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Pre-Made Raw??
  • So I spoke to the people at Primal today and they will be sending me a coupon for a RAW transition starter pack. I am going to go with primal premade frozen raw as it looks to have the right ingredients. It's 1 patty per meal for banjo's size. AT $30 a week I am wondering if this is the right choice. All of their formulas have 10% bone (or so) 10% organ meat (or so).

    Would you consider this a better option than even the best kibble?
  • ArcticArctic
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    I've commented on it before, but if anyone can get Blue Ridge Beef premade raw around them, I personally SWEAR by it. To me, it's premade raw that basically resembles prey model raw. I'm a huge fan. Currently, Sansa is getting quail and bone, duck and bone, venison and bone, green tripe, and a beef/beef heart/liver/tripe mix. I usually just grab a random one out of the freezer each night to thaw for the following morning. Anyway, I'd check them out, and if there is a distributor in your area, I highly recommend giving them a try.
  • SayaSaya
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  • kovikovi
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    @Artic I believe Blue Ridge has a distributor that ships to MD. Do you feed anything else to go along with what comes out of the tube? Also, how much is the price (per month or per pound)?

  • 603shiba603shiba
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    I am not sure how much to feed. We got a free trial pack of Primal. I used one rectangle as a treat, and my dogs shared it. They both went nutty for it. How much would I feed a 13-week old puppy and an 11.5-year old dog? I never trust the manufacturer recommendations because my dogs always gain too much weight when I follow that. Currently, my senior eats 1/4 of a cup of kibble in the morning and at night. The pup's kibble says the same amount, which seems weird to me because she is so small. The breeder said let her eat as much as she wants at this age, but I'm afraid she will blow up like a balloon if I do. I think she would eat the whole week's supply of raw if I let her at it. ha ha
  • BootzBootz
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    remember the manufacturer's recommendations are just recommendations...guidelines. You definitely have to adjust it according to energy level and activeness.

    Puppies and Pregnant moms are advised to eat 2x the normal amount. Please do not listen to your breeder and "let her eat as much as she wants".

    Here is another link regarding feeding

    It all comes to trial and error. But use the recommendations as a place to start.
  • mmobedmmobed
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    I've been through my fair share of different brands of pre made raw including Primal, Bravo, Stella and Chewys, Darwins and Natures Variety and I'd have to say I'm a fan of Darwins and while it's on the pricier side its convenient because its delivered to your door and you can really see the freshness in their food. If Darwins isn't an option then I'd suggest Primal or Stella which are both fine foods.
  • zandramezandrame
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    I didn't see it mentioned yet, but my current favorite pre-made brand is Vital Essentials. They make frozen and freeze-dried, with NO fillers! Even vegetables are filler to me considering how cheap and easy they are to prepare, so I blend my own.

    I also use The Real Meat Company's air-dried (like Ziwipeak, jerky texture), and freeze-dried formulas. These are not quite as "pure" as VE, with a few vegetables and more supplements included. The air dried is identical to the MaxMeat product sold by Only Natural Pet (rated on dogfoodadvisor), right down to the ingredient list and the "packed by.." stickers on the bag. The only difference is ONP offers cod in their lamb formula.

  • ArcticArctic
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  • AnkimoAnkimo
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    Update on Ankimo's pre-made raw transition - we have decided to do kibble in the morning and pre-made raw at night. I also leave him kibble throughout the day and night if he gets hungry. Sometimes he will eat it, sometimes he won't even touch it. We are doing Taste of the Wild Pacific puppy and Primal turkey and sardines.

    He gets about a cup of kibble in the morning, 4 nuggets of primal at night and kibble left out throughout the day and night. I'm wondering if I am feeding him enough.
  • BootzBootz
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    Don't free feed. It promotes picky ness as well as makes it hard to regulate your shibas diet.
  • AnkimoAnkimo
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    @bootz - Thanks for the advice. We were just following the breeders advice. Anyways, it would be good to get a better grip on his diet.
  • kovikovi
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    @artic Thanks. I am looking to feed raw for the well documented benefits and want something in between the time/mess of making it myself and the expense of Primal or Stella & Chewy's.

    Blue Ridge and Hare Today seem like good hybrids.

  • BootzBootz
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    It never hurts to get a second opinion. :)
  • Banjo's first raw order comes in a week! Pretty excited, but there is some labor involved... since my life situation doesn't allow for full raw, I will be making my own patties out of the following "rolls":

    -ground chicken with bone (coarse ground chicken with 28% bone).

