about every night, after his dinner. (After sundown, of course...after all, he *is* a dog-pire!) It's funny to see him get really into it, lay his ears back and zoom through our relatively small townhouse! Around the couch, up the stairs, through the dining room under the table and back down the stairs. He'll do this until he's panting good and hard, then drink a bunch of water. After that, usually he looks for something to gnaw on for a while (if we're lucky it's a bone and not the baseboards!) and then falls asleep.

    Even if we run him earlier in the day, he'll still need to pump out his extra energy this way. The only time he skips his daily 500 is if he's been at daycare where he'll play with the other dogs all day rather than nap. Then he'll just sleep after dinner.
  • ljowen123ljowen123
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  • mochimochi
    Posts: 31
    Everytime Mochi does it, she goes outside and takes a dump!
  • MyloMylo
    Posts: 879
    hahaha Mylo isn't as consistent with his, and they seem shorter than yours, but he does do them. He does lap after lap around the coffee table and then freezes in place until I go "BOO!" and then he runs again like crazy. Then he'll make his way over to his bed and dig dig dig dig dig, then run around a bit more, shake it off, and head over to the water. Two things I notice: He ALWAYS shakes it off when he's done, and his pupils dilate during the 500! No joke. It freaks some people out. Has anyone else noticed the pupil thing?
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Never notice the pupil thing I guess I'll have to check it the next time Saya does her shiba 500.

    Is this a shiba thing do other breeds do it? Bella does a boxer 500 when she was a puppy, but once she got 40pounds it got too dangerous so she's only allowed to do it outside.

    Saya she is random with hers, but it's mostly in the evening after Bella is done wrestling with Saya and then Saya does her shiba 500 every where she jumps onto the couch and bounces right off then around the dinning room table into the kitchen then into Bella's crate where she either starts digging into the dog bed or runs off and does it all over.

    It's fun to watch. lol
  • HAHA my pup does it when his paws get wet
  • velvetkatvelvetkat
    Posts: 497
    Bear does it in the house nightly but he will also do it outside around the fence line where the grass is now all dead!(I'm in florida so we have greenish grass right now) When his buddy my sons Boxer comes over they both do it together in the back yard. No way the two of in the house though. Stop that before it starts I just open the door and out they go!
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Whenever Saya does her shiba 500 Bella my parent's boxer can never keep up with how fast she runs it's fun to watch to the wrestle and play.
  • YoshiMitsuYoshiMitsu
    Posts: 318
    Yoshi does it after he eats, I know the worst time to do it, but thats when he MUST do it and theres no stopping him. As for other dogs doing it, his gf who is a Sheltie does it. Its called the "Sheltie Zoomies" LOL
  • I was just laughing at MoJo's about 15 minutes ago. He does the shiba 500 a couple times a week. Usually when he gets excited from playing with one of us. Then he starts. It also consists of chasing his tail in between and growling and running around the furniture. I think they do that to expend some energy????? I read that somewhere I think. Anyway, just another loveable and unique thing these shibas do.
  • lepercannlepercann
    Posts: 243
    Yep T does the Shiba 500 a lot. Loves racing around the backyard after a walk for some reason. He rarely does it in the house because we have hardwood floors in every room.
  • amesylphamesylph
    Posts: 128
    Ki is a master of 500s...and has perfected his Tokyo Drift style turns. At 6 years old and almost 50lbs you do want to keep bare feet out of the way and avoid the furniture. The zoomies tend to happen during that time in the afternoon (on weekends) or evening (on weekdays) when shiba bodies release a random burst of puppy energy no matter their actual age. He'll suddenly get antsy and then all it takes is a look or a movement and he's off like he's running from Godzilla.

    He typically maps out a standard course for wherever he is. Here it's from the nerdcave (computer room) to the living room, jump up and bounce off the back of the couch to make the turn off and around the coffee table, drift turn to head back to the nerdcave and repeat. If the bedroom door is open he'll hop on the bed (which isn't allowed) and do shiba circles until you catch him at which point the 500s begin again.

    And sometimes he'll stop just long enough for you to look at him or move slightly which, of course, means OMG RUN!!!!

    If the cat is on the floor he'll just find a spot outside the circuit and stare at Ki like he's crazy.
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