    -beef with tripe and organ mix (70% beef meat, 20% tripe, 10% liver/heart, no bone)

    -turkey Healthy variety mix (10% heart and liver, 7% fruits and veggies, 30% bone)

    -turkey organ mix (liver heart and giblets)

    what would you make the first few patties out of to help get him started and used to raw?? His current kibble is chicken and turkey based.

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  • I have started transitioning Yuki to a raw diet. Feeding her Answers Detailed chicken formula and I and Love and You Red Meat kibble. I am still feeding her kibble with the raw during the transition. I have 4 more days to slowly get her off the kibble. She loves the raw nuggets however we have had to take her out in the middle of the night, mulitple times to go to the bathroom and this only just started when switching her to a raw diet. Anyone have experience with this? She was able to sleep through the night when we had her on kibble and I did not have this problem when we fed raw to our previous Shiba. Yuki is 6 months old, so not sure if it is just an issue because she is just a puppy. I feed her three times a day, 7 am, 12 and 5. Probably will look to cut it down to twice a day soon since she is passed the 6 months. Any help is appreciated!
  • Some dogs adjust to raw quicker than others. For me, it was literally 1 meal. (I also decided I didn't have the mental energy for a transition and just fasted him for a day before switching his food 100%.... I swear, I really do love my dog!!)

    My guess is the food is being digested at different rates so she hasn't quite fully digested the (kibble) by the time she digests and poops the (raw)... (those are in parenthesis because they are interchangeable in this context. I honestly don't know what gets digested first).

    I think once you have completely gone off kibble, you will be be shocked at how infrequently your dog poops.

    I have never fed my dog 3x a day (oops?) so I have no idea if that could be the cause.

    Are her midnight poops at least fully formed? Or are these only pee's? If it is only pee it is 100% because raw is like 50% water (making that up, but its alot) so the dog is over hydrated.

  • BootzBootz
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    Raw is better done cold turkey... Even then, I'm not sure why your dog is going MORE frequently. Should be the opposite.

    However, my dogs eat kibble and raw no problem. My shiba goes once a day, twice at the most. My little one however goes multiple times a day, I think because she's more active.
  • jarvizjarviz
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    I am feeding my dog Nature's Variety Raw foods, along with Kibble. Any other suggestions for cheaper but good raw foods? nature's variety is starting to put a hole in my wallet.
  • Jarviz, where do you live? There are a few regional raw suppliers I can post links to. Premade raw near me is roughly $8/lb. The regional raw provider I use is $2-$2.50 per lb.

  • jarvizjarviz
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    @Banjothebetadog NYC. how does a raw provider work?? I've never heard of this concept.
  • Okay, I live on the water in West New York, NJ. (if you stand on 63rd and the Hudson River you can see into my apartment. We tried with really good binoculars.)

    Here are some alternatives to Nature's Variety/Primal:

    1) Dr. B's Raw food. Dr. B is my vet and he sells his own line of raw food. It is roughly $5/lb.

    2) This is a 'regional' provider. Basically, once a month you meet them at the Vince Lombardi rest area and pick up your order. Since its not door to door delivery, you don't pay much at all. I pay on average $3/lb but only because I make sure I have rabbit. If you choose not to buy rabbit everything is less than $3/lb. They have SO MUCH VARIETY. That being said, having to stock up a month at a time gets annoying if you have a small fridge.

    3) Maximum k9 nutrition: The owner is my best friend's next door neighbor. He is based outta long island though. I think they deliver, but I am not sure since my buddy just picks it up for me when he comes over. Fun joke: what's the difference between long island and yogurt? Yogurt has culture!

    Is this helpful? It is entirely possible that as a NYer you don't have a car. If that is the case, what neighborhood are you in?

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  • pplzyxpplzyx
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    I know it's been a while since someone last posted but I'm going to bump this thread up again because it's really helpful. I don't have my Shiba yet but I'm thinking about feeding a mixture of kibble in the morning and premade or full raw for dinner.

    @BanjoTheBetaDog what is a regional provider? Is that something only in NY? And I was curious on how you're doing with feeding raw/premade raw since it's been a while. Thanks!
  • Haven't posted in a while...

    A regional provider is someone only available in certain parts of the country.

    Banjo goes on hunger strikes. He is spoiled rotten. I have to switch the proteins every week or he will refuse to eat, but he is healthy and happy.

